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the love i have for you... adultrioxreader by v1ctor1avas1le
the love i have for you... i love you <3
wanting to be in the hunter exams her whole life, y/n has finally gotten ready to get on her journey. but when 16 year old y/n meets 3 certain men, will her life change...
Sofia The First: Meant To Meet by Cyn_thy
Sofia The First: Meant To Meetby -theasdfghjkl
For every encounter comes with a meaning. But because of that last encounter, are their Identities who they really ought to be? It seemed like even when they aren't born...
Decisions Decisions (Raven Queen and Dexter Charming EAH Fanfiction) [Complete] by fablueous
Decisions Decisions (Raven Queen fablueous
Raven Queen has been kidnapped. A force of evil greater than her mother is invading. And Dexter Charming is thrown into the spotlight to stop her. Dexter has a decision...
I'll Take The Chance by Cat4Storys
I'll Take The Chanceby Cat4Storys
Reid is in Jail and JJ's freaking out. She's married to Will and has got 2 kids but nobody knows that they don't belong to Will and that JJ's in love with Reid. To kee...
Segundas Oportunidades by PerlingLG
Segundas Oportunidadesby Perling LG.
Luego de 7 años, Damián decide regresar a la vida de Valeria dispuesto a recuperar el tiempo perdido pero se encuentra con una Valeria totalmente diferente, ahora es una...
Go live your way by cherrydroplet
Go live your wayby 💔 Heart Breaker 💔
(UNDER MASSIVE EDITING) ''''''''''''''''''''''''' Life was normal until I decided I wanted to go to the best singing and dancing school in the country, I never thought...
No permitas Brasil que me enamore de él [PAUSADA] by Rose_CM
No permitas Brasil que me Rose C.M.
Nada esta escrito, los famosos son personas como cualquier otras, solo que algunos tienen la suerte de toparse con ellos, unos quizás al saludo, una foto o un autógrafo...
If the Heart is Always Searching... An Outsiders Fanfiction by Reckless_Abandon_13
If the Heart is Always Jessica
Jessica Jones moves to Tulsa, OK and has several adventures with The Outsiders gang. Along the way, she finds love with one of the guys while dealing with Socs, College...
Tommen Baratheon es el heredero al trono de hierro y por consiguiente debe desposar a Margaery Tyrell, cosa que disgusta a la reina Cersei ; el deberá elegir entre su m...
My Decision [FNAFHS] by Atte_Lovely
My Decision [FNAFHS]by Lovely
Por todos lados encontramos distintas historias acerca de nuestra querida serie FNAFHS, o ahora mejor conocida como FHS, acerca de tu ''crush'' de la serie y tu. Pero en...
El poder de tenerte <>KTH <> by lynros123
El poder de tenerte <>KTH <>by Infiresgirl23
Ven , déjame verte , déjame conocerte , déjame aspirar a poseerte y tenerte para mi. Park Sophie, una chica lista y buena, pero puede que todo eso cambie cuando conozca...
Heaven Or Hell by Aleinkitten07
Heaven Or Hellby Mia Pierce
Young Lillian finds herself facing a hard descision. Everyone gets the same decision when they die; heaven or hell? But does she choose the right one, or does she spend...
Sheriarty by AphroditeLawliet87
Sheriartyby AphroditeLawliet
Sherlock feels a hole gaping in heart as John Watson is dragged away from his reach, but that hole is soon filled by someone more up to his standards.
No todo es decepcion by Alejitacampo
No todo es decepcionby A L E J A.
*No todo en el mundo es una decepción hay cosas como todo que no nos decepcionan y otras que si *Te mostrare que cosas son decepciones y que no son * Es una historia o...
Lo inevitable. by AishaSomnus
Lo Aisha.Farelli
¿Qué pasaría si después de diez años decides volver a la ciudad donde creciste? ¿Y si empiezas a recordar momentos y personas que creías haber olvidado? ¿Y si descubrier...
Pierced Love (On hold, being edited) by XxPhantomWolfxX
Pierced Love (On hold, being Scythe
Dex and Felix have been best friends since they were kids. But when Dex realizes, he is in love with his bestfriend, he avoids Felix. Felix gets agitated fairly quickly...
Protegiendo al gatito by AquaticWhisper
Protegiendo al gatitoby Lady Sire Noire
Tras la batalla contra Chat Blanc, Marinette tomó una decisión bastante radical sobre su compañero de aventuras. Era mejor ser honesta con él, Chat Noir debía dejar sus...
Choose  me or lose me.  by friesbeforeguya
Choose me or lose me. by friesbeforeguy’s
This story is about 3 love triangle. Christen has a choice but who will she choose? Will she choose Alex or Tobin. Tobin and Alex are in a relationship while christen is...
Antidote [Bang Chan]  by NightxWatch
Antidote [Bang Chan] by NightxWatch
What if someone isn't who they live up to be?