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Delilah & Connor by nareads1
Delilah & Connorby na_reads
He is the captain of the soccer team She is the captain of her room He's in love with her And she's in love with life She didn't think he knew she existed He didn't...
Delilah by jumping_bear
Delilahby Auroraxx_
Hey besties!! This story is about seventeen year-old Delilah who was forced to become an assassin and a killer. For her whole life, Delilah believed that she was the on...
Ray of Light by -EJWrites-
Ray of Lightby Ej 💗
''You're my ray of light, you know that?'' Ray Hopkins is a 15 year old with dreams bigger than her bedroom. With a messed up home life, she spends most of her time in T...
Sweet Mae || Doctor Who by -Bluebell
Sweet Mae || Doctor Whoby - 𝘵𝘪𝘴𝘩
Delilah; "Kindness, Feminine Beauty and Grace." Delilah Mae Roux, a soft spoken and gentle girl whose favourite place to be is written in the pages of a book...
The other side | OBX by blurrvision
The other side | OBXby blurrvision
In which a kook and a pogue need to sort out their feelings in the midst of a treasure hunt JJ x OC Outer banks season [1-2]
Hey There, Delilah by MP13Girl
Hey There, Delilahby McKenna
What would you think if you received letters from someone and it seemed they could never be caught? This just so happens to be Delilah's problem right now. The police ha...
You've been Gilmored by kittycat2e
You've been Gilmoredby Aem
Lorelai Gilmore has never need anyone's help. She has raised her twins girls all by herself, and has worked her way up from being a maid, to running the independence in...
The Forgotten Twin by MARAUDERS-MAP
The Forgotten Twinby
Delilah Potter was sick of the shadows. Ever since her first year at Hogwarts, she had been stuck behind her brother, Harry. She tried everything to help him, yet even t...
My Life With Her by AndreaSchiopu
My Life With Herby Andrea Schiopu
Hi my name is ellie i've been able to dodge my appoiments but idk for how long is my dentist related to me i dont know how about you read and find out Btw i give 50 coi...
Spotty World I - My Stepdad's Daughter Was My Ex-Girlfriend by Jedssm
Spotty World I - My Stepdad's Jedssm
The title kind of speaks by itself, so I don't think I need a very detailed synopsis, so here it goes: 101 Dalmatian Street in an anthropomorphic world, in which Dylan a...
A Geek Choice by odiere_z
A Geek Choiceby •ɟıuǝɟısɥ°
"Have you ever ran a race before?" He asked. "I once chased a chicken." She said. He laughed at the thought. He knew the end of that story, the chick...
ETHEREAL - glee! by elisjiah_carpenter
ETHEREAL - glee!by elisjiah_carpenter
lowercase intended delilah rae acosta was perfect inside and out, she was ETHEREAL. DiSiSCLAiMER :-: i do not own Glee! or any of the plots ect that are in this book...
One Last Chance  by apple17291
One Last Chance by ffwriter.
୭🧷✧˚. ᵎᵎ 🎀 Delilah smalls - a 15 year old girl who just moved into a new town with her bother, Scotty smalls, her mom and her stepdad about a month ago. Benny took a s...
Unexpected-  𝑀𝑎𝑠𝑜𝑛 𝑀𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑡 by donkeydust19
Unexpected- 𝑀𝑎𝑠𝑜𝑛 𝑀𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑡by ❤️
Delilah is a young girl whose always been compared to her brother Jack until she opened her own flower shop in London.. Cover made by me <3
101 Dalmatian Street: A Deity Among Dalmatians by Varkhan
101 Dalmatian Street: A Deity Varkhan
What happens when your entire life is gone, you have nothing, and your memory is a massive black hole? These are the questions that haunt Rictor, a man who has awoken in...
Hey there Delilah by Bloomability_
Hey there Delilahby Robin Blu
"Hey there Delilah." "Yes Nick. That just happens to be my name." "What's it like in New York city-" "I don't know what's in like in N...
Angelology by lcno_phantomhive
Angelologyby Katsuki Nikiforov
Angelology (n) Theological doctrine of angels and/or it's study. Delilah Winchester is the newest hunter and the first and only Winchester girl. Where everything begins...
The Badboy's Tomboy || WATTYS 2015 by im_squidward
The Badboy's Tomboy || WATTYS 2015by nonexistent
Meet Delilah Mathews. She's not the one you typically notice, with her baggy clothing and seemingly quiet personality. She's a nobody and likes it that way. So when Matt...
Teenage dream (Collage AU) -Next step- by ShippingMyStory
Teenage dream (Collage AU) -Next Madshipper
Mateo and Rufus decided that they are ready to take the next step and start being physical with each other. However Mateo starts to feel insecure about his body and over...
I love you with no fear. Book 2. JJ maybank  by EdenRhett
I love you with no fear. Book 2. EdenRhett
Delilah thought nothing in the world could be worse then losing her father but losing her brother had to be one of her all time lows. How will she cope with the news th...