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I'm the Queen in This Life by yonderstories
I'm the Queen in This Lifeby YONDER
Ariadne would do anything for Cesare, her fiancé of fourteen years who has always promised to make her his queen. But the day before his coronation, Cesare betrays Ariad...
The AU by RainaTacos
The AUby Rainy 🤍
There is so much to be done still, this is only some perspectives of a few characters in a collaboration story thing with my friends, @EzraPollux and @PsuedonymKay. We a...
The Red of the Writing | ONC 2023 by StarSpeckledSkies
The Red of the Writing | ONC 2023by Heetal Binwani
Three women, who have never met. Three secrets, never meant to be known. Unfortunately, it doesn't stay that way. Three lives, tangled together in horrific ways, as fat...
Crystals of War V: Hidden Secrets by awarewxlf
Crystals of War V: Hidden Secretsby awarewxlf
After defeating Wanda the Great, a now Queen Lyra and Wayne try finding out what's going on overseas and revealing the truth of the older nations. Penny in the meantime...
The Remarried Empress by yonderstories
The Remarried Empressby YONDER
Navier Trovi has spent her entire life preparing to become the perfect empress, and all her training has paid off: she is the well-respected ruler of the Eastern Empire...
The AU by elli4nna
The AUby elli4nna
This is a collaboration thing with two of my friends: @PseudonymKay and @RainaTacos In @PseudonymKay's, you'll find a giant woman from hell and a brainwashed angel. In @...
Kingdom of Loathing by kiwinatorwaffles
Kingdom of Loathingby Kiwi
20XX. A fantasy kingdom on an island isolated from society got their king kidnapped by a mysterious sorceress. Nobody knew this, and kept living their normal life. Then...
The Shards Of My Soul by Asiul30
The Shards Of My Soulby Ana Martins
In the northern royal kingdom of Arszden, nothing is as it seems. Standing at the tip of its Continent, the High Kingdom of Arszden has more secrets hidden below its per...
All Hands on Deck by peachie_lover
All Hands on Deckby peachie_lover
For Jade, everything was perfect. The perfect parents, perfect brother Jake, and shes also royalty. But what will happen if they find their parents dead on their ship in...
Hate and Envy by bitchirule
Hate and Envyby Addy 76
A story that is told in the form of a poem. It is your classic evil and good fight except for a plot twist at the end. It is a fantasy story that will appeal to the ones...
Tower of Glass by dianthelle
Tower of Glassby Dianthe
Maria Daarina has spent her entire life training to be the perfect enchantress, being expected to take her aunts place as head enchantress to the royal family. All this...
The story of Anakin's life  by Ann229396
The story of Anakin's life by Ann229396
The story about Anakin's life everything like school, work, family, and adventure with his friends!
Taking the reins by Moonsunandearth
Taking the reinsby <3 Finch <3
The story shown upon you is about a teenage girl fighting for her crown. She has to deal with other kingdoms trying to force her to give up her rights. As friends turn...
Fire in the Snow by MirandaLimbDoran
Fire in the Snowby Miranda Limb
When Prince Kai stays at the Ice Palace for a few days, Princess Neva must remember that if you play with fire, you will be burned. *** Fire and Ice have been enemies fo...
The Region Of Rosa by SamanthaHolmes123
The Region Of Rosaby Samantha Holmes
Kaela and Sam lived with their grandmother almost all their lives and now that their grandmother has passed they decide to leave their home to go to the village Narcissu...
Book of Natural History of Ironhill Kingdom by ProfessorCherry
Book of Natural History of Professor Cherry
A brief look at Natural History of Ironhill Kingdom and its endemic species
Blood on a Golden Throne by Savvysythe
Blood on a Golden Throneby Savvysythe
"We're bigger than we ever dreamed, and I'm in love with being queen." Family murdered and throne taken from her, Belladonna hides herself and her past in the...
Kard~Tale by VCkatana
Kard~Taleby TruthSword.VKC
After five months of treacherous, destructive war, the kingdom of Kard discovers a prophecy stating that Blake, a teen living in Chicago will save the kingdom from the w...
The Rejected Queen by _katie_proctor
The Rejected Queenby Katie
When Aaden, a simple village blacksmith, is given the opportunity to journey across lands he'd only heard about in stories, he finds that corruption lies in the most une...
adventure s of princess life by AtulBhise
adventure s of princess lifeby AtulBhise
it's a story of a lost princess and lives there so much adventure