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wrong number | sinja  by strawtart
wrong number | sinja by carys
Sinbad texts the wrong number and a snarky someone replies.
SinJa Oneshots by -assthetics
SinJa Oneshotsby 🌙☁️yangyangchuu☁️🌙
One shots of the SinJa couple :33 xREQUESTS ARE CLOSEDx •Because I'm so busy :'DD Starts: May 11, 2017 Finished:
The Small One by KamsOOnesie
The Small Oneby KamsOOnesie
Basically an Au where Sinbad finds a cat in on his usual stroll around his palace and decides to keep it. Little did he know what troubles this kitty cat would do.
Angel's Snare by blanket_thief
Angel's Snareby Fire and Water
When Sinbad, High King of the Seven Seas, returns home from an overseas visit to the Kou Empire, he is greeted by (in his opinion) a well-deserved sight. Oneshot. Sinja...
Sinja Oneshots by Ninjagirl2727
Sinja Oneshotsby Ninjagirl2727
Just a collection of stories of my current otp. What the title says is what you get. There isn't enough of them here so I'll fill the void
Hiraeth  by KamsOOnesie
Hiraeth by KamsOOnesie
Book 2! First book is "One Little Push Is All It Takes" Based in the years 2015 but I kinda changed our time period a little. I also wanted to make a book wit...
Although It's A Miracle: Sinja by KamsOOnesie
Although It's A Miracle: Sinjaby KamsOOnesie
I know, I know... Magi isn't well known but I love Sinbad and Jafar. The two really have the duo of; the outgoing, extrovert, and the polar opposite "I'll kill you...
Sinbad Reacts to Magi Fics ( ft. ME!) by jasmine_the_emo_rat
Sinbad Reacts to Magi Fics ( ft. BLM✨
Me: You know, I worshiped you.....before I read this book. And now.... Sin: *triggered* Are you kidding? Me: No sir. •••• Sin: I am offended by that statement. Me: But...
Everything at Once by papez123
Everything at Onceby Paige
SinJa oneshots.
【Sinja】Drama Club by rosetealatte
【Sinja】Drama Clubby Nari O’Mara
There is no drama club (well there is but that's beside the point), just a band of diverse people with drama that somehow come together. So actual drama. Or gossip club...
Magi Texts by TheTailofaFairy
Magi Textsby oof
This is just some texts from the anime Magi, Scenarios I've thought up... Hopefully they're funny! Requests are always welcome! (Cover photo by me) DISCLAIMER: ...
SinJa Oneshot by Nightsama222
SinJa Oneshotby Night
Fluff between Sinbad and Ja'far of the series Magi!
Sinja by Bbs_Shipper
Sinjaby Bbs_Shipper
A love story about ja'mommy and sindaddy. aka jafar and sinbad
Sinbad one-shots by Phantomstorm968
Sinbad one-shotsby Phantom Connell
Just some one-shots that come to mind of Sinbad x Reader or Ja'far. DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own the characters! Shinobu Ohtaka does!
MAGI -Oneshots- by jn3883
MAGI -Oneshots-by Ajustine Charlie Hermosura
Stories for Anime & Manga Series Magi. Non- x Reader Alternative Universe Canon Non-smut I am kind of AlaKou (Aladdin x Kougyoku) and SinJa (Sinbad x Jafar) so you'll no...
SinJa: The Scars You Face. by rosetealatte
SinJa: The Scars You Nari O’Mara
Judar has come to Sindria. He wants to cause pain. This can't be good. Ja'far-centric. Angst.
Where are you? (sinja) by POTATO-OWL
Where are you? (sinja)by POTATO-OWL
Sindria lost a war. But Sin lost also someone very special.
You Were My One And Only by SticksandStones5
You Were My One And Onlyby nobloodnobonenoash
SinJa A bloody war with the Kou left Sindria in ruin. And the Eight Generals were no where to be found. Except, for one who laid on the ground nearing Death's door.
Red all over by KidOtakuQueen
Red all overby Char XD
Jafar is an assassin that was spotted killing on a mission. So Sinbad tries his hardest to find and keep him. ⚠yaoi!⚠ This is also posted on
Drinks = Boys? by KamsOOnesie
Drinks = Boys?by KamsOOnesie
Based on the movie: Superbad Sinbad gets invited to the last party of his Senior career along with his two friends, Mystras and Sharrkan. The three of them set on getti...