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Isolation ♡ Larry ✔ by Stylinson_Larryxx
Isolation ♡ Larry ✔by ×͜× LARRY ×͜×
ISOLATION ❝Where Louis and Harry have been best friends for years but that changes when they decide to isolate together.❞ ⚣ Boyxboy, Larry Stylinson ✎ Original story by...
Devon // ✔️ // [NEWADULT] by katieee_07
Devon // ✔️ // [NEWADULT]by Emily
Moving to a new city was supposed to be a fresh start for Aria Davidson and her mother - but it was far from it. Gangs, rivalry, murder, bloodlust and love. Everythin...
coronavirus memes by -CORONAVIRUS
coronavirus memesby Official Coronavirus
let's just laugh about our problems instead of panicking
MIXED CELL: Cells at work!  by donny_francomano
MIXED CELL: Cells at work! by Donny the Artist
(Y/n) is a mixed cell. She is both Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell. She has a dream! She wants to become a Great Mixed Cell. She carries out the work from both red...
Nonsense by ILoveCookie3
Nonsenseby ILoveCookie
A book for when I'm bored because why not? Will mostly be about HSMTMTS, and possibly some other stuff September 29 #8 covid-19 #8 nonsense October 26 #3 covid-19 #11 no...
CODE VI-19 by PrincessPlatinum
CODE VI-19by 👑 Princess 👑
Things can go from 0 to 100 real quick. 💀💀💀 When a group of friends start noticing strange happenings around them, they get dragged into sa...
Miłosna Pandemia by Lady_de_Monique
Miłosna Pandemiaby Monique Oldon
Gdy wybierałam zawód pielęgniarki, wiedziałam z czym to się wiąże. Wiedziałam i wciąż wiem, że jest to ciągła gotowość do poświęceń, ryzyka. Nie jest to zwykła praca...
Quarantine || Kim Taehyung by keerthanasmr8
Quarantine || Kim Taehyungby keerthanasmr8
"Life is like japchae" -Your author "I can welcome a roommate" "It's a lockdown" "So I'm stuck with you for the next 40 days" And...
One shots quarantined reader X quarantined Haikyuu by _S_A_P_P_H_I_R_E_X_
One shots quarantined reader X Sapphire
First fanfic and is about being stuck w/ haikyuu characers... Things will happen... If you do read warning of probably everything... Read at your own risk... Ok ima stop...
Online Secrets /w Betrayals by barbieiscringe
Online Secrets /w Betrayalsby barbieiscringe
Since COVID-19 took over, Amara's life hasn't been the same. Her friend Kathy saves the day by inviting her to a special group chat, with over 100 random people for them...
Welcome to my World by Lea_Lilly_love
Welcome to my Worldby Toko Fukawa's cuddle budy
This is where I will put updates on my life. I know i'm horrible at writing but it gets better over time i promise. Honestly I have no clue what to do most days and don'...
Quarantine "COVID-19" (Karma Akabane  x reader) by AevrylAnneDapat
Quarantine "COVID-19" (Karma Redhead one🔪🔫
"This is my fist time" Quarantine with karma This is (Karma x reader)
plague│a warrior cats fanfiction by Witheringrxes
plague│a warrior cats fanfictionby 𝐖𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫
*cover is a WIP* ---------- The Silver Claw can only be wrested, by the one who is crested. ---------- A sickness, a plague is spreading across the three clans. Killing...
DISTANCES by xo_girlboss_xo
❝Distances should be kept because too much attachments blow them apart.❞ - Runahem
I HATE IT HERE!  by myleftnut6
I hate it here but on this account cause Wattpad a lil bitch that logged me outta my account Highest ranks Was #3 in: I'm lazy Was #11 in: fuck it Was #6 in: goddamn
The Window Two Metres Away by hermione2207
The Window Two Metres Awayby hermione2207
When lockdown is announced due to coronavirus spreading, Lana Niazi doesn't know what to do. It turns her life upside down. She can't get away from her family, at a time...
Is it wrong to fall inlove? || W1 by istgidunno
Is it wrong to fall inlove? || W1by istgidunno
This story is based on a true love story, my friends love life is a mess it was like a wattpad story so I decided to make one about her love life (I may twist the story...
the quarantine diaries | Narry Storan AU by lobodaniel
the quarantine diaries | Narry • Daniel Lobo •
Niall Horan is in self-quarantine because of the coronavirus disease being spread everywhere and he tries to entertain himself. And he misses Harry Styles, too. © 2020 D...
Willow Street by jessicaalaurennn
Willow Streetby Jessica
After 142 days in quarantine, Jessica Abbot wants nothing more than to go out with her friends. When they closed the university last semester due to the COVID-19 outbrea...
Met You In An Apocalypse Zelk X MegaPvP AU by safirewolfie
Met You In An Apocalypse Zelk X Wolfie Lopendarez
After a group of scientists thought they found the cure for Covid-19, they tested but it started a zombie apocalypse. But when raiders start to set Mega's neighborhood...