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Magi x Male Reader by Jkyolo265
Magi x Male Readerby OkamiH
You are normal teenage boy and you live in San Jose, and you live on you own while your older siblings are in college from far away. you're in high school. But there's...
The Guarded Princess by kirariidol
The Guarded Princessby kirariidol
Fairy Tail, a guild known for its prestigious mages and also its destructive nature, was a place where almost all mages wished to be a part of. Yet, beneath that cheerfu...
"A Mermaid's Wish" (Ren Kouen X Reader)(Complete) by CheekyLittleBunny
"A Mermaid's Wish" (Ren Kouen X Re...by シ︎𝑀𝑜𝑟𝑖 𝐾𝑖𝑚 𝐿𝑒𝑒シ︎
This is the story about a young beautiful mermaid who is the only one who survive at the sudden attack by the unknown enemy many years ago..she was just living in a cave...
Chased by Al Thamen  by Goldenrukh25
Chased by Al Thamen by Goldenrukh25
Being chased by Al Thamen, you have no choice but to escape to Sindria who has no relationship to the organization. However, you end up being discovered...
Jafar x Assassin OC by Goldenrukh25
Jafar x Assassin OCby Goldenrukh25
Lara Lions is an assassin from Sham Lash targeting the life of a merchant in Sindria. However, the spies in Sham Lash informed the king of this making her mission diffic...
Ja'far's Day Off by Refi-chan
Ja'far's Day Offby Tiggerola
How does one make sure a workaholic gets some R&R? Magi Oneshot Featured in the 2023 Ja'far Fanzine. The Ja'far fanzine, Sindria's Sealed Scrolls, is now out for Free! h...
SinJa: The Scars You Face. by rosetealatte
SinJa: The Scars You Face.by Nari O’Mara
Judar has come to Sindria. He wants to cause pain. This can't be good. Ja'far-centric. Angst.
Serendipity (Magi One-Shots) by fcreverdolphin
Serendipity (Magi One-Shots)by hiatus
Serendipity n. the chance occurrence of events in a beneficial way.
One Man Strong by HinataaShoyoo
One Man Strongby untitled 5
[Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic X Fairy Tail] He had been a slave, held in the Tower of Heaven until he fled with Erza, back to the guild of dreams and possibility; Fairy...
Magi One Shots {Requests closed} by KirikaTheLastShifter
Magi One Shots {Requests closed}by KirikaTheLastShifter
Language/trigger warnings I do not own Magi or Reader-chan I will probably mess this up & anger you all with my failures *shrugs* oh well.
A Magi Modern AU (remake) by TennoEBNLStudio
A Magi Modern AU (remake)by TEBNLS
This is a world of MAGI, but in modern times (soo original i know) This is a remake of what i posted before, and this is the only thing i am currently in the mood to wri...
Neko Judal!? by limbella02
Welp, as the title says... Sorry for not updating any of my other stories. I was busy with middle school, and somehow Wattpad is being a bish to me ;-; Right now, I lack...
He's a demon?! (magi x male oc) by rosuliena
He's a demon?! (magi x male oc)by rosuliena
"he's an Incubus..... yet he hates doing it and never learned how to love..... so why is he doing this? " i just wanted to protect her...... yet I was to weak...