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Forgiving  You (Dublin Sisters #2) by hayatkhan07
Forgiving You (Dublin Sisters #2)by Abeer Mirza
She was abandoned on her wedding day. The groom disappeared. There were accusations. Her honour was at stake. Her family was to be ruined. One man saved her from al...
Finding You (Dublin Sisters #1) by hayatkhan07
Finding You (Dublin Sisters #1)by Abeer Mirza
She was tested. Battered. And Bruised. He was her saviour. He was her only hope for survival, happiness and love. And she was not his... Ramlah Khan had always...
Forgetting Love (Dublin Sisters #2.5) by hayatkhan07
Forgetting Love (Dublin Sisters #2...by Abeer Mirza
They loved. They were married. They had babies. But why were they distancing? Samreen Ali was a loving wife and a caring mother. She was living a dream life. An ador...
5:40 by redhead896
5:40by Inhaler Fanfics
"What is 540?" I said tracing the number on his wrist, touching his cold skin "A song title" he answered while keeping smoking and looking at me &quo...
Floral Cupcakes (Dublin sisters #3) by hayatkhan07
Floral Cupcakes (Dublin sisters #3)by Abeer Mirza
He was a broken man. She was a troubled woman. They had a future together. Divorced and desolate Amal Baig led a quiet life with her father. She was compelled to fulf...
Out by MadeInWicklow
Outby Cian Griffin
The year is 2014, during Ireland's campaign to legalise same-sex marriage by public vote, making them the first country in history to ever do so and earning the praise o...
All of this past by Lalalaartje
All of this pastby Karolien
It's been almost twenty years since Liam has had contact with Harry, his ex-fiancé. He moved on and had a pretty good life. But one day, he decides to write to Harry, w...
My honest face, {Inhaler • Elijah Hewson} PAUSED by 80sdevo
My honest face, {Inhaler • Elijah...by ꧁mary꧂
When Ada MacKay and her family have to move to Ireland, she has not the slightest idea about how this will change her life drastically: A new neighborhood, new friends a...
Hunted (A Draco Malfoy Romance & The Years After Hogwarts)  by SpeakFriendandEnter
Hunted (A Draco Malfoy Romance & T...by K. K. C.
There was nothing indicating to Sloan Larsen that her world was going to change more drastically than it ever had before, which was saying a lot. Sloan worked for a safe...
Chasing Our Dreams [f.a] by haleyjstyles
Chasing Our Dreams [f.a]by princess haley
Fernando Alonso Diaz was born on 29th July, 1981 in Oviedo, Asturias, Spain. He started at carting at the age of 3. He became world carting champion in 1997. He made his...
Back in Kyoto by irish_girl22
Back in Kyotoby Anna
Diana was just a college graduate from Dublin, whose only dream was to visit Japan - precisely, Kyoto. But the events that occur upon moving there have an impact that ca...
English Breakfast by Teafrostgiant
English Breakfastby Retard
'Am I speaking to Joanne May Livingstone ?' 'Why yes sir, I am professor Livingstone. Can I help you?' A short Story Joanne May Livingstone x Mycroft Holmes
Dark Light 2 by Alecc0
Dark Light 2by Alex Pilalis
Another Summer Solstice, another battle between the angels and demons. Camael, reeling from the events of last year, is set on finding Sephiaza, the wicked sorceress no...
Timeless  by redhead896
Timeless by Inhaler Fanfics
The Cure is on the speakers : it's Friday I'm in love... How can love last through time? Different places, different times but one invisible line in common: the memory...
Seeking Your Forgiveness by Khaulaty18
Seeking Your Forgivenessby |KH|♥
*based on a true story* "You are not my mother! I dont know who you are but you are not my mother! You get it!!" Hudhayfa yelled. Hudhayfa Ahmad, an arrogant l...
Never Trust A First Feeling by LettyVexHexKnight
Never Trust A First Feelingby Letty Sharp
Kayleigh Ledger is an up and coming journalist in Dublin, taking after her father. But when the body of a young girl is found just a street away from her home, Kayleigh...
A Love of Christmas by ZanyT89
A Love of Christmasby T. Campbell
Abbie loves Christmas! Ryan doesn't! Abbie believes she can make Ryan like Christmas by taking with her to meet her Christmas loving family in Galway. But will Ryan le...
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Foreign Feelings by SonicMarioTron64
Foreign Feelingsby SonicMarioTron64
Moving to Dublin was quite a change for Leon. The leopard knew it'd be different, but he wasn't quite prepared for it all, and he especially wasn't ready to live on his...
Never Seen Anything Quite Like You (Danny O'Donoghue) by Luutje1994
Never Seen Anything Quite Like You...by Luutje1994
(Read the first book first, otherwise this one doesn't make sense, If You See Kay). The story from Danny and Kay is going further. It's a year after they have seen each...