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France x England x Child Reader by SofiaCTa
France x England x Child Readerby Sofia.C.Ta
(Y/N) (L/N) was a homeless 5 years old who was abanded by her parents at a younger age. One day, in an ally, looking for food. (Y/N) was confronted by a group of abusive...
Runaway Maple leaf by _FandomLover332_
Runaway Maple leafby FandomLover .
The country's move in with their 'family's' for a year to see how they would react to each other after living under one roof. Matthew also known as Canada can't take his...
The Quirks of Being American by PlatinumZelda
The Quirks of Being Americanby Platinum
Just some short drabbles revolving around America and his everyday life :3
YOU HAVE WHAT!? by FrozenQueen12
YOU HAVE WHAT!?by FrozenQueen12
Countries have gathered in America's capital, Washington D.C., for a world meeting where they are attempting to actually help the world and not try to murder each other...
Stars and Stripes by Sarcasm_Never_Sleeps
Stars and Stripesby Sarcasm_Never_Sleeps
They were right. It was his fault, wasn't it? They wouldn't lie to him, no- he must've been lying to himself. He had to be better. Prove he could. But it was hard to qu...
The Worlds' Secrets *Discontinued* by PeridotKirkland
The Worlds' Secrets *Discontinued*by PinkLasagna
Will the nations fight over the secrets revealed or will this unite them? Read to find out. I do not own Hetalia, please support the official release
A toast to forever  (hetalia F.A.C.E) by jelsa_fnaf_lover
A toast to forever (hetalia F.A.C...by animelover
Sequel to "never would I have thought" Francis and Arthur move in together and decide to start a family . There is a bunch of fluff in this
(Hetalia) The truth of the past  by Charlotte769
(Hetalia) The truth of the past by Charlotte769
The ancients have finally had enough of seeing their children suffering in silence and have decided to take matters into their own hands, starting with revealing a few l...
Secrets Revealed by TheMaidenOfTheHunt
Secrets Revealedby Artemis
TheMaidenOfTheHunt presents to you a Hetalia reading the diaries fan fiction. For many years, for some as long as they remember they have been keeping secrets. These sec...
~ hetalia FACE family headcanons ~ by _chrisp11_
~ hetalia FACE family headcanons ~by 𝖈𝖍𝖗𝖎𝖘𝖕
shitty headcanons story that I'll update either with multiple chapters in a row or almost never at all enjoy
American Secrets by Silver_Rapier
American Secretsby Maiko
North America is a rather mysterious continent few know about. Quiet Canada, boisterous America and scoffing Mexico all deflect questions about their continent. But now...
F.A.C.E Family Texts  by waterviking4
F.A.C.E Family Texts by Helie Bloom
Looks like America made a group chat for Canada, England, France, and himself! Will chaos ensue or will humor make its way throughout the chat? We hit #2 in hetaliaameri...
Hetalia One-Shots [countryxcountry] by Rememberrun
Hetalia One-Shots [countryxcountry]by Rememberrun
One-shots of mostly my favorite ships. They will not contain smut but I promise the best fluff I can write. The first few are a bit slow and generic but the quality and...
FrUk: A CATastophe by happy_polar_bear_
FrUk: A CATastopheby Mari
This is the last straw with France! England devises a plan to get him back: Turn him into a cat! But when the plan backfires, England is left at the care of his rival...
Betrayed - Hetalia by Phantomhive2016
Betrayed - Hetaliaby Shadow Lights
Rusame and perhaps, some Prussia x America. Russia and America have been a thing for quite some time. Everyone and their mother knew. However, one night, Russia's needs...
2p!Hetalia x Reader; Surprise by NyoEngland
2p!Hetalia x Reader; Surpriseby Cake
You look out your peephole of your door to see that no one was there. You look down to see a small (F/C) cupcake on the ground. You slowly pick the cupcake up and from...
Fading away by kingdom_of_souls
Fading awayby kingdom_of_souls
Canada is dying. Maybe its for the best though, I mean, who remembered him enough to miss him? Maybe it would end his loneliness and he could start all over, as a differ...
Hetalia Headcannons by simplyjihoonie
Hetalia Headcannonsby Allie
a pile of headcannons I thought of or my followers thought of or ones I found on Pinterest.
The Beautiful Word II (More Hetalia oneshots) by Worldclass_Fuckup
The Beautiful Word II (More Hetali...by M_Yancey
I lived, bitches. After ending the other book, and things at home calmed down, I started getting new ideas, and so I shall continue with this. I'm living with my aunt fo...
Hetalia Theories by deplorable14
Hetalia Theoriesby Bookiy
Hetalia theories that I liked and some of my own. I will try to write at least one theory for each character, that means the ones with memorable screen time. And my favo...