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Play Pretend, Find a Friend? (Larry Stylinson) by angelichl
Play Pretend, Find a Friend? ( larry stylinson <3
They had to pull back for air. Louis surveyed the guy's face, in awe of his blown pupils and sharp jawline, the way their shared spit glistened on his lips. "Hi,&qu...
remember my name. by danielpawelthelarry
remember my danielthelarry
Larry stylinson AU. His hands grips around the boys neck, soft dimple smile, and electric blue eyes bring them back to the moments they shared all those years ago.
Aren't we soulmates? (Harry Styles fanfic) by Moodychanel
Aren't we soulmates? (Harry Moodychanel
" Didn't they tell us not to rush into things?, didn't u flash your green eyes at me?!" - Taylor swift "The second I saw your eyes I knew you were it for...
smiley (h.s.) by -cherryharry
smiley (h.s.)by may
Deirdre Grant, a junior at Perkins High School, is a smart girl who dreams big. She one day is asked to tutor Harry Styles, a senior, 'bad boy' of the school. Harry just...
Trial 09    [ harry styles ] by Haroldthefish
Trial 09 [ harry styles ]by Haroldthefish
" Why are you telling me all this. " I whisper over to him and he looks slightly startled and then turns over. His attention drifts from the stars over to me...
The Payne Life (One direction fan fic) by lolharrys
The Payne Life (One direction lolharrys
Kacey, 17 years old and living in the shadow of her brother Liam Payne, before X-Factor they were the closest siblings ever but when he left, he took everything includin...
Amour [H.S] by cryinginacoolway_132
Amour [H.S]by lexi
"Valerie and Harry, you'll have love." She looks at me then Harry. I immediately slouch back in my seat. This cannot be happening right now. How in the hell am...
- LIMERENCE • h.sby k
"guess you're stuck with me newbie." or wherein harry and talia just happen to meet in college
Rings of Saturn | h.s. soulmates au by kasiopeiae
Rings of Saturn | h.s. soulmates auby kasi
The universe has a sick sense of humor, Phoebe's sure of it when she wakes one night to a scorching pain in her wrist. Why else would she get her mark during her busiest...
Frat boys in Love (L.S.) ✔*One Shot* by adoreyoularry21
Frat boys in Love (L.S.) ✔*One wildsunflower21
Harry Styles was a frat boy who loved to sleep around and flirt with boys and girls. Louis was a good uni student who loved to stay in amd study and wasn't much of a par...
Coffee Dates {H.S} by Lans93_
Coffee Dates {H.S}by Lans
"Scientists estimate that the world is 4,543 billion years old. That man has walked the earth for 200 000 years. So I can't begin to explain to you how lucky I am...
Uncertainty {frat boy!Harry Styles} by svnflowervol666
Uncertainty {frat boy!Harry Styles}by svnflowervol666
Harry is, reluctantly, a member of an infamous sorority and he is very much infatuated with the girl he sits beside in calculus. Full of drunken rambles, pretending to b...
harry styles photos by luvharrys0
harry styles photosby luvharrys0
this is mostly a book full of pictures of harry as boyfriend material, im gonna try to put some rare photos in here when i find some and i also might put some short stor...
Video Films💕 | Harry Styles by vscogirl_sksk8
Video Films💕 | Harry Stylesby vscogirl_sksk8
You and harry film videos as memories Hey!!! i'm vsco i'm basic and i thought of this story when i was like 5 when one direction was popular!!
𝔐𝔢𝔱𝔞𝔫𝔬𝔦𝔞  by nisvisualss
𝔐𝔢𝔱𝔞𝔫𝔬𝔦𝔞 by ni <3
You and Jj are best friends and do everything with each other. You hang out with his friend group(Kiera,and Pope/the pogues) since you already know John B. Its the last...
quarantine // h.s. by daydreamsxharry
quarantine // violet
a group of college students go on vacation even though the coronavirus is spreading, and a surprise mandated quarantine brings wren and harry together as they're stuck i...
Burnt Out [H.S] by sunflowervlsx
Burnt Out [H.S]by tutul
"Oh bug, you have no idea how evil i could get." He puts out the cigarettes he just smokes, standing and coming closer to me, he tucks my hair in my ear and wh...
Sorry, I love him by harry_s_angel_
Sorry, I love himby Veronika
Gracie is a senior in high school. Her life is pretty predictable. She has a boyfriend Graham, best friend Harry Styles, and she's supposed to take over family business...
Undeniable by svnflowervol
Undeniableby you’re so golden
Life is said to be the most unexpected thing, especially when your mom's new fiancé and completely and utterly arrogant son move in your house
Spaces- H.S by itsthehoranlover
Spaces- H.Sby Abella
spaces between us keep getting deeper, its harder to reach you even though I try Harry's longtime girlfriend Grace had an accident and lost her memory of the last 2 year...