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My Explorer by TrippBaby
My Explorerby Tripp
Aaron Doh has his friend Lexi help him with a prank and the house Duo Sam and Colby. Best Friend vs. Best Friend Prank. Soon, Lexi has fallen for Elton Castee, or "...
TFIL Overnight Adventures by themultifandomgal
TFIL Overnight Adventuresby The Multi Fandom Gal
Elton's little sister, Theodora Elodie Castee also known as Thea, join the boys on their 25 weeks of haunted and abandoned buildings series. This is meant to be Corey Sh...
You're Ours Now by epage14
You're Ours Nowby epage14
When Elton stumbled upon a website selling teenagers as sex slaves he showed the roommates. They decided to all pitch in to buy a girl by the name of Devyn who was negle...
Soul - Colby Brock by EvieSparx
Soul - Colby Brockby Evie Blank
People stayed away from her. They knew better than to piss her off. The girl supposedly without a soul. The girl supposedly involved with a gang. The girl who supposedly...
Him (Colby Brock) by JosieMarie33
Him (Colby Brock)by Josie Marie
Complete Ella and Sam Golbach are twins. Ella,Sam, and Colby live together in an apartment. They are all best friends. When they move into the Mansion with Elton,Aaron...
New Explorers/ Colby Brock by FollowingDreams17
New Explorers/ Colby Brockby FollowingDreams17
"Shut up." "Shut up." He smiles mocking me. "Stop mocking me bitch." I start to walk down the stairs of the abandoned building. "St...
Family Isn't Just Blood (Complete) by milo_jude
Family Isn't Just Blood (Complete)by Milo Jude
Hailey Evans, a 17 year old girl with a rough past. When she was 8 she watches as her abusive father murder her mother. A year after that, she's put in an orphanage. Sh...
TFIL // Colby Brock by EvieSparx
TFIL // Colby Brockby Evie Blank
**Completed** Sequel out now "Artist" Chloe is 19 and met Elton through a Craigslist ad he made about someone being his assistant. She applied for the job...
Nicotine-Jake Webber  by MalloryGarrard
Nicotine-Jake Webber by Mallory Garrard
Jake and I have been friends since I can remember. in high school I always hung out with him and his friends, until one day when he told me to never speak to him again...
Worried || Colby Brock > ON HOLD by elizamorgan2005
Worried || Colby Brock > ON HOLDby Lizzie M
ON HOLD Liz is Sam's little sister and lives with the TFIL house. She joins Elton, Colby, Sam and Corey on a two week, cross-country road trip. One dangerous stop along...
Adopted by Elton Castee  by traphouse2445
Adopted by Elton Castee by traphouse2445
You 13 years old you've been in a orphanage since u were 4 one day Elton decided he wants to adopt a kid
When Bestfriends Leave (Sam and Colby) by existential_pug
When Bestfriends Leave (Sam and Co...by Tay
Evie had been friends with Sam and Colby since they were young. What happens when Sam and Colby move to LA for their youtube career? What will happen when Evie's l...
BABYGIRL ~A Colby Brock fanfic  by beachbrocks
BABYGIRL ~A Colby Brock fanfic by Beachbrocks
She was a girl who dreamed that one day she would meet the guy of her dreams And he was a guy who just wanted to be happy
ghosted by GoD_SoUP_
ghostedby soup <3
lilith, jake, sam, and colby. best friends since high school and all interested in the paranormal. after a rough breakup lilith decides to move back to LA and live with...
colby brock imagines by arqxntfire
colby brock imaginesby :)
just some imagines about a boy i can't have
Save Her... (Colby Brock x Abused Reader) by clumsy_colby
Save Her... (Colby Brock x Abused...by clumsy.colby
You're 19 and from Utah. Your parents abuse you then one day the sell you to two men and they take you to California . You wake up being dragged along the floor near Su...
Sam & Colby Oneshots by samsskadoosh
Sam & Colby Oneshotsby sam </3
⚠️READ BEFORE STARTING THE BOOK⚠️ THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! I do not ship Sam & Colby romantically. I have nothing but respect and love for Katrina as wel...
Elton's Lil Sis by YunaYukiMoon
Elton's Lil Sisby ShortPotato
When Uncle Elton's little sister Lily moves it nothing could happen. . . . . right? #1 in xplr Dec. 1, 2018 #1 in amandaswearingen Mar. 13 2019
The Ghost Brought Us Together (C.B) by Elysx_Fanfics
The Ghost Brought Us Together (C.B)by astraea
A girl named Jane Hopper paranormal always hunt her, she hate that feeling because since kid she always experienced that but it's getting worse when she grew up. And a b...
The Sire sister.  Elton Castee by ode_to_maggie
The Sire sister. Elton Casteeby ode_to_maggie
Jackie moves into her older brothers home and meets his friends but one of them catches her eye...