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internet friends | bnha by al-taya
internet friends | bnhaby taya !
youtubers, singers, influencers, friends, all they did was meet across the internet. and become the craziest group alive. - [on-going] slow updates for now!! - highest r...
A Change Of Heart ✓ by Tsuyaki
A Change Of Heart ✓by Liv
Faltering, the villain known as Deku is struck by a mighty blow from the Number One hero, All Might. Upon awakening, he finds that he remembers nothing of his previous l...
the forgotten son of giants (Bleachxbnha) by sansundertale35
the forgotten son of giants (Bleac...by sansundertale35
izuku yagi was a abnormal boy all his life he was taller then the other kids. they all thought It was his puirk until he was diagnosed quirkless. After that everyone for...
Deku's True Power~Izuocha by zivings
Deku's True Power~Izuochaby zivings
Izuku Midorya, a quirkless loser who had nothing to live for. He took his childhood friends advice and jumped. When he didn't die, his life changed forever. #1 in izuoch...
MHA Chatfic by MeRicochet
MHA Chatficby MeRicochet
Just another MHA chatfic.
Project New Dawn by Ragnark517
Project New Dawnby V
S.W.O.R.D recruited Izuku and a few other children at the age of 10 and spent the next 8 years turning them into their perfect weapons through experimentation. What happ...
Voodoo Deku by Stillwell03
Voodoo Dekuby Stillwell03
When Izuku was little, he was told that he was quirkless. In an effort to help him, he turned to the magical arts of voodoo and began to learn the dark arts. See how he...
Deku is trying to be the new symbol of peace and grow to be the number one hero. With hormones, drama, relationship problems and life in general its going to be a hard...
Izuku The Symbol Of Hope by NezutheRatGod
Izuku The Symbol Of Hopeby NezutheRatGod
During the battle of Kamino ward All Might is gravely injured and Izuku watching is horror while All Might looses. He couldn't take it anymore and joined the fight to he...
Deku: Outcast Hero Gambit by NeoRenegadeComics
Deku: Outcast Hero Gambitby Daimon Osborn
Izuku Yagi is an outcast who wanted nothing more than to be a hero against his sister and friends wishes, But when Izuku's life is almost ended by Katsuki Bakugou after...
Inner Darkness (MHA fanfiction) by Dusty_Author
Inner Darkness (MHA fanfiction)by Drum_Roll_Please
Izuku Midoriya lived a horrible life ever since he found out he was quirkless. He was neglected by his parents, and bullied by his sister and closest friends. The main b...
mha group chat by Libertyliberator
mha group chatby Mha fanman
buckle up chuckle fucks shit just got interesting in 1-a
Deku's Grave Mistake (1A Group Chat!)  by urarakaa2
Deku's Grave Mistake (1A Group Cha...by (っ °Д °;)っ
(FORMERLY KNOWN AS "DEKU'S CLASS 1A GROUP CHAT" BUT I ALTERED THE NAME TO MAKE IT SOUND BETTER) Deku creates a group chat for class 1A and all hell breaks loo...
I remember you || Izuocha || by webb-head
I remember you || Izuocha ||by webb-head
Unfortunate timing leads to Deku moving to america on his own much like all might . When he returns class 1A gives him death glares... Was it because of Ochako ..... (M...
The Charlotte Hero by Stillwell03
The Charlotte Heroby Stillwell03
Izuku had enough troubles being a Charlotte. Things got worse when he suffered an injury scarring his face to forever resemble his father's. Join him as he tries to beco...
Izuku Yagi: The Green Ranger by Dekito12345
Izuku Yagi: The Green Rangerby Dekito
Izuku Yagi had a great life. His Dad was the number one hero All Might, his Mom was the number 5 hero Green Magnet, and his twin sister Izumi Yagi was his best friend. B...
Only I level up! A solo leveling x my hero academia story by piano2099
Only I level up! A solo leveling x...by Ghost Rider
Follow the adventures of Izuku Midoriya, a powerless kid trying to make his way to the top in a world full of hunters and heroes, while taking care of his sister. What w...
My Hero Online- MHA x SAO by Kevhedgehog
My Hero Online- MHA x SAOby Kevhedgehog
This story shows what happens if the accident that happens in Sword Art Online occurs in My Hero. Class 1A was about to graduate from first year. So as a reward everyone...
MHA X overwatch: The hacker hero.  [DISCONTINUED] by Cadjtf4
MHA X overwatch: The hacker hero...by The writer hero: Cad
Izuku always felt a strange connection with technology. He was able to master any form of tech in seconds. But izuku's curiosity left him in the world of hacking. He fou...
Izuku Yagi Au (Neglected Au) by MiraculousFan1
Izuku Yagi Au (Neglected Au)by Mara
Izuku Yagi has been surviving for 10 years neglected by his parents and bullied for something he couldn't control: his quirklessness. When his own father/ idol rejects h...