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Angel Kisses by puppy_love345
Angel Kissesby Drew Jackson
《Book 1》 Nova, an angel from heaven doesn't quite fit in with the other perfect beings. After getting into trouble she meets a devilishly handsome man named Killian. Onl...
The Devil is My Roommate by CaylahWest
The Devil is My Roommateby Caylah West
Megan moved to California with big plans and big dreams, but nothing goes quite her way. After running into Louis, the town playboy, she's got no choice but to take him...
Set it Off MEMES ⟠ by xmenstuff
Set it Off MEMES ⟠by 😗✌🏻
The title says it all... ⟠⟠⟠ plus i made most of them cause Set it Off needs attention
Devil inside / Payton ✔ by sammerzi
Devil inside / Payton ✔by 𝐬𝐚𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐳𝐢
Ally finds out she's half Succubus by Payton M 93 in payton •08/10/20• - 2:18 am
Dancing with The Devil (Black Butler Fanfic) by JinxxEverlasting
Dancing with The Devil (Black Butl...by Adrian Crevan
"Hello, My lady you seem to be lost please come to my young masters Manor he will help you. " I recognise that voice and the only thing I thought of was "...
T O X I C  by llDiaamondXOll
T O X I C by DiaamondXO
Trust me, She knew she was dancing with the devil the entire time. She just chose to see the good in everybody. I personally don't think that's a bad thing, her energy c...
Welcome Home by LouisianaIris
Welcome Homeby Alicia <3
Original scary short story.
Dancing with the devil by mi_kaaayllaa
Dancing with the devilby Mikayla Espinoza
Freya Rodriguez, a quiet girl who focused on nothing else but her studies, her family, her boyfriend and her friend, is suddenly torn apart when her boyfriend and bestfr...
Echoes Into The Darkness by Sophiexmaek
Echoes Into The Darknessby Sophie
"What kind of fucked up Halloweentown do we live in?" I voiced to the group, shaking my hands like they were wet and I was trying to air dry them faster. My wh...
Dancing With The ''Devil'' by Hongjoongisugardaddy
Dancing With The ''Devil''by Hongjoongisugardaddy
He's inlove with a dancing ''devil''. Little does he know his devil is a angel waiting for true love. But yet soon to be broken yet again. But will it stay that way?