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My Angel by jasdarealDON
My Angelby JasDaDon
"Stay for mommy angel."
Rebirth by eaeaeam
Rebirthby ListentoYaHeart .
There was one thing Mercy always held true, In order to survive, your will to fight must be more powerful than your will to die. Always.
Heaven Warrior by jasdarealDON
Heaven Warriorby JasDaDon
"Just fight a little while longer baby boy." "I'm tired."
rapper imagines 🍃 by Imagine_bunny
rapper imagines 🍃by Imagine_bunny
there are all of your favorite rappers and that you simp over in here.
Cogs Of Cinder by Unkultured
Cogs Of Cinderby CJ
ZAHRA has broken the seventh tenet of her people but not by choice. A wraithborne caught in a never-ending cycle of life and gruesome deaths. Now tethered to this earthl...
𝐀 𝐒𝐈𝐑𝐄𝐍𝐒 𝐑𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐆𝐄 by Ebsrapamation
Once upon a time, a princess wanted to avenge her brother. Princess Anastacya Bernadotte is a mermaid who is desperate for revenge from the mortals who stole her brother...
Glass to da Glass by heattank
Glass to da Glassby heattank
©A story that I thought of today during quantine and was bored, I might delete. I'n a world that is made of glass, try not to crack and you survive but what happens if y...
The Mekai: Blasts from the Past by dsts09
The Mekai: Blasts from the Pastby Donavan Smalley
**Part V of the Mekai series** Three months after defeating his mortal enemy, Ray returns to Central Kingdom with news about his brother. But the arrival of a mysteriou...
The Elves  by heattank
The Elves by heattank
©A mystical land in your wildness dreams couldn't even imagine. Heattank® ©
The Serpent's Tale by Willvote4u
The Serpent's Taleby William Martin
Who doesn't like going on adventures with close friends or close crushes? Enter Franz Dalembert, a regular teen embarking on a spectacular and CREEPY journey with his go...
𝐀𝐍𝐆𝐀𝐏𝐄𝐒𝐈𝐒 by burgundyTHEEauthor
What must someone do when they spend the entirety of their lives living a fantasy that seems to have lost its luster?
The Bone Society by Groovy_Jedi
The Bone Societyby N.G. Edwards
Desmond Grey is a bone, a member of a secret organisation called the Bone Society, tasked with investigating magical deaths in both the temporal and invisible worlds. Wh...
those who speak in dreams | #ONC2020 by ESJohnson
those who speak in dreams | ° ruination. ™
The Mekai (Extras) by dsts09
The Mekai (Extras)by Donavan Smalley
Fun facts! FUN FACTS FOR EVERYONE!!!! Did you know that the novella, The Mekai: The Return of the Prince took a year to write? Did you know that the basis of the story h...
In The Dead Of The Night by Onyx-Bane
In The Dead Of The Nightby Onyx
Some powerful shit was said in the dead of the night. Jade and onyx are twin sisters born sixteen minutes apart. Nineteen years after thier birth thier world spins seems...
Of Blood & Power by whatshername11
Of Blood & Powerby whatshername11
"I'll do whatever it takes to get to the throne," Erienne said. "I won't let you get in my way."
The History of Us (Prequel) by dsts09
The History of Us (Prequel)by Donavan Smalley
Kane Fujin is a powerful Mekai who lives with his seven year old son, Ray. Kane now feels that Ray is old enough to learn a brief history about the origins of the Mekai...
The Wolf's Den by AzariaWritesBooks
The Wolf's Denby Azaria
On a good night, The Wolf's Den was packed with patrons, the air thick with smoke, and her ears would ring letting her know that she would be in pain by the end of the n...
Fury Born: The Forsaken Souls by ChristinaDTaylor
Fury Born: The Forsaken Soulsby Christina
In the land of Dragien, a darkness has threatened to sweep across the land. A creeping shadow across the country, this hidden entity has been destroying the one antidot...