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rbb season 3 people lose one of their belongings by vivianwayz
rbb season 3 people lose one of vivi
Hii! First story!! I thought about this idea in a random weird dream where rb battle competitors' items go missing one day only to find out some certain person took them...
3 hosts 16 competitors 19 in total = chaos ✨ for people who don't know: rb battles is a roblox tournament where 16 roblox youtubers compete for robux 🌚🌝 NOTE: will...
RB Battles - A twist of Fate. by PaldeaChamiponCamo
RB Battles - A twist of Camo
[INTRO LOADING...] [20%..] [40%..] [60%..] [80%..] [100% LOADED.] Fate is a rather finicky thing, isn't it? What would happen if it had other plans, during one of the bi...
RB Battles... But it's just wacky scenarios by 4nOnymoU5_loV3l3tt3r
RB Battles... But it's just LoverAnon
Description: Exactly what it says on the title, just rb battles competitors (and maybe more) in the most wackiest scenarios you can ever imagine lmaooo This only includ...
Rb games.. (an rb battles x squid game au) by Davionz
Rb games.. (an rb battles x Bam_2004💙
(Completed, season two coming soon) Everyone wakes up in a strange facility, what was going on? Suddenly, one of the host comes in stage and explains the rules, then the...
RB battles - A change of plans (REWRITE OUT!) by PaldeaChamiponCamo
RB battles - A change of plans ( Camo
[After watching the finale, I decided to change things up a bit with the story.] Nobody expected that to happen in the middle of the finale. To see that thing just destr...
ASK OR DARE ROBLOX YTS / RBB || Roblox by Voiding_Skies
Are you bored out of your mind? Wanting to bully tf out of RB Battles / Youtubers in the Roblox fandom? Boy is this your spot, because it's all here! Feel free to reques...
Game Traveler : RBLX YT by rentheunepic
Game Traveler : RBLX YTby rennotthewizard
Kreekcraft is just a normal guy who plays Roblox, until he teleported to the game itself. He also seemed to get some power to adapt to any game. As his journey and missi...
LOOSE STRINGS \\ RB Battles by MarkTheMystery77
LOOSE STRINGS \\ RB Battlesby Dan
This is like a part 2 to this season's Final Battle, where I try to make the lore make sense! Depictions of possession and anxiety/depression also this is going to be he...
Robloxronpa: Famous in Melancholy by StelianestelRB
Robloxronpa: Famous in Melancholyby Kiranelia
claimed that 16 Roblox YouTubers were forced to participate in a killing game by Strange Talking Bear. As soon as Kreekcraft and the others figure out how to escape the...
Backstage by ItsNotRosemary
Backstageby dead :[
The RB Battles Universe is at stake. Will the contestants and a few other friends be able to stop 𝕙𝕚𝕞? That's what ꜱʜᴇ will be uncovering. RB Battles book. Please don...
☆《 Scars That Never Heal 》☆ by ItsNotRosemary
☆《 Scars That Never Heal 》☆by dead :[
What if... Sabrina became cruel, ruthless, or in other words.. a villian. She wants to bring pain onto the competitors. They never cared. So why should she? (dragging my...
(DISCONTINUED, READ AUTHORS NOTE) Rb Battles - When The World Ends by ASilverNickel
It's been weeks, months since "the accident," and with almost nothing, it is difficult to survive this now derelict city. Rankings: #1 on Roblox out of 8.5k st...
A SPOILER FOR THE STORY by dogcaughtonfire
(PS. My alt account here will post (mini stories) about this huge story im making. I know i know. im late to publishing it but im just on the last chapter of book 2! Yep...
Drawings that I have because I'm bored- by Ducky_Notez103
Drawings that I have because I'm Ducky_Notez103
Now this is poggers - Some of wip drawings that has been posted here will be finished or just discontinued- - Idk what the frick- - Sometimes,there's non art related stu...
RBB S3: The Pre-Party  by Itz_LavenderShowers
RBB S3: The Pre-Party by lavender
What will happen when the Rbb host decide to make a Pre-party for rbb season 3? Who's the villain this time, Will they survive or will they D!e? Find out by reading (Sha...
Sweetness by katieb4942
Sweetnessby Kalcpsian
Sketch gets sick of everyone making fun of him, one things leads to another and now all of Robloxia is in danger. Also Hyper angst Cover drawn by @midnightF3line
"Maybe somehow we'll bring back Red..." Villain! Dexter Playz AU by PurpleTealLavender
"Maybe somehow we'll bring back Purple&TealLavender
Heartbroken by his brother Red Ninja's death, Dexter's heart becomes corrupted, leading to his villain arc. TRIGGER WARNING: Blood, Death, Epliepsy, Swearing (sometimes...