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Getting Involved by writersforfoodbanks
Getting Involvedby Writers for Food Banks
Learn about how you can help to support those with food insecurity! Here is some information about the current crisis, along with some ideas about how you can encourage...
Strength in unity by Winterwritesstuff
Strength in unityby Winterwritesstuff
In these stressful times we want to bring as much light as possible. This book is based on what we hope for the future and focusing on how we hope the black lives matter...
Finish the Story by RomioneGirl
Finish the Storyby Emma Rose Taylor
Hello! I've been feeling rushed lately and unable to complete many pieces of writing that I've started. Instead of throwing them away, how about you as the reader join i...
Reality Shifting🥀💫 by Jazc2004
Reality Shifting🥀💫by Jazc2004
Tips, Advice/Help, and more detailed information on methods, scripts etc for shifting! Also sharing experiences of my own✨ Tiktok: @Jazshifts2
Beach Toys • #PlanetOrPlastic by nonfictionalex
Beach Toys • #PlanetOrPlasticby Alex Evansley
SO EXCITED to have been selected to write a story on behalf of @NationalGeographic 's #PlanetOrPlastic campaign! Not only have I read and loved National Geographic my en...
Amazing Avengers Headcannons!!!!! by EdenBlu
Amazing Avengers Headcannons!!!!!by EdenBlu
hello fellow Wattpadians!!!! this is not your ordinary meme book!!! I'm going to hold contests each chapter, where authors can submit marvel headcannons, and the coolest...
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The Constellations Club by Constellations-Club
The Constellations Clubby Constellations-Club
Here at constellations club we are trying to help uplift each other through our various empowering goals To join and learn more about this club, Check out this book to l...
Supporters Entries [completed] by saveblackcharacters
Supporters Entries [completed]by #saveblackcharacters
This book is dedicated to the entries of supporters of saveblackcharacters campaign. Just send an email or keep in contact with my Wordpress by sending an email through...
Your Opinions by YourOpinions
Your Opinionsby YourOpinions
In this book, YOU are the person who asks all the questions. We then choose from the questions in the comments about what to ask to our panel of over 1000 people across...
BOOK reviews by Frankie Moon by hedgiegirl11
BOOK reviews by Frankie Moonby hedgiegirl11
I will be reading various types of books and reviewing them I am a keen reader and I will speak the truth. what will be in the book reviews IF there are going to be any...
OFFICIAL #humanssuck Book by thymajestictree
OFFICIAL #humanssuck Bookby thymajestictree
Keep up to date on #humanssuck share your views and find out more about how humans suck, and how we can stop sucking
Shining Star Awards 2018 by ShiningStarAwards
Shining Star Awards 2018by ShiningStarAwards
Want to get your book out there? Want an honest opinion and review on your work? Do you deserve to gain a bigger audience for your book? Are more reads, votes and comme...
STORY HUNTER ALL THE WAY#3-4 by Story_Hunter14
Okay readers,writers I'll be posting our weekly promoting this month here! Feel free to ask me if you would like to have your book featured :D -XXLizzy {yes I'm alive an...