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187, 163 (Дууссан) by YUTAKA_M
187, 163 (Дууссан)by YUTAKHAND
187, 163 Гэхдээ өндөр бол зүгээр л тоо...
Alexander Hamilton x John Laurens by 1fucknotgiven
Alexander Hamilton x John Laurensby 1fucknotgiven
Under the mistletoe (haisy fanfic)/late Christmas special by chocolateFUNcow
Under the mistletoe (haisy fanfic) mave
Daisys straight! She must be right! She's perfect and straight! Nothing rainbow about her! That's what everyone thinks. Even daisy thought she was straight after her mot...
Detroit Become Human Oneshots by Hello_Starlight
Detroit Become Human Oneshotsby Hello_Starlight
Out of the box oneshots of everyone's favorite adorable deviant Connor :3! NOTE!!! NONE OF THE GIFS OR PICTURES USED ARE MINE!!!!! DETROIT BECOME HUMAN BELONGS TO QUANT...
Anime Ships (W/ Pics) by kittyfuntime1
Anime Ships (W/ Pics)by Lana T.
Want cute pics of some of the best anime couples? Well, here you go! The title explains it all! WILL NOT CONTINUE UPDATING
Moonlight Dream ~Jin X Reader X Yoongi by Fangless_Vampire
Moonlight Dream ~Jin X Reader X Bel
Jin was the nicest guy you had ever met, Yoongi...the opposite, yet you were still drawn to the two. While attending a school for vampires, you learn quickly who to trus...
bitty underfell sans X reader by Pagankittycat
bitty underfell sans X readerby Kora Regalia
your name is Y/N. you wanted to get a bitty at the store and a certain little skeleton caught your eye. you ended up getting him but he was a little hostile. learn more...
Dial Tone | h.s. by rumshine
Dial Tone | rumshine
" i've listened to your dial tone over and over again, so much so, that it's starting to sound like i love you. "
can we still pretend by proudsloth
can we still pretendby proudsloth
harry bowner is your everyday normal teenage boy. the 17 year old goes to school and thinks about the possibility of getting high on hairspray. just everyday normal shit...
fronnie (freddy X bonnie) by galaxy-prince
fronnie (freddy X bonnie)by 🦄Roy🦄
this is my first story enjoy. this is a boy X boy if you don't like it to bad.btw they are human in this and it takes place in high school,this may contain some foxica (...
Emerald Eyes | Skephalo story (DISCONTINUED) by xxMOPman
Emerald Eyes | Skephalo story ( _Skeppys.muooffin_
</3 I've spent 1000 nights Lost in your emerald eyes <3 Zak's parents kick him out after they find out something about him ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) he moves in with Darryl but...
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I Ship It by Phanspams
I Ship Itby Phanspams
Just read it.I don't want to explain it.
The day I made you my number one forever by OreoGod17
The day I made you my number one @OreoGod17
It's the day that Shinobu has been waiting for,Summer vacation,But Miyagi has a very special surprise
Distant love by fxck_me_haroldd
Distant loveby Your worst nightmare
This is a book mainly about one direction. My first book ever, so please show some support. ily
Home by OddKidInThePhandom
Homeby Nope
Raelyn rescues her 'friend' from his house, they discuss their friends and all the things that have happened in the year and a half Zane was gone. FEEL FREE TO POINT OUT...
Dont call me cute! by justanothercreampuff
Dont call me cute!by justanothercreampuff
Carmilla finds a video of laura singing a song about not wanting to be called cute, carmilla decides to show laura that being called cute can have its... advantages.
Friends to lovers by Jbgirl123B
Friends to loversby Jbgirl123B
"Disclaimer this is not my artwork" This is my first fanfic so please enjoy Also it includes fluff cause why not ;)