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larry one shots by straightnogayvodka
larry one shotsby 🍃
i've had too many ideas in my head so i'm just gonna make them into one shots...if you ever want an idea for a fic feel free to pm me.❤
Maybe I Lied by abrew_
Maybe I Liedby Ashhhh :-)
I love Eleanor. At least that's what I try to make everyone think. When really I, Louis Tomlinson, am in love with Harry Styles. But no one can know, especially not Har...
Marry You { Larry Stylinson } by MagicNipper
Marry You { Larry Stylinson }by ☀
Falling for your best friend can be tough. Especially when he has a girlfriend he plans on marrying. It couldn't get more awkward when he asks for your help with proposa...
My best friends brother by WHOREFOR_OT9
My best friends brotherby Whoreforstylinson
//Completed// Harry styles(17) is best friends with Lottie Tomlinson(17) he is also deeply in love with with her brother Louis Tomlinson(18)
always you ♡ l.s. by enigmaticfreddie
always you ♡ l.s.by gabby (inactive)
the adventures of louis tomlinson and his best friends, with a little love along the way. instagram style.
Shiall - Instagram  by LiamisanAngel
Shiall - Instagram by 🐻💙
Niall Horan is a member of the biggest boyband in the world "One Direction" Shawn Mendes is starting his first step on the music industry. What will happen whe...
Adopted by beyourownyou_143
Adoptedby beyourownyou_143
Nelly lives her life at the adoption center ever since her parents died. She never thought anyone would adopt her but that all changed when 5 boys from a British boy ban...
The Girl Next Door(Zayn Malik Fanfic) :Completed by Desigirlrants
The Girl Next Door(Zayn Malik Fanf...by Bloom
Aisha is from a rich family in Pakistan.She has come to London on a full scholarship to a designing university.Although her family is very rich she still has always been...
why elounor is real by skrtskrtnoway
why elounor is realby bitch
ELOUNOR IS REAL AND I HAVE PROOF #19 elounor 08.05.20 #4 oned 08.06.20 #18 eleanor 08.06.20 • • • El is a lovely girl, she is soo cute and no one should hate on her :)
Change My Mind by misskatehoran
Change My Mindby Anon
Zayn is the most popular guy at the most prestigious school in all of London. His life is perfect. His parents are rich, his friends are awesome and he's already met the...
A collection of Larry Stylinson one shots by alittlebutterfly
A collection of Larry Stylinson on...by Chloe
a series of one shots based on the romance that is larry stylinson
Escaped by believer_dreamer
Escapedby believer_dreamer
Liam Payne and Niall Horan, two members of the extremely notorious gang, One Direction, have escaped from a maximum security prison. Charlotte Hale, an 18 girl, not to m...
Are We Best friends? Zarry  by ZarryStylik101
Are We Best friends? Zarry by Zarry Stylik
Zayn and Harry have been best friend since elementary now they are in high school and something happens between Zarry that got them wondering are they best friends or Mo...
Oasis (Larry Stylinson) by TheManagement
Oasis (Larry Stylinson)by Zoe
How much can one kiss change a relationship? And how long can that relationship last?
As You Wish (Complete; Zayn/Harry; Supernatural AU) by lnwngj
As You Wish (Complete; Zayn/Harry;...by lan wangji
In which Zayn Malik tests the true extent of wishing on a shooting star, unintentionally starts the next level of his and his husband's relationship and learns that he c...
Just perfect by beyourownyou_143
Just perfectby beyourownyou_143
This is the sequel to Adopted. Nelly is now 17 and lives with her family. Her birthday is coming up soon also. Her family and close friends try's to pe...
Bullshit. (Larry Fan Fiction)-[COMPLETED] by biancatommo23
Bullshit. (Larry Fan Fiction)-[COM...by Bianca
Harry has always been the one for Louis, not matter how many girls management force on them. However on September 16th 2012, Modest! Management takes it a little out of...
Full House (One Direction) by NoNameOrUnidentified
Full House (One Direction)by Nyle
What do you call the most famous boyband in the history after The Beetles? One Direction What do you call five girls who live together for the past 22 years but has diff...
One Direction One Shots by gingergal995
One Direction One Shotsby gingergal995
These are just random scenarios that pop in my head about the boys. So....yea