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SPAINRP -Zara Brooklyn, historia de personaje y escenarios- by BlackPapersAround
SPAINRP -Zara Brooklyn, historia Rose Park
Es un borrador de una historia de un personaje que invente, la comencé a escribir hace un tiempo ya, no planeo participar ni entrar al server, solo comencé a escribir e...
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La senda oscura - BNHA by NeoDragonAlpha
La senda oscura - BNHAby NeoDragon
¿Que pasaría se AFO es el padre de Izuku? Leer para entender, decisiones de lector influyen. Los personajes no me pertenecen, la historia si. El nombre de esta historia...
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El Dolor que me dejó tu partida. by eluney23
El Dolor que me dejó tu eluney
Después de que Anastasia decide apartarse de Christian, se dará cuenta de lo que realmente siente por ella. Intentará seducirla de todas las maneras posibles. Pero ella...
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LO QUE FUE DE EL by DanaellStylinson
LO QUE FUE DE ELby Danaell Stylinson :)
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Preguntas Hot |TERMINADA| by weslxxey
Preguntas Hot |TERMINADA|by 𝕸𝖆𝖗𝖙𝖎🍒
Aquí ya no hago más preguntas pero puedes ir a leer y comentar más preguntas en mi otra historia de preguntas hot ❤️
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Sofia The First: Meant To Meet by -theasdfghjkl
Sofia The First: Meant To Meetby = Alli Cruz =
For every encounter comes with a meaning. But because of that last encounter, are their Identities who they really ought to be? It seemed like even when they aren't born...
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Sheriarty by AphroditeLawliet87
Sheriartyby AphroditeLawliet
Sherlock feels a hole gaping in heart as John Watson is dragged away from his reach, but that hole is soon filled by someone more up to his standards.
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If the Heart is Always Searching... An Outsiders Fanfiction by Reckless_Abandon_13
If the Heart is Always Jessica
Jessica Jones moves to Tulsa, OK and has several adventures with The Outsiders gang. Along the way, she finds love with one of the guys while dealing with Socs, College...
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the white eyes by ichigoforever
the white eyesby kypop
These white eyes will bring trouble on the way i choose my path
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Crystal (Sequal to "Mr. Billionaire is My Alpha Mate") by Nikitinita
Crystal (Sequal to "Mr. Niki
Didn't know what kind of cover I should choose, so I went with this one. Hope you will like my new story <3 Crystal is the only daughter of Cassandra and Xavier, and...
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An Assassin's Love by Kirsten-Mercer
An Assassin's Loveby thisisme2002
Tianna is an assassin that soon returns to the Assassin's Mansion that used to control her every move. Upon returning memories of her past within the place goes through...
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Where She's Been by BelieveInHisLove
Where She's Beenby BelieveInHisLove
A sequel to "The Barefoot Girl."
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BEGUILE by estaahoma
BEGUILEby Peace Egwuonwu
It's funny how a strong independent woman was made from years of pains and insecurities, how pain and fear can be your strongest weapon. My name's Nova and I'm that woma...
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Decisions Decisions (Raven Queen and Dexter Charming EAH Fanfiction) [Complete] by fablueous
Decisions Decisions (Raven Queen fablueous
Raven Queen has been kidnapped. A force of evil greater than her mother is invading. And Dexter Charming is thrown into the spotlight to stop her. Dexter has a decision...
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Choose  me or lose me.  by friesbeforeguya
Choose me or lose me. by friesbeforeguy’s
This story is about 3 love triangle. Christen has a choice but who will she choose? Will she choose Alex or Tobin. Tobin and Alex are in a relationship while christen is...
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Protegiendo al gatito by AquaticWhisper
Protegiendo al gatitoby Lady Sire Noire
Tras la batalla contra Chat Blanc, Marinette tomó una decisión bastante radical sobre su compañero de aventuras. Era mejor ser honesta con él, Chat Noir debía dejar sus...
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Mind games by Winterwritesstuff
Mind gamesby Winterwritesstuff
Follow and lead this group of ten survivors through the zombie apocalypse. What will they encounter? Who will they meet? Who will die? And all of it is based on one fact...
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Coffee Wind by HalfBells
Coffee Windby HalfBells
Román Arellanos es un joven sencillo, estudiante de arte, adicto al cigarrillo y obsesionado con su pasado; su pasatiempo preferido no sólo es meterse en problemas sino...
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Yugo desigual by EstefaniaCenturion3
Yugo desigualby Estefania Centurion-Novela ju...
Como vasijas de barro a veces uno tiene que romperse y dejarse moldear en las manos del mejor alfarero, el único que es capaz de hacer de piezas rotas una gran obra de a...
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Viajes mentales by angiresly
Viajes mentalesby Angie Rojas
A veces mi mente está tan vacía o está tan llena que hago un viaje mental.. Viajes mentales: escritos llenos de desahogos, dudas, sentimientos, deseos, pensamientos, re...
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