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babysitter (fart fetish, inflation, buttcrush )  by Whyyouhateonnoodles
babysitter (fart fetish, inflation...by Whyyouhateonnoodles
If don't like these fetishs don't continue but if you do come on in
Frerard fart kink fanfic by swagtre
Frerard fart kink fanficby swagtre
Toxic Love (Barney x fem reader) by V0REL0V3R
Toxic Love (Barney x fem reader)by uhh
The story of when y/n met a purple dinosaur, but his love for you was.. Unusual. In a bad way, of course.
dsmp fans x dsmp antis 👉👈😖🥺 by angstytubb0
dsmp fans x dsmp antis 👉👈😖🥺by bread
this is /srs. you read the title UwU t-trigger: may be offensive to the dsmp.... tubbo would be so offencived sowwwy
Two x Four smut fan fictions  by gingerbravefangirl
Two x Four smut fan fictions by TwoIsStoopid
Um so this is a two x four fan fiction 🥺
polo boy minion ice age greys anatomy dream 🍒 by dreamsmploverforlif
polo boy minion ice age greys anat...by dreamsmploverforlif
if you are looking for a romantic slow burn tale this is your book. please read if you love deep romantic interactions with underlines of meaningful messages about socie...
genshin fart kink imagines  by niggasonmypenis
genshin fart kink imagines by hammydammy123
if u like genshin and like farts enjoy ;)
YG X JayWhyPee by BigBussyBop
YG X JayWhyPeeby aliyah !!
Yg has been trying to contact jaywhypee regarding his car extended warranty.
eli x pallet by l1ghtner
eli x palletby nico shart
eli is inside pallet owo and eli and nini are both nicophobic
gore drug sissy balls gorestreet. (again.) by goerstreetluv
gore drug sissy balls gorestreet...by goerstreetluv
haii hiihiiii the original got deleted by a big bitch unfortunately so we r rewriting it yes yes !!!!!