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Anger Management by GeolaReader
Anger Managementby coalesce
❝Good morning. This is Target, how can I help you?❞ ❝Why do I have the sudden urge to kill my family?❞ ❝...Woah...well...shit. Ma'am, I think you dialed the wrong number...
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Teaching Stupidity by GeolaReader
Teaching Stupidityby coalesce
❝Hello?❞ ❝ this Ana?❞ ❝...Maybe. Whom does it concern?❞ ❝She's my study partner?❞ ❝Uh...the phone is breaking up...crackle. Crackle. Can't hear you.❞ ❝...That wa...
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Abducted by 10mirrormask01
Abductedby Your Worst Nightmare
Shadow is a normal girl until a mysterious stranger abducts her to add to his collection. he is taking her far from EVERY THING she knows into a new world or shall i say...
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In love (A Brooke Hyland Fanfiction) by mad_one_directioner
In love (A Brooke Hyland mad_one_directioner
Brooke (18) has been dating Brandon Pent (18) for 7 months; but they soon notice that they both love each other so much and are becoming more serious, they hope to have...
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Growing Up too Fast ||Hetalia|| by Rocklee_Toshiro1993
Growing Up too Fast ||Hetalia||by Lee-san/Shiro-chan
Children shouldn't have to pay for the mistakes of adults. The battles of war is no place for a child nor should the thought of handing a child a gun and saying "wh...
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Hamilton One-Shots and Lemons by BP_Shadowmaru
Hamilton One-Shots and Lemonsby Shadowmaru
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Ne dis pas que tu vas bien si au final tu ne le pense pas... by Louise_Ooficielle
Ne dis pas que tu vas bien si au Louise_Ooficielle
Cette fille n'est pas bien mais personne le voit alors elle préfère entamer son petit jardin secret sur ses bras, ses cuisses...
30 Days In Paris by The_Dauntless_Runner
30 Days In Parisby Casey Angel
I remember the time when I first saw him. He was Romeo. Not just on the stage, but in reality. My reality... _____ Madeline Monroe, going to Paris for her parents busine...
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It All Started with Ice Cream(One Direction) ON HOLD by bristache1d
It All Started with Ice Cream( Briana Haglund
Vanessa Patterson is a moody, quirky 17 year old. Like most, she is obsessed with One Direction. She has always had a thing for Niall, because she's Irish and she unders...
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