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The Side You See (Yaoi boyxboy) by omgimadog
The Side You See (Yaoi boyxboy)by omgimadog
Kizumi had to be the worst person Shirou had ever known. He was constantly getting into fights with other kids, with teachers, and was always picking on others. Shirou c...
Savior of Avalon by Shykeijah
Savior of Avalonby Shykeijah
Lucinda's life has always been lived in secrecy. For as long as she can remember, she has been shut off from the world, never staying in one place for too long. Her mot...
Her Viking by Jalisha_Love
Her Vikingby Jalisha Vega
Mariana moves from the U.S. to Norway, wanting to leave her old life and start a new one. Just like the mountains in Norway, love has a way of mounting itself into your...
Distant (eremika fanfic) by Suicide_DeathGod20
Distant (eremika fanfic)by Terazeer~
Eren was broken. His childhood friend and the one he had a crush on, Mikasa Ackerman was dating a horse, Jean. He then leaves the walls and lives outside, beyond the wal...
The Distant You | ✔ by fantasyhunter_
The Distant You | ✔by fantasyhunter_
I'm here. I'm finally in the world's most disgusting situation. I'm in his wedding. There, the couple stand, the bride in white which is the color of my dress too. The g...
Gotta Love Those Animal Instincts (Jacob Black Fan Fiction) by haynich07
Gotta Love Those Animal Instincts...by Hayley
Hayley is thrown into a world of supernatural beings and danger but she doesn't care. After being abused by her dad for several years, she gets out and runs to her uncle...
Mr. Wallis by AlmaCoraimy
Mr. Wallisby AlmaCoraimy
Lania had been pen pals with an old gentleman from across seas in the United Kingdom, writing him for years till he becomes deeply ill. The last letter she received had...
BLOOM WITH ME by bomibaebi21
"Bloom" "Living in a judgmental society sucks. Love defined by a number is a misconception. Winter's never ending for us. Spring's not coming. We're stuck...
RAPIST [K.TH] by KittyDdu2
RAPIST [K.TH]by Avery
The Lee's were very successful yet they can't have their heir so that leads them to adopt an orphan. Hae Eunsoo, a five year old orphan that the Lee's adopted, grew into...
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To Know Him by thelovelymrsc
To Know Himby annah
*#20 in Christ* Sometimes love is finding someone who understands the hurt within you, and helps you fight through it. Jason Kingsley has spent his whole life shutting...
Changes by Curtain0
Changesby Forks
This book has been through a lot of changes but finally like it so I hope you enjoy it
The Movies Make It Look Easy by XfudgesiclesX
The Movies Make It Look Easyby Karen
Shannon moves to London, expecting the perfect College experience, but from Day One things don't go according to plan. Between a roommate that seems to hate her, a cr...
Saviour (Taekook) by pathet1c_b1txh
Saviour (Taekook)by baby
Taehyung had a rough upbringing. Mom on drugs and so was his father. His dad was also a drunk, abusive and very homophobic. Taehyung didnt like human intereaction. He do...
Distant by Celestes_sstories
Distantby Celeste
A girl named Adalyn is moving to L.A. with some close friends. This is a big change for her, but luckily she meets some more people who become like a family to her, but...
I miss you (Jensoo) by chickinflvr
I miss you (Jensoo)by Chikin!
I love you. I miss you. I will never forget you. Know that. Cover By: @sufferior- follow them for really good book covers
Quintis fanfic, quintis baby, quintis life
Distant by booksiebooksie
Distantby Nessa Rae
Welcome to Ally to Friendship! A new way to meet other people in your shoes! First, select your age category to get you better suited with people who may carry similar i...
Hopeless Cause || (Larry AU) by wisecracks
Hopeless Cause || (Larry AU)by mae
It's just hopeless, really. I don't even remember the last time he's touched me and we live in the same home. © Copyri...
Weekend Write-In Book 3 by Aliens8407
Weekend Write-In Book 3by D. M. Seaney
Collection of flash fiction stories based on prompts.
On The Rooftop by Couchpxtatx29
On The Rooftopby Couchpxtatx29♾💕
Evelyn Martin is a 17yr old Innocent, introverted bookworm. Liam Martin is a 18yr old basketball addict who is friends with everyone. Jacob Ross is a rich rebel who peop...