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Dreamland Workshop by DreamlandCommunity
Dreamland Workshopby Dreamland Community
A club for people more focused on serious critique partners that will go through the entire book.
Book Club | Open by esthetiquecommunity
Book Club | Openby “𝗘𝗖„
Welcome to the Esthetïque Book Club! Do you wish to receive constructive feedback on what you write? Do you desire to know what people feel after reading your books? Do...
Fireflies Book Club || Open by FirefliesBookClub
Fireflies Book Club || Openby Fireflies
|| Open || Fireflies Book Club Why should you join the Fireflies Book Club? Good question. Let me explain why you should join. If you are looking for a book club to Joi...
Astania Book Club: Kitsune Guild by AstaniaCommunity
Astania Book Club: Kitsune Guildby Astania Community
[OPEN] Astania's ONC book club dedicated to supporting participants with a stress-free, supportive environment. Anyone participating in the ongoing Open Novella Contest...
Project Athena | Reviews by Project_Athena
Project Athena | Reviewsby Project Athena
Are you looking for honest and constructive feedback on your writing? Look no further! Our team of reviewers will read your work and provide detailed critiques that can...
Dramione Repertoire & Critique by misscosette08
Dramione Repertoire & Critiqueby misscosette08
So many Dramiones out there... find them all in one place! [Bonus: my review of each.] These fanfics are taken from different websites. My reviews are not meant to hur...
Dreamland Reviews by DreamlandCommunity
Dreamland Reviewsby Dreamland Community
A review book for any looking to grow.
Pretty in Punk Book Club [OPEN] by PrettyInPunkBC
Pretty in Punk Book Club [OPEN]by Pretty In Punk
Welcome to the Pretty in Punk Book Club established August 26, 2019! If you're looking for constructive feedback instead of spam comments, a club that tries to get your...
The Writer's Gradebook by akaprocrastiNATION
The Writer's Gradebookby este && ginger
*HARSH REVIEWER WARNING!* We all know how Wattpad can be. Jaw-droppingly beautiful stories get less than a thousand reads while flaming piles of garbage riddled with cli...
Welcome to the Starshine Community. Just as stars align to create breathtaking constellations, the individuals within our community, come together to illuminate the path...
Webtoon Spotlight by Donniedrako15
Webtoon Spotlightby Donniedrako15
Just a simple person is trying to shine a little light on the beautiful world of webtoon. With a splash of sarcasm, narration, and spitfire along the way. And who knows...
OC Reviews by Weltenreisender
OC Reviewsby Weltenreisender
In this book I will comment on your OCs and stories, try to give tips and will give them (the OCs, not the tips) a cryptic rating based on nothing but madness and coinci...
Naruto Mary Sues: A Fate Worse Than Tsukuyomi by Trash_Tanuki
Naruto Mary Sues: A Fate Worse Trash Tanuki
Yes indeed YES INDEED! A Naruto fanfic has been chosen for our first critique. Naruto was the first anime we watched so it only seemed appropriate. We'll be scouring Wat...
☆ The Monthly Society ☆ by ShutUpAndWriteClub
☆ The Monthly Society ☆by ShutUpAndWriteClub
Welcome to The Monthly Society, a monthly feedback activity where you will gain constructive criticism on your story. Long deadlines, great stories, helpful feedback. We...
Write Better, Write Happier  - Writing Tips, Wattpad Tips, Get Reads, Get Votes by HeyMysty
Write Better, Write Happier - Mysty
Enjoy your writing! ☺ 2022. Help from a Watty Award-Winning Author, Wattpad Creator, and long-tenured Senior Wattpad Ambassador. Fresh updates periodically! High ranks:...
BOOK REVIEWS 2 (ON HOLD) by lonleyloner2007
BOOK REVIEWS 2 (ON HOLD)by lonleyloner2007
🕷️. So this review shop is officially opened send in your requests to get a review. Before then check out my conversation board and follow all the...
Wayfarer's Lamppost Book Club • Vol. 6 • 2024 by WayfarersLamppost
Wayfarer's Lamppost Book Club • Wayfarer's Lamppost Literary...
Volume 6 • Beginning with Round 307 • 7 January 2024 Wayfarer's Lamppost Book Club is created in partnership with the now-closed-forever Next Big Recognition Contest (NB...
The Best of Dramione by niharika_palep
The Best of Dramioneby Niharika Palep
Have you ever scrolled aimlessly through Wattpad, trying to find that perfect Dramione story to transport you to another world but unable to find one good enough? That h...