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Out of Time ❧ Kai Parker by WinchesterFamliy
Out of Time ❧ Kai Parkerby Sara
Runner up in the CW fanfic awards "Just keep in mind that even the purest hearts fall. I have run out of time looking for a way out. There is no redemption for wha...
Transformed: Barry Allen's Sister // The Flash's Sister by Marsz5
Transformed: Barry Allen's Marissa
Barry Allen barely got his younger self out of the house alive the night of his mother's death. He was not in time to save his sister. Her body was never found, but she...
bad boys ↠  cheryl blossom by delured
bad boys ↠ cheryl blossomby ♡
❝he was bad, but he was only good for her.❞ riverdale : cheryl blossom x oc
The Traveller [Bash, Reign] ~ On Hold by runawayberryy
The Traveller [Bash, Reign] ~ On ~ ♛ Freya ♛ ~
A picture, What do you think of upon hearing this word? You would certainly never think it would ruin your life, would you? Well, that's what happened to Elizabet...
Keeping Up With The Kryptonian by KaraMon-El
Keeping Up With The Kryptonianby We're In The Endgame Now.
Who is Kara Danvers? Is she Supergirl, Marley Rose, Kara Danvers or all three? ❝ Everybody wonders who they are at some point in their lives ❞ | Alex Danvers All rights...
Flashette(A Barry Allen/Flash Fanfiction) by Flashette1
Flashette(A Barry Allen/Flash ⚡️FLASHETTE⚡️
(Season 1 Of The Flash) Growing up without parents is hard enough, but it's even harder when no one understands you. That was Chloe's world. At the...
Kara and Barry (Zorallen/Superflash) |✔️ by lauriverqueen
Kara and Barry (Zorallen/ Lauriver Queen👑
"I don't know, Barry" "Don't say that, it means it's the end" "The end of what? What did we even have? KARA AND BARRY ARE NOT "SUPER"...
Romeo and Juliet // Bughead + Riverdale Fanfiction // by minute_moon
Romeo and Juliet // Bughead + minute_moon
This is a modern day and loose retelling of the Romeo and Juliet play. It's a tale of revenge, mystery and loss. Betty Cooper had been a Southside Serpent before she wa...
Queen (Oliver Queen's Sister) by Marsz5
Queen (Oliver Queen's Sister)by Marissa
This is the story of Oliver's other sister, Emily, and what happened to her on the island. [ 1: #theisland ]
Soulmates in any universe or time 《 Wattys 2018 》 by VanillaHorizon
Soulmates in any universe or Vanilla Horizon
A captain canary fan fiction, set on another earth, in their youth told from multiple points of view. Quentin and Lewis are good friends but after an unfortunate event...
Reunion | Karamel by KaraMon-El
Reunion | Karamelby We're In The Endgame Now.
What happens when Mon-El finds out that Kara traveled back in time to save his life? ❝ I lost her once, Winn. I'm not sure I can do it again ❞ | Mon-El Setting: Takes pl...
A Love Against Crime by IveYeedMyLastHaw
A Love Against Crimeby JJ
'Oh great, a new problem!'
Changing the Past: A Karamel Fanfiction by SupergirlFandom
Changing the Past: A Karamel Hi I’m trash
Tyler and Hadley Danvers-Matthews are the future twin children of Kara and Mon-El. In the year of 2034 on the twins 15th birthday, tradgety strikes and Tyler and Hadley...
Summer lovin' (snowbarry fanfic) by evil_arrow_regal
Summer lovin' (snowbarry fanfic)by Evil_arrow_regal
When he's not helping the city by stopping criminals with his forensic expertise, he's saving the city from other threats. Barry allen fights other meta humans who want...
The Winchesters' Nephilim by RobinHood37
The Winchesters' Nephilimby 𝙍𝙤𝙗𝙞𝙣 𝙃𝙤𝙤𝙙
Nephilim; The offspring of an angel and a human. Highly dangerous and wanted by all of Heaven immediately after conception. The Winchesters; Heaven and Hell's worst nig...
Lightning Doesn't Strike Twice (Barry x OC, Olicity , Wally x Jesse) by EoinGeo
Lightning Doesn't Strike Twice ( EoinGeo
After a surprising meeting for the Flash, one strange speedster puzzles the Flash and he wonders will he ever find out who she is. I don't own the flash or anyone excep...
Flare {Barry Allen} by Adelia_Snow
Flare {Barry Allen}by Alex
Adelia Snow and Barry Allen work together to take down other meta humans that threaten their city. Began: January 25th, 2019 Finished: ~
Justice {Supergirl} by Adelia_Snow
Justice {Supergirl}by Alex
Naer Al was banished from her home planet, Krypton, because she was part of violent protests against the superiors of her planets, the family of the House of El, and was...
The Love That Was Lost / Karamel One Shot by EmmasFandoms
The Love That Was Lost / Karamel EMMA
He came back. This is a fluffy Christmas one shot. This is the story of Kara and Mon-el's journey through love. Hope you enjoy. There is no Imra in this story. I love h...
Impulse | The Flash by HogwartsIsHome2004
Impulse | The Flashby Bekky (On temporary hiatus)
My name's Makayla Allen, and I am the fastest girl alive. When I was just a baby and my brother was a child, we saw our mother killed by something impossible, but my fat...