RB battles - A chan...
By PaldeaChamiponCamo
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[After watching the finale, I decided to change things up a bit with the story.] Nobody expected that to happen in the middle of the finale. To see that thing just destroy almost everything and everyone in sight. The competitors have to get together and team up to find not only the hosts swords, but also other weapons and items that can help them to not only get the hosts back, but to find out who is behind all of this. Competitors: Kreek (KreekCraft), TanqR, Hyper, Cari, Dennis (DailyDennis), Kevin (KindlyKevin), Sketch, BigB (Bigbst4tz2), Ryguy, Preston (PrestonGamez), Brianna (BriannaGamez), and Ashley (AshleyTheUnicorn). Oh yeah TanqR has fire powers but he barely uses them- Sorry if I didn't add all of them, it's hard having to focus on 16-18 different competitors for me. Hosts: Russo (RussoPlays), Sabrina (Terrabrite games), and DJ Monopoli (Terrabrite games) Oh yeah there's only gonna be like 2-3 ships in this story. Enjoy!


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RB battle...
by PaldeaChamiponCamo