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Fantasy Kingdom Community (Hiring) by fantasykingdom_com
Fantasy Kingdom Community (Hiring)by Fantasy Kingdom Community
Finding a community? Well this is the right place! We are hiring creative people, no matter if they are new to Wattpad or not. Free spots! Join before closed! If you do...
Fire in the Snow by MirandaLimbDoran
Fire in the Snowby Miranda Limb
When Prince Kai stays at the Ice Palace for a few days, Princess Neva must remember that if you play with fire, you will be burned. *** Fire and Ice have been enemies fo...
Court of Memories [QoS & KoS] by NeonNinjaDork
Court of Memories [QoS & KoS]by Britt Nunes
Cabot Industries is known for its high-quality memory elixirs. Memory processing is a profession not many can obtain, and Cabot Industries is so selective no one knows h...
Flowers of Battlefield by Artlexanderg
Flowers of Battlefieldby Alexandro Gunawan
A young soldier Sent to the enemy's land Investigating the reason of this war He met someone A young mage with purple hair One of best graduates Her knowledge is vast, y...
Duality by mlc-was-here
Dualityby 🔽🔽MOVED ACCS🔽🔽
Marius Khim was scheduled to be excecuted. Marius Khim was an abomination to society. Marius Khim was supposed to be dead. Eros had other plans. - |better desc to come s...
The Rejected Queen by _katie_proctor
The Rejected Queenby Katie
When Aaden, a simple village blacksmith, is given the opportunity to journey across lands he'd only heard about in stories, he finds that corruption lies in the most une...
A Warrior's Hiraeth by The_Juliet_Reject
A Warrior's Hiraethby °
Hiraeth (n.) A homesickness for a home you can't return to, or one that never was. In a kingdom which thrives greatly in it's so-called Golden Age, where the people rest...
The Princess, Prince by Dreamywonders
The Princess, Princeby just 4 fun
A princess must disguise herself as her older brother that has passed away going undercover in an all princes academy. She meets 4 handsome men, will she manage to keep...
adventure s of princess life by AtulBhise
adventure s of princess lifeby AtulBhise
it's a story of a lost princess and lives there so much adventure
Kingdoms by kylorude
Kingdomsby Connor
When Yngvar Wehunt seeks to overthrow the kingdoms of Dottenreich, there are a chosen few who can defeat the beast sent out to ravage the people; a half-breed Prince of...
The last heir by xerafera
The last heirby xera fera
This story is about young girl(zena)who has normal life everyday until one day when she got sick,everything about her life is about to change.The night that she sick and...
The Region of Rosa by SamanthaHolmes123
The Region of Rosaby Samantha Holmes
Kaela and Sam lived with their grandmother almost all their lives and now that their grandmother has passed they decide to leave their home to go to the village Narcissu...
Blood on a Golden Throne by Savvysythe
Blood on a Golden Throneby Savvysythe
"We're bigger than we ever dreamed, and I'm in love with being queen." Family murdered and throne taken from her, Belladonna hides herself and her past in the...
Kingdom of Loathing by kw1206
Kingdom of Loathingby Kiwi
20XX. A fantasy kingdom on an island isolated from society got their king kidnapped by a mysterious sorceress. Nobody knew this, and kept living their normal life. Then...