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The Vengeance (Soon) by xakkura
The Vengeance (Soon)by RinWP
Bullying that girl wothout knowing who's the real her? She's weak, ugly, nerd, and she died..... but what if that nerd have a gangster twin and she'll replace her. what...
Lost In Thought by MyLadyOfStories
Lost In Thoughtby LJ Pierce
I imagine my eyes look blank As if my brain didn't wake this morning When I opened my lids, lifeless Like painted glass, fixed Like artistic installations on my face The...
TO COME - A New King - Merlyn [4] by AThousandBooksUntold
TO COME - A New King - Merlyn [4]by AThousandBooksUntold
The king was a shadow of his past self. The betrayal from his daughter was too much for him to take. The Prince was taking on more and more responsibility and yet there...
[RTS4] waiting for your final vow by Delacroiux
[RTS4] waiting for your final vowby Kristen Zyd Delacroiux
Collab with Nicksslabssyou. [Series 4] 2 years passed but I'm still waiting for her. I'm still waiting for the right time. We both are successful now but we barely se...
bend sinister ⎯ m. gray by vuIcans
bend sinister ⎯ m. grayby 𝘃𝗶𝗼𝗹𝗲𝘁𝘁𝗮!
❝ she wandered into the tank of piranhas. ❞ [ michael gray x oc ] [ series four - series five ]
John, wake up.                                           "Please" by sociopath_at_221b
John, wake Sociopath_at_221b
They'd solved the case of the six thatchers but when John and Mary have an argument that remains to be discovered, and Mary then puts John and Rosie at risk in her anger...
That's Very Me by lilywood16
That's Very Meby lilywood16
A badly injured girl appears in Donna's bedroom. Who is she? How does she know the Doctor? Will this girl called Emma change anything for the Doctor and the universe? (D...
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Chosen Pleasure #4 - Virginal Debt (Soon) by Ureliona
Chosen Pleasure #4 - Virginal Mirella Jillianne Bernardo
Dianne Amara Lopez, Graduated as a Famous Architect. Jacob Marcus Pangilinan, Graduated as a Chief Pilot.
You Are My Sunshine [Sherlock BBC] by hi-its-lefty
You Are My Sunshine [Sherlock BBC]by •Lefty•
During Sherlock's darkest days after the tragedy at the aquarium and John's fury at him, Sherlock realizes that he wants out. He's lost half the people he loves in a spa...
Take Me To The Ocean (Ocean Series #4) by Papi_Alas
Take Me To The Ocean (Ocean Alas
Being in the ocean is the one I love. I was born near ocean that's why. The water and the sand who always enlightened my day when I woke up. The sound of waves everytime...
Beautifully F***ed by GreyShade00
Beautifully F***edby Sunny Grey
To feel, really f**king feel it all. All right underneath your skin, tingling to the point you can't control it. But that's the beauty of it, having something you can't...
The Evil's Return  by Shezza221bb
The Evil's Return by Shezza221bb
My theory as a story about S4 of Sherlock
I Have to Kill Someone: Poetic Musings of Culverton Smith (Sherlock 4x2) by Savvy0712
I Have to Kill Someone: Poetic TheSavvyViolinist
Culverton Smith's reasoning for his life of secrets and blood in poetic form.
A Case of Identity [Sherlock S4 Fanfic] by Wholockeddemigod123
A Case of Identity [Sherlock S4 Wholockeddemigod123
Sherlock Holmes is back from 'exile', as his plane comes back in to land so he can be reunited with John, Mary and their unborn child. But when the child grows up to be...
Too Many Broken Hearts. by xAwkward_Ariesx
Too Many Broken Ace
Rose thought it was bad enough being separated from the man she loved by an unbreakable dimensional wall. It was worse knowing that she was pregnant with the child of th...
Everything Has Changed (On Going) by sweet_babe18
Everything Has Changed (On Going)by thinkerbell!!
#LOL series 4 (Lost Out Love) I've been living in the world... Full of innocency I don't know what was the word love before. All I knew is that I am happy living with my...
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(Samaniego Series #4) Kiss Me by wakawaka_hotdog
(Samaniego Series #4) Kiss Meby hetdeg
''Just one peck of kiss... I fell in love.''