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The Trash's Travel's (Discontinued, might pick it up again if I feel like it) by haezcana
The Trash's Travel's (Discontinued...by հαzҽlղմԵ
Cale only dreamt of becoming and having a wealthy and slacker life,but why the hell does this God whom he didn't heard of takes interest on him and made him a dimensiona...
The Dimensional Kryptonian by AnimeLoverDxD19
The Dimensional Kryptonianby AnimeLoverDxD19
Y/n Kent Son of The Man of Steel, After he graduated University with top honours he found not purpose in life. So after convincing his parents Y/n now travels across mul...
Loonatics Unleashed: A Hero Emerge! by 95nicholasnm
Loonatics Unleashed: A Hero Emerge!by 95nicholasnm
The story is about a Warrior named James Robby who is the the cousin of Leonardo Morgan leader of The Warriors who are a superhero team. What happens was that James got...
Black Cat: Future Prowl by JTareno
Black Cat: Future Prowlby Jez.T
Enter the poignant world of Felicia Hardy, also known as Black Cat, as she tenderly reflects on her tumultuous past, her enduring marriage to Peter Parker, alias Spider...
Dèjà vu? Not Quite [Rewritten] by KairosElysian
Dèjà vu? Not Quite [Rewritten]by Kairos Elysian
Déjà vu, from French, literally "already seen", is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has al...
A Friend by steamrose
A Friendby Steam Rose
Why, why can't he be a hero thought Izuku as All Might left him alone on the roof top overlooking the city. But little did Izuku knew was he wasn't truly alone rather so...
Star-Crossed Blades KFP by Dragondeleon1
Star-Crossed Blades KFPby Dragondeleon1
After traveling over the Bermuda Triangle, her plane crashes and Sapphire finds herself in the Kung Fu Panda World. Where she gains friends, a love that is complicated t...
Inazuma Eleven: Ore Tachi no Soccer Damashi  by Kaitou_Mighty_ZX
Inazuma Eleven: Ore Tachi no Socce...by Kaitou_Mighty_ZX
The event of this story is few years after the incident in Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy. It's about Endou Kaminari, son of Endou Mamoru. Unlike most people that love soccer...
The Other Side by Phasmoo
The Other Sideby Phasmoo1334
New Orderia is an Earth based government known for its technological advancements, it's military's willingness to die for civilian safety, and doing idiotic things for s...
Overlord Gamer MC as Angel/Demon in HSDXD (AU) by J-Ciloy
Overlord Gamer MC as Angel/Demon i...by
He is a Player of the Year 2130 and In Such The End of the DMMO-RPG Games and He Is the Famous Player to All YGGDRASIL His Level Is Insane High and Such the DEVS are Qui...
Ranma to Genie 1/2 by Kopawhite
Ranma to Genie 1/2by Kopawhite
This a Au of Ranma 1/2 with my Oc as Ranma, but quite differently. And the original characters will come to this world until chapter 3. I don't own Ranma 1/2 it's owned...
Clone (An X-Men fanfic)(Completed)(Editing) by To_The_Dreamers
Clone (An X-Men fanfic)(Completed)...by Isabelle✌️
This book starts off after Nightcrawler joins the X-Men and the team is given detail from the professor that there is an overlooked project called "Point Opposite&q...
Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug and Cat Noir: "The Miraculous Crossover" by EleanorRigbyFlores
Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug and C...by HylianGirl Ellen
A bunch of crossover of amazing dimensions along with amazing characters. I'm thanking my best friend, Ela for letting me publish this story here in my Wattpad account...
Chat with the Characters  by the-nerdy-goddess
Chat with the Characters by the-nerdy-goddess
So basically in my book, Dimensional, some readers have mentioned that they like talking to the character so I'm making a chapter for every main character/OC I've ever w...
The Problem I Had With Powerscalers by GrantAmadeusLee
The Problem I Had With Powerscalersby GrantAmadeusLee
When I'm started to have interest in extremely powerful fictional characters, YouTube provided me some Shorts about someone comparing two or more fictional characters to...
Trapped in love by Bifrost49
Trapped in loveby Connor Bolton
two boys from two different worlds (literally). Lukas Lint, 14 years old, a superhero with the ability to use the magic forces falls in love with Tod autum, 15 years old...
We exist in a space between 3 and 4 dimensions by brightwatermelon984
We exist in a space between 3 and...by duolingoplushie
This is a statement made by a Mandarin-speaking YouTuber regarding dimensional space. I found it very interesting, so I summarized some of his unique perspectives and tr...
Professor Riddle and the Troubles of Dimensional Travel by numinous_wordweaver
Professor Riddle and the Troubles...by numinous_wordweaver
Professor Riddle was having a very bad day. Not only did he get into a heated debate with his wife, but said wife has gone missing! Irritated by the piles of papers he n...
the other world (where people go when they die (^_^) and come back) *.* spooky! by StevenPalmer
the other world (where people go w...by StevenPalmer
see it before judging. Werewolves, dragons, and... say what we become and say where we go when we die. NO WAY!!!!! What The bleeeeeeeeeeep, Bleeep Bleep. No cuss words i...