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Since the Beginning  [Discontinued] by Thatdude510
Since the Beginning [Discontinued]by Thatdude510
The anti-social Eren Yeager meets a Young blonde when his father, Grisha Yeager , visits the Reiss household. An alternate universe where Eren meets Historia at an early...
The Island of Devils by HungjuiChiu
The Island of Devilsby Ray Chiu
Without the Rumbling, Paradis will be destroyed. Eldians will be killed, and the hatred that lasts 2000 years will continue. This story contains the thoughts of Eren Yea...
Goodbye (Eren x Historia Oneshot) by King_Zangetsu12820
Goodbye (Eren x Historia Oneshot)by King D. Zangetsu
(E1) Eren thinks back about his promise to Historia.
Nuestro Secreto by JA-Vazquez
Nuestro Secretoby J.A. Vazquez
Historia Reiss ¿Como sobrellevó la ausencia de Eren en el tiempo que este se fue a Marley? Descubrelo.
Love is Gone (Erehisu) by rulerofthewalls
Love is Gone (Erehisu)by rulerofthewalls
Is it possible to learn to love again once you've been broken beyond repair? Shingeki no kyojin in Modern AU. OOC. Eren X Historia
Eren reacts to ships!! (Inspired) by ErenJeager858
Eren reacts to ships!! (Inspired)by Mal😽
It's random, and it's from erens POV not mine :^
Shingeki High by Depression_Fratello
Shingeki Highby Depression_Fratello
Dark undertones. A possible lime. A story about a young Eren through his years of high school and how the Gang known as the Titans effect the world around him.
Eren Reacts To His Ships😭 by floopyelp
Eren Reacts To His Ships😭by floopyelp
very important !!! . . . im using a modern au and everyone here is 24 (Levi, hange, and Erwin are 26) . . . ships I ship, (please don't attack me just say what...
𝒟𝑒𝒸𝑒𝒾𝓉𝒻𝓊𝓁 by bitchytimetraveler
𝒟𝑒𝒸𝑒𝒾𝓉𝒻𝓊𝓁by bitchytimetraveler
The sequel everyone peer pressured me for🙂
King of Eldia by Iniecheal
King of Eldiaby Hoper Gree
Eren and Historia was 8 years old. Grisha visited Reiss Farm... Eren will meet her and saw her bullies. Eren Will saved and friend with her?
My mother's favourite tree by treecreativeme
My mother's favourite treeby Creative Tree
Eren goes to visit the Queen at the Reiss Farm - Year 854 (and other stories)
MI VIDA JUNTO A TI. by ackerlover
¿El amor será suficiente para estar con la persona que amas? ¿Están destinados a estar juntos o el destino cambiara su rumbo? ¿Será el final de sus sueños y anhelos?
La emperatriz divorciada (rivamika) by SaoriElena
La emperatriz divorciada (rivamika)by SaoriElena
Mikasa Azumabito era la emperatriz perfecta en todos los sentidos: inteligente, valiente y sociable. Era amable con sus súbditos y devota de su marido. Se conformaba con...
Lost Memories  - One-shot - Attack On Titans by Adiimos
Lost Memories - One-shot - Adiimos
A one shot of Eren and Historia from when they were 8 years old. How did they met ? How did their friendship started?
The Ocean [EreHisu Fanfic One shot] by SAI_SKOOL_and_JG
The Ocean [EreHisu Fanfic One shot]by SAI_SKOOL_and_JG
Set during the four year time-skip when they started building the harbor. A/N: Shingeki no Kyojin, owned by Hajime Isayama
When Flowers Bloom-EreHisu fanfic by tremorcunicu
When Flowers Bloom-EreHisu fanficby Levi
Eren is starting his sophomore year of high school and things this year will drastically change for him. Obvious high school AU, technically slow burn, smut free. Fan m...
Abuse by UltraYEET69
Abuseby Y E E T
This story takes place in an AU of the series Attack on Titan, Krista Lenz, the so called 'goddess' of the 104th Cadet Corps has taken a liking to one of her fellow cade...
Our Escape(EreHisu) by Ackerman_Apprentice
Our Escape(EreHisu)by Apprentice
Two families, enemies by fate. Yet reigns are about to end by two future heirs. Historia, an illegitimate daughter, and surviving potential successor of the Reiss Family...
[Erehisu] In the eyes of the Fortune Voyagers by DarknessLantern
[Erehisu] In the eyes of the Acupofcoffee
Imagine something. When you close your eyes, you can hear the waves. When you close your eyes, you can feel the waters running towards your feet. When you close your eye...