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Behind the Screen~  a Garuku Bluemoon X reader  by zerodahewo
Behind the Screen~ a Garuku the one who dies
In a chat room, you can say anything and get away with it. Gar may flirt a lot with you, but you only thought it was because you were the only girl in the group. When he...
Let's Play || Salt Squad Oneshots by bloopy-moons
Let's Play || Salt Squad Oneshotsby .jase
One shots primarily about 'Dem Salty bois' aka Lordminion777, JPW03, Garuku Bluemoon, and Patrck Static Other pairings are included with both NSFW and SFW content Start...
Dem Salty Bois Oneshots by MiaLeastrange
Dem Salty Bois Oneshotsby Littleemochild
Stories about Lordminion777, Jpw03, Garukubluemoon, and Patrckstatic. Maybe others. (Disclaimer) Most of the ships I'm gonna do are all fictional. I respect and Love all...
Dreams and Ambitions | Paused by takemetoflorida21
Dreams and Ambitions | Pausedby takemetoflorida21
A collection of one-shots written about our favorite bois, Wade/LordMinion777, Pat/PatrckStatic, Gar/Garuku Bluemoon, and Jp/Jpw03. Enjoy <3 Important Warning: may co...
Maybe by MiaLeastrange
Maybeby Littleemochild
Everything was going just fine till Jp found himself falling for his best friend, who was much older and also in a relationship. Along with being straight, or at least h...
Dem Salty Bois Oneshots by Shadow_Raven1624
Dem Salty Bois Oneshotsby Emma_Grace
I'm sorry in advance if this story is terrible, it is my first one. This story features oneshots with Patrck Static, Jpw03, Garuku Bluemoon, and Lordminion777. I am taki...
I Love You, Punk.  by StaticBluemoons
I Love You, Punk. by sage ♥︎
Obviously, this is a PatxGar fanfic. And it is a high school au fanfic, because honestly, who doesn't love a good high school au fic? •~•~•~•~••~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~••~•~...
Wade: Rise of the Minion Lord {4} by Ben10thejoker
Wade: Rise of the Minion Lord {4}by Benjamin C. McBrayer
Book 4 of the YTKU (Youtube Knights Universe) and the first story for our favorite minion and his friends. Book 1: Markiplier: Birth of a modern Superman Book 2: Jack: J...
Dem Salty Bois Oneshots by zerodahewo
Dem Salty Bois Oneshotsby the one who dies
The title says it all. Requests are always open!
StaticBluemoon by angel_141414
StaticBluemoonby angel_141414
Pat is severely in love with Gar and he feels like Gar doesn't share the same feelings. Little did Pat know Gar was head over heels for him
salted caramel | g.bluemoon by KatTheDanosaur
salted caramel | g.bluemoonby kat
"But I don't like salted caramel." "But you like me."
a date with the demon wolf (garuku bluemoon x Nessy)  by bloodynessy666
a date with the demon wolf ( Bloody Nessy 666
Gar = Garuku bluemoon Jp = jpw03 Pat = Patrick static Wade = lord minion 777 Entoan = entaon the pack Nessy = Bloody Nessy 666 🎭Story line 🎭 Gar and his friends play...
Ocean's Call | Paused by takemetoflorida21
Ocean's Call | Pausedby takemetoflorida21
Since he was a young boy, Jeremy has had aquaphobia - a fear of water. He refused to go near it under any circumstances, despite any nagging from his friends. It's alrea...
The Secret HQ Of gamers by ShayPoreonn
The Secret HQ Of gamersby gay
I had a really weird dream that all the youtube gamers worked in an ice cream shop and... yeah just read...
in love with the evil side (garuku bluemoon x Nessy)  by bloodynessy666
in love with the evil side ( Bloody Nessy 666
IN LOVE WITH THE EVIL SIDE (Garuku bluemoon x bloody. Nessy 666) GAR = Garuku Bluemoon PAT= Patrick static JP= Jpw03 WADE = Lord minion 777 NESSY = Bloody Nessy 666 ◇s...
Light Up The Night | One-Shots | Discontinued by littlefanficwriter13
Light Up The Night | One-Shots | Not Coming Back
I write a variety of random one-shots and such. It ranges wildly, so be prepared for one to be an outlandish YouTuber imagine and the next an original one-shot. I may ta...