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My Boss by spicypic
My Bossby spice
I turn to run away from his office when my shoulders are grabbed and I'm slammed against the wall with such force that only one person could use. Luciano~ "What ex...
Love Downfall by raestylez
Love Downfallby raestylez
Chassidy is an 23 year old entrepreneur that's has so much going for herself but get caught up in the love, drugs and money game
Salvatore by frangipanii
Salvatoreby frangipanii
I've always known I was going to have an arranged marriage. It's tradition. My parents' marriage was arranged, and so is everyone else's. Its how we do things here. It's...
Loving Mr. CEO by Emelradine
Loving Mr. CEOby MOMMY R.
THE CHESTERFIELD SERIES #2 (THE CON ARTIST & THE CEO) After being left at the altar, shattered and heart broken, Cade Chesterfield vowed to never be involved with any o...
Dark Paradise by frenchroses
Dark Paradiseby piper breeze
COMPLETED ✔️ *** top rankings *** • #1 in pedropascal • #42 in money • #2 in tvshowfanfic • #1 in narcotics • #33 in tvshow "Lies are necessary when the truth is...
The Youngest Garza by sexiopath
The Youngest Garzaby DREAM CATCHER 780
Elizabeth Andrews. A woman suspected for killing her husband. Christian Brooks. A black, female detective assigned to Elizabeth's case. tension and desire lurks betwee...
Ambitions of A Thug(The Game Story) by Jazire17
Ambitions of A Thug(The Game Story)by Jazire' Johnson
Calvin 'Ghost' Johnson is a well known notorious druglord in the streets of Los Angeles. He been in the streets since he was a yungin. He had to start slanging drugs to...
Broken Promises(Dave East Story) by Jazire17
Broken Promises(Dave East Story)by Jazire' Johnson
What happens when Khloe meets the well known drug dealer name Jayceon. She's been taking care of herself since she was 14. Khloe has worked hard to keep her past hidden...
Money and Drugs  by Monaeree
Money and Drugs by @Monaeree
Welcome to my life , the life of Rem, the life where there's nothing but pain and coldness. (Trigger warning!!!!) (Sequel is added at the end of money and drugs) If you...
Ash trays:Javier Peña x reader  by HentaiWithSenpai_10
Ash trays:Javier Peña x reader by Me_&_you?
You had moved to your next place to live life to its fullest, partying, drinking and taking unnamed men home when the night had ended. Although..A new face you haven't...
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by ratedvan
Girl With The Dragon Tattooby Van🤪
Kaila "Wintrr" Wilkey, 24, from The Bay. She's currently living in Tarzana, California, but it wasn't by choice. Her Pimp, Dave "Black" East, 27, ran...
lost in berlin by mrxjones
lost in berlinby ℳ❦
all hazel wanted was a fresh start in berlin, she wanted to get away from all her hurt and trauma but little did she know it would all follow her here...
21 Way // 21 Savage  by gabriielllaaa
21 Way // 21 Savage by g baby
After Talia's dad was almost killed in a drug related shooting when she was little, another tragic accident caused her to forget about everything. Her family moved from...
Ray's world comes crashing down at the young age of 16. Her brother, her protector, gone. Shot and killed. Her mother, her bestfriend. Gone loosing her mind. Her dad, go...
The Third Bosak (Rainbow 6 Siege x Male Reader) by blaszczu2500
The Third Bosak (Rainbow 6 Siege x...by blaszczu2500
Y/N Bosak was always the black sheep of his family. His father was always trying to force to go into his footsteps and become a part of Grom but Y/N never wanted it. One...
Mafia kingpin nanny by hoodahhtrapgirl
Mafia kingpin nannyby ⭐️Aquarius’s SLUT⭐️
Everyone's broken why not find someone That fixes you. #texttospeech Started Nov,2019
House of Pride by tayloronthedash
House of Prideby Taylor
-Book 2- The Truth is the Only Way to be Set Free and be transformed by a love that is as old as time. Stefano Leone is next in line to oversee the American-Italian Maf...
Gem and I by Keyloves2write
Gem and Iby Keyloves2write
Boss ass bi-sexual bitch Marzanna Fox is a girl who gets what she wants when she wants it. Dominating men as she goes. Kai patyerson is a shy guy with a little bit of ✨s...
Can Love Survive a Cartel.. by kaylarussell613333
Can Love Survive a Cartel..by kaylarussell613333
Vivian, the daughter of Culiacan's Drug cartel king, so accustomed to the lovely life her dads work has provided her with, but quickly adapts to life of being in a cart...
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 2 by ratedvan
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 2by Van🤪
MAKE SURE TO READ BOOK 1 Wintrr and Black are back again with even more drama, but of course Wintrr tries to stay away, but can't, and Black loves to be on his player sh...