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Voice [목소리] by lexaoreo_
She is a girl who has just debuted in a girl group in South Korea. Known to many for her talent in singing and her cute and beautiful face. Still, she was a quiet girl a...
Behind | BaekYeon Fanfiction by KEISSIEEE
Behind | BaekYeon Fanfictionby KEISSIEEE
━ ❝I love you,❞ That's what he said. ━ BAEKYEON FANFICTION STARTED: 081819 ; (100119 - Republished) COMPLETED: ❓ Updates won't be that constant. (I'm trying.) [siijaye's...
Falling in love with a player (Baekyeon High school story) COMPLETED  by MeatPieLOver
Falling in love with a player (Bae...by BlancSpace
Taeyeon is a typical high school girl who's now moving into one of the top richest school 'SM-TOWN arts school' it's not because, of a scholarship, she might be a nerd...
Black, Blue & Gold (Season 2) TaeNy by taextiff
Black, Blue & Gold (Season 2) TaeNyby T A E X T I F F
Black, Blue & Gold (Season 2) Inspector Kim Taeyeon is a Police Officer who only have one goal in her mind, to avenge the death of the love of her life, Im Jaehwan. But...
Lost In Love | BaekYeon by smol_oreo
Lost In Love | BaekYeonby 사랑하자 🌹
"Why do you have to make me worried all the time?" "Since when do you care?" How can these two fall in love with each other?Will they be lost in love...
Still You | Baekyeon (Under Revision) by FourthCharm
Still You | Baekyeon (Under Revisi...by Charm IV
"Because after all these years... it's still you... Kim Taeyeon."
She's Mine [ BAEKYEON ] by lexaoreo_
"I'm just no one. He is the famous student in this school meanwhile me, a new student that just a nerd and silent girl." - Kim Taeyeon ...
From Afar | Baekyeon by FourthCharm
From Afar | Baekyeonby Charm IV
"We already parted our ways... But as I think about it, I can't forget you... so let me still look after you, watch you... From afar." -Byun Baekhyun
Hôn Phu Tuyệt Tình-Baekyeon(Edit) by ocsoc123
Hôn Phu Tuyệt Tình-Baekyeon(Edit)by Baekyeon shipper
Hôn Phu Tuyệt Tinh, Ngược nữ nhưng HE các bạn nhé. Tác giả: Mễ Nhạc Link truyện gốc:sstruyen.com/doc-truyen/vi-hon-phu-tuyet-tinh/3300.html Mong mọi người ủng hộ truyện...
Fake | BaekYeon by smol_oreo
Fake | BaekYeonby 사랑하자 🌹
"So you never loved me." "You should have known this from the start. Cause everything we had is fake." A BaekYeon fanfiction.
Healling Heart [BAEKYEON FANFIC] [ OnGoing ] by silverhawk26
Healling Heart [BAEKYEON FANFIC] [...by ㅇ메ㅎ묻
Feelings can be controlled, but tears never lie. Date Start : June 15, 2016 Date Finish: [SOON]
The  Nerd is the Mafia Queen (UPDATED) by Alllicra
The Nerd is the Mafia Queen (UPDA...by Allicra
ARE YOU SERIOUS?" bulyaw saakin ng kapatid ko "what's wrong with being a nerd?" tanong ko habang inaayos ang disguise ko "you don't really have to...
또 만나 네요 (We Meet Again) by lexaoreo_
또 만나 네요 (We Meet Again)by BAEKYEON_STORIES
After five years , they meet again. But, they have to married each other.
[SEYOON] Thành Danh Sau Một Đêm by HuyenTrang1230
[SEYOON] Thành Danh Sau Một Đêmby Rowena
Tình cảm của tôi đối với Ngô Thế Huân là một loại tình cảm không thể diễn tả được. Năm đó, tôi chỉ hận không thể dính lên người anh ấy. Mưa mùa hạ, tuyết mùa đông, tôi đ...
Forever Love | Baekyeon 《Completed》 by SecretBxT
Forever Love | Baekyeon 《Completed》by SilverStone
The life of a teenage girl who was controlled by his own blood-related father. "How could you do this to me?" Baekyeon high school theme fanfiction
Your Sigh // SeYoon  by Xyryllchia
Your Sigh // SeYoon by Xia Lee
#995 in FANFICTION (2017.09.02) #984 in FANFICTION (2017.09.03) #998 in FANFICTION (2017.12.17) [PRIVATE] Main Cast : ° Im Yoona ° Oh Sehun
The Good Queenka And The Bad Kingka | BaekYeon [COMPLETED] by caratcarrots
The Good Queenka And The Bad Kingk...by a u l y n
Seoul High is separated into two, with a clear line drawn in between the middle of the school. It separates the girls and the boys. But what happens if the bad kingka wh...
Without You by SecretBxT
Without Youby SilverStone
Just a fanfiction about Baekyeon based on their real moment, and reality's scene.
When the Rebel Meets the Brat by xoxolight23
When the Rebel Meets the Bratby SONE.EXO-L
Not the typical rebel nor brat you know. (I also have this story on asianfanfics)
Book 2: Chance 《Completed》 by SecretBxT
Book 2: Chance 《Completed》by SilverStone
Book 2 of Forever Love "I give you a chance, so please. Don't lie again." Start: 161203 Finish: 161223