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Lost In Thought by MyLadyOfStories
Lost In Thoughtby LJ Pierce
I imagine my eyes look blank As if my brain didn't wake this morning When I opened my lids, lifeless Like painted glass, fixed Like artistic installations on my face The...
All These Strange Creatures (DW/TVD/TO crossover) by _jess_the_ravenclaw_
All These Strange Creatures (DW/ Jessica the Ravenclaw
With a newly regenerated Doctor eagerly ready to explore all of time and space his sister, Libby, and Rose find themselves dragged along on his crazy adventures. However...
The Angel Soldier by LordBeezlebubofHell
The Angel Soldierby Beezlebub
I'm a timelord...I think? Sorry, my memory's not that good. I had a twin, The Doctor, that much I am sure of. I was 17 minutes older. Even though I was always shorter. I...
Sister Of Time  by katebrown2000
Sister Of Time by katebrown2000
The Doctor wasn't the only Time Lord that survived the time war, his younger sister The Phoenix also survived. And together, as the only survivors, travelled together th...
The Doctor's Half Sister by SupernaturalBitches
The Doctor's Half Sisterby #AlwaysKeepFighting
Hi My name is Cara Winchester yes I am also the half sister of Sam and Dean Winchester but I already told about that part of my life now it is time to tell the side wher...
The Doctor and His Sister by sleepywriteronmain
The Doctor and His Sisterby Damian
When the Doctor regenerates, he meets his long lost sister and finds himself constantly at a struggle with his old enemies. What will happen? Will the Doctor and his sis...