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The Quad Squad  by Zoya7400
The Quad Squad by Zoya Qureshi
"What do you all say to a little joyride in that squad car?" I asked mischievously "I'm in." Oliver said. "Me too." Seth said. We all the...
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It's Never Too Late! by pikaboowho_
It's Never Too Late!by Ayushii
Aadya Verma - A girl who wants to live her life to the fullest and wants to believe. Neil Raichand - A guy who believes and loves deeply & truly. And will do everything...
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Gang, Meet Freak [First in the Freak Series] by AnotherComicNerd
Gang, Meet Freak [First in the Willow
"Ella Green, 17, school freak. Not that I'm bothered by that. It actually gives me a bit of peace. I mean, Batman comics aren't gonna read themselves. Is that my in...
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Song Lyrics 2 by animeislayfu
Song Lyrics 2by UwU
Hope you like it <3
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Markiplier x Reader (Smut Shots!) by Squigglez64
Markiplier x Reader (Smut Shots!)by Squigglez64
This is my first book! But there is a Sumt and swear warning!!
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Los elegidos (FHS x Bnha) by Lulufed
Los elegidos (FHS x Bnha)by Lulufed
Los alumnos de la escuela de FHS, tuvieron que transferirse a la UA, ya que la explosión que se provocó, dejó con daños a la escuela FHS (esto pasó al final de la tempor...
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The Same? by Sweet_Sydney14
The Same?by Sweet_Sydney14
Abbey Night was just looking to be like everyone else, normal. But she knew she was far from that. One night, as she was working at the bar, two men came in offering a c...
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radiating all light;  {s p a m} by Torija_L
radiating all light; {s p a m}by -weird uncle friend-
My second spam book! Exciting!! ~I am separate from gloom and beauty~
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Spring Day  || Graphics Contest  by -kiwifruits-
Spring Day || Graphics Contest by -kiwifruits-
Come and Join ,have fun and talk with other people !
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Hostel Life by AkoOku
Hostel Lifeby AkoOku
"I'm shipping you both to boarding school." Those seven words changed Debbie's life forever. ***** Amnesia is defined as loss of past memories due to a traumat...
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Book of Phobias - Part 1 by Deathcatz
Book of Phobias - Part 1by Deathcatz
Look if you dare
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Baby Lance (Voltron legendary defenders) by Haikyuuisloveandlife
Baby Lance (Voltron legendary Haikyuuisloveandlife
After obtaining a plant in a weird planet, Hunk makes some dessert. Because everyone else is busy, Lance is the only one that is around to try it. But oh no! Lance is no...
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Till The Stars Go Blue (Camren) by shaneisney
Till The Stars Go Blue (Camren)by shaneisney
What would happen if actress Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui, now going by Lo, were forced by circumstances to spend six long days in the wilderness together? "L...
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Her Life by AvereeJane
Her Lifeby Averee Jane
Highest Rankings: 1 #sexanddrugs 6 #funtimes 6 #countryboys 17 #adultsituations 28 #partying 30 #lifestory 61 #want 83 #lifechanging 114 #adultthemes 108 #drinking 129...
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randomness by Daaaaannnnnn
randomnessby Danni/Danny/Dani
so this is just for some random stuff that happens to me in my daily life.
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the 2020 Star Awards [OPEN+TAKING ENTRYS] by CreamofCookies
the 2020 Star Awards [ CreamofCookies
Welcome to the Star Awards! Do you have a story that doesn't get the recognition it deserves? Look no further! Here small writers will showcase there big talent! Host...
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CRUSH U | EXO ONESHOTS by chensapril
CRUSH U | EXO ONESHOTSby cute trainwreck
Every oneshot in this collection is bxb, so don't expect anything else. Tags are always listed at the beginning of each chapter, so don't ignore that. That way you can...
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Embarrassing  and Fun things to do in Public by PickleHoran
Embarrassing and Fun things to Alexis
Description hmmmmmm...... THE TITLE GIVES IT AWAY! Highest rank #5 in activity
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I'm here to help you (fangle) by spaceunicorn1781
I'm here to help you (fangle)by spaceunicorn1781
Mangle is the new girl at school typical but when she moves her neighbour is foxy she tries to be nice but all he does is hate her and hate almost every female the only...
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The fifteen days of happiness by clouded_musings
The fifteen days of happinessby Aparna Prasad
College days are the best days of our lives.
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