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For the better [baekyeon] by oreoyeon
For the better [baekyeon]by byunxing
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Chasing Hearts |BaekYeon|  by kangdaniexol
Chasing Hearts |BaekYeon| by 체린 chaelin🦋
"Beautiful, beautiful I miss you, miss you..." --- A story of two lovers inspired by Wanna One's Beautiful Pt.1 (Nothing Without You) and Beautiful Pt.2 (Power...
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Dusk | Kim Minseok by KayKyutie
Dusk | Kim Minseokby KayKyutie
She's just a girl, he's just a vampire. (Kay so this book is a lot like Twilight. There's barely any grammar mistakes so enjoy!)
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Emergency couple (BAEKYEON) sequel~2 by MeatPieLOver
Emergency couple (BAEKYEON) sequel...by BlancSpace
SEQUEL FROM (Falling in love with a player) baekyeon story Taeyeon is a doctor in the most famous hospital in Korea, after eight years she still couldn't move on of her...
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Lost In Love | BaekYeon by smol_oreo
Lost In Love | BaekYeonby 淇🍁
"Why do you have to make me worried all the time?" "Since when do you care?" How can these two fall in love with each other?Will they be lost in love...
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Falling in love with a player (Baekyeon High school story) COMPLETED  by MeatPieLOver
Falling in love with a player (Bae...by BlancSpace
Taeyeon is a typical high school girl who's now moving into one of the top richest school 'SM-TOWN arts school' it's not because, of a scholarship, she might be a nerd...
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When Angels And Wolves Collide (SLOWLY REWRITING) by AbbieLion
When Angels And Wolves Collide (SL...by exoshidae
The Girls are new in town. The Boys own this town. What happened when warm hearts clash with cold ones? (Sorry, I suck at descriptions) also i wrote this when i was a fe...
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[Longfic] Ông Xã quốc dân by luhan_bb
[Longfic] Ông Xã quốc dânby Tyshbb
Lộc Hàm và Từ Châu Huyền kết hôn dưới sự thúc ép của cha mẹ hai bên. Từ Châu Huyền cho rằng mặc dù bọn họ thờ ơ nhau ở trước mặt mọi người nhưng sau lưng rồi cũng sẽ quấ...
Best Friends? | BaekYeon by smol_oreo
Best Friends? | BaekYeonby 淇🍁
"Am I going to be just your best friend? Or will the title change some day?" A BaekYeon Fanfiction.
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It's Called Love Not Obsession by smileleetaemin
It's Called Love Not Obsessionby Anna
In which Baekhyun is a psychopath, Taeyeon is a freshman at his university and her beauty catches his eye.
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Campus Heartthrob Meets Ms. Loner [Completed] by Gorgeoustoxic
Campus Heartthrob Meets Ms. Loner...by Shhhh.
Highest Rank in Teen Fiction - #20 | 051218 - #10 | 052518 --- C O M P L E T E D. this story is very suitable for baekyeon shippers LOL.
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My Bestfriend, My WIFE? by ExoPinkShidae_
My Bestfriend, My WIFE?by Hwang Eunbi
[ BaekYeon Fanfiction ] What if my bestfriend wants me to be his FAKE girlfriend?
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On The Snow by mrs__eyeliner
On The Snowby ㅂㅂㅎ
Mereka terjumpa kerana takdir. Adakah kerana takdir juga mereka akan berpisah? Taeyeon dan Baekhyun.. Pertemuan pertama yang tidak begitu baik lama kelamaan hubungan yan...
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「wrong send ; osh x lmy」 by zyqueensone
「wrong send ; osh x lmy」by queency deniz
+ EXOSHIDAE SERIES #1 || in which she didn't mean to send an unexpected message to an unknown person. ● oh sehun x yoona lim by zyqueensone | written in taglish
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You Are The Light | BaekYeon by smol_oreo
You Are The Light | BaekYeonby 淇🍁
he must protect the Princess.
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Fake | BaekYeon by smol_oreo
Fake | BaekYeonby 淇🍁
"So you never loved me." "You should have known this from the start. Cause everything we had is fake." A BaekYeon fanfiction.
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She Changed My Life {Book 1} by ChyliangHwang
She Changed My Life {Book 1}by mami author
Baekhyun is a bad boy who belongs to a squad called EXO. They transeffered to SM university and he bumped into the very famous student, Kim Taeyeon . Fate plays with th...
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We're Back For Our Sweet Revenge by QUEEN_PERPURL
We're Back For Our Sweet Revengeby Trisha Abalos
*Prolouge* Girl's side: Minahal namin kayo ng buo tapos sasabihin niyo na dare nyo lang yun...
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 Seungkwan's sister (Kpop ff) [under major editing] by nct127_trash
Seungkwan's sister (Kpop ff) [und...by 김하늘
Y/n is a 14 year old girl who found out that her brother is Boo Seungkwan from Seventeen (3 years ago when she was 14 was when she meet Seungkwan), y/n has some ups and...
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THE RAJENDRAS by adelinaayu
THE RAJENDRASby adelinaayu
"Can you dislike someone but still love them?" "Do you have siblings?"
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