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After by imaginator1D
Afterby Anna Todd
Tessa Young is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. She always has things planned out ahead of time, until she mee...
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The Last Dance (A One Direction FanFiction) by FaultinmyHeart
The Last Dance (A One Direction Tiffany(:
Tracy Tomlinson is a pretty normal 16 year old, besides the fact that she has Luekemia. She lives in Doncastor with her brother, Louis, and her mom and dad. When she's w...
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The Teacher ( Justin Bieber Fanfiction ) by kendalljxnner
The Teacher ( Justin Bieber kendalljxnner
Sarah is shocked when she sees who her new PE teacher is. Little did she know what they would go through together...
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Fernclan's Story by WarriorsOfFernclan
Fernclan's Storyby Fernclan
This is our group Roleplay Warning: INTENSE
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Girl of My Dreams. -A Zayn Malik Fanfiction by PattyGrant3
Girl of My Dreams. -A Zayn Malik Patty Grant
This is a story about Zayn Malik from the popular band, One Direction.He dreamed up the perfect girlfriend that he never thought he would meet. But she really did exist...
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Blood Oath (AU Pirate!England x Assassin!Reader) by randommusicgeek
Blood Oath (AU Pirate!England x Lillianna
*POSTED FROM QUOTEV* Arthur Kirkland is the most fearsome terror that's ever roamed the seven seas. (Y/N) is an assassin, the best in the trade, and the cleanest killer...
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Dear Friend by DoctorWord
Dear Friendby Britney Westlake❤️
When Inspector Parker's near and dear friend, Mr. Walter Roberts is dead, it is up to him to solve this case for the sake of his friendship. However, all of the clues po...
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Love Story -- Joe Jonas by StrangeLover
Love Story -- Joe Jonasby Serena
What do you do when tragedy strikes? For Samantha Crow, suicide was her first option and she made sure no one knew that she was going to try. But when her best friend Jo...
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Margo in Manhattan. by starkravingelias
Margo in Margo
Margo is a 19 year old runaway from England, she finds herself recreating hers life working in a book store in Manhattan, where she runs into the one and only delectable...
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Warriors: Dark and Light by FireMockingjay
Warriors: Dark and Lightby Katharine & Kyla
*~*~*Dark and Light. Evil and Good. Betray and Loyal. Two cats with destined power, one will destroy all, the other will save all.*~*~* Mockingkit and Firekit are born t...
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Enemies by _tay3k
Enemiesby T
Alexandra Scott and Shawn Mendes, bestfriends since birth...well at used they used to be bestfriends. They hate each other's guts now. Will them getting paired to do a p...
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A mewmew with a curse like the sohma's (mewmew power/fruits basket info) by FreedomFighters
A mewmew with a curse like the FreedomFighters
Struggling all of her life with a curse of not being able to hug anyone other than her family can be tough. But even harder when she's also a mew mew. This is about how...
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Found Love {Daniel Skye} by Skyehardbabe_Fanfics
Found Love {Daniel Skye}by Kendra grace
y/n has been a fan of Daniel for a while and she finally gets mNg tickets to see him and a few other boys preform at digi. little did she know her ex, Hayes is Daniels...
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Codes by sherlockedd_sherlock
Codesby Cumbercookie
Hi this is my second book! I am still on my old book but it took me a long time to figure out what cases I could do! Sherlock needs help on some cases are you smart enou...
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When The Time Is Right... (Larry Stylinson One Shot) by HawaiiDoesItBetter
When The Time Is Right... (Larry Kaelyyyyn
** ONE SHOT ** After One Direction breaks up Louis seems to disappear from Harry's life completely for ten years. Until one day he receives a call...
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Taken ( Louis Tomlinson Fanfic) by tommoluver1998
Taken ( Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)by Kourtnee
A story about the love and heartache of a relation ship between Rose and Louis along with two other relationships of a famous worldwide boy
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Maybe I'm the One Who's Crazy...(Adventure time PB+Marceline fan fic) by TheGrayed
Maybe I'm the One Who's Crazy...( Caleb
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Mini MJ Scenes by whosbad25X3
Mini MJ Scenesby Stephanie♥
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Things Will Always Be The Same, Between The Hunter And The Prey. (Gerard Way) by transferingworlds
Things Will Always Be The Same, transferingworlds
Why is he keeping me alive? Out of all people, what am I to him? But then again, is staying here with him better than dying? And WHY do I trust him!? (I DO NOT OWN GERAR...
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Tragic Magic [Jacky Vincent FanFiction] by ASingleBrokenPromise
Tragic Magic [Jacky Vincent radkeamyarmy
My friend Lizzy and I went to a concert one night. Who knew that this concert could pull me into a relationship with my best friend's guitarist? The only problem, my bro...
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