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Deku's True Power by zivings
Deku's True Powerby zivings
Izuku Midoriya, a quirkless loser who had nothing to live for. He took his childhood friends advice and jumped. When he didn't die, his life changed forever. #1 in izuoc...
Untapped Potential! ~IzuOcha. by zivings
Untapped Potential! ~IzuOcha.by zivings
Izuku Midoriya, he had nothing. One fateful day as he stood on top of his middle school looking down at the pavement below. Something happened that would change his life...
Izuku, the Radiant Hero (BNHA x Valorant Crossover) by Turtlleee
Izuku, the Radiant Hero (BNHA x Va...by Turtlleee
Agent Spark, real name Izuku Midoriya, is the newest agent of the Valorant squad, having being in the group for a few months. During an important operation to protect t...
Project New Dawn by Ragnark517
Project New Dawnby V
S.W.O.R.D recruited Izuku and a few other children at the age of 10 and spent the next 8 years turning them into their perfect weapons through experimentation. What happ...
She's mine[yandere Deku × Ochaco]  by Boltan404
She's mine[yandere Deku × Ochaco] by Boltan404
After Izuku experiences some strange things of a villain attack from the remainance of Chisaki's organization he experiences dangerous aftereffects towards Ochaco
A Hero's Nightmare by aethete
A Hero's Nightmareby Raven
What will happen when a certain events causes Midoryia to question heros? Will lives be lost? Or will they be saved? Will Midoryia run off the deep end? Or will he sta...
A Change Of Heart ✓ by Tsuyaki
A Change Of Heart ✓by Liv
Faltering, the villain known as Deku is struck by a mighty blow from the Number One hero, All Might. Upon awakening, he finds that he remembers nothing of his previous l...
I Choose You! The Road to World Champion by Ragnark517
I Choose You! The Road to World Ch...by V
Welcome to the world of Pokémon! A world inhabited by pokemon and humans alike. This is a world full of mystery, wonder and danger. However, unlike other universes, th...
Voodoo Deku by Stillwell03
Voodoo Dekuby Stillwell03
When Izuku was little, he was told that he was quirkless. In an effort to help him, he turned to the magical arts of voodoo and began to learn the dark arts. See how he...
Ghoul Deku by 123glutenfree23
Ghoul Dekuby Aya Proud
From the beginning of Izuku's life he was treated like a slave that got used for money, many people in Japan didn't even know there was such thing as ghouls because they...
Rewind (villain Deku) by THE_WEIRD_ONE-0209
Rewind (villain Deku)by THE_WEIRD_ONE-0209
Izuku the Revival of the Sin of Wrath: Rewrite by Joshua065538
Izuku the Revival of the Sin of Wr...by Joshua
Now for people who didn't see the original one. Izuku Midoriya, A seemingly 'quirkless' boy born in a world where roughly 80% of the global population was born with a Su...
The Charlotte Hero by Stillwell03
The Charlotte Heroby Stillwell03
Izuku had enough troubles being a Charlotte. Things got worse when he suffered an injury scarring his face to forever resemble his father's. Join him as he tries to beco...
Pushing Onwards by KapUnivers
Pushing Onwardsby Kaptein Univers
Despite working his entire life so he can become a hero Izuku Midoriya is still told to give up by his idol All Might. While demoralised he decides to prove everyone w...
My Hero Online by Kevhedgehog
My Hero Onlineby Kevhedgehog
Virtual reality has advanced significantly by the year 2022, and My Hero Online (MHO), a sizable online role-playing game, is released. Players can direct their avatars...
Deku, the symbol of hope ! [Constant Uploads] by mrrobot1933
Deku, the symbol of hope ! [Consta...by kalin__dover
What if Deku was trained by GranTorino and learned about full cowling, during the 2 weeks before the sport Festival ? What will happen after that ? [ON GOING] I DON'T OW...
mha group chat by Libertyliberator
mha group chatby Mha fanman
buckle up chuckle fucks shit just got interesting in 1-a
The Living Hollow by HollowLegend
The Living Hollowby Hollow Legend
This is a My Hero Academia and Bleach crossover fanfic. It starts during the fight between Izuku and Bakugou, an accidental point black ultimate attack from Bakugou lea...
In for the Overhaul [Hassaikai Midoriya] [Completed] by Swampertman
In for the Overhaul [Hassaikai Mid...by Swamp
[COMPLETED] "Can't you see these Kacchan? These are my tears. You did this to me. You're the real villain." Izuku Midoriya was your average everyday hero fa...
internet friends | bnha by al-taya
internet friends | bnhaby taya !
youtubers, singers, influencers, friends, all they did was meet across the internet. and become the craziest group alive. - [on-going] slow updates for now!! - highest r...