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It takes three to play by SethDragon
It takes three to playby Sammy Olsson
Note, book for mature readers! Bad language and sex are included in this book. This is a chuntaka story there a new person suddenly shows up from nowhere and turns their...
The Reality of Working with Them/////Junta Azumaya X Male!Reader X Takato Sajio by Elsabear01
The Reality of Working with bokutosbulge
M/N is a new actor, in the acting world of Japan, when he meets number 2 and 3 sexiest men of the year and surprisingly (to M/N) he had gotten first place! Now, what wil...
Seducción Mortal (Junta x Takato) by krislanderos
Seducción Mortal (Junta x Takato)by Kris Hellsing
¿Cuánto tardará una persona en caer en las garras de un apasionado demonio? Le dedico está historia a mi gran amiga @28Duarte (te quiero mucho cariño ^3^) Le agradezco m...
Mi más Grande Sueño (Junta x Takato) (one-shot) by krislanderos
Mi más Grande Sueño (Junta x Kris Hellsing
Sin pensarlo encontré lo que siempre he deseado Un One-shot Omegaverse de Azumaya Junta x Saijou Takato
°|Dakaretai otoko 1-i memes :u|° by Alina5645
°|Dakaretai otoko 1-i memes :u|°by
Memes e imágenes de su anime yaoi favorito :)
Mi Tesoro - Dakaichi one shots by CroftManor21
Mi Tesoro - Dakaichi one shotsby CroftManor21
A little fanfiction following the engraved Mi Tesoro ring in the series Dakaretai Otoko... And a Christmas episode as well. Disclaimer: I'd enjoy a good love story wher...
Dakaichi OS: Miso soup with love... by CroftManor21
Dakaichi OS: Miso soup with CroftManor21
Junta catches a cold on an outdoor shoot, Takato gets worried and makes him some miso soup. Just another normal evening in their busy lives, albeit with soup... Disclaim...
Mi Tesoro- An Evening In Spain (Dakaichi One shot) by CroftManor21
Mi Tesoro- An Evening In Spain ( CroftManor21
Junta, Takato, a sunset on Andalusian coast... Extrapolation of a scene in Spain, fresh off the recent chapter of Dakaretai Otoko.. ************************************...
Fate by SethDragon
Fateby Sammy Olsson
This is a crossover with Free! Iwatobi swimclub and dakaretai otoko 1-i ni odosarete imasu. The story begins with Haru and Makoto who are the greatest friends out there...
Actor or Lover by BTSLover10105
Actor or Loverby Princess
❝C-Chunta...I-I'm so sorry...❞ ❝No,I should be the one apologising,I should have never let any of this go too far.❞ Junta Azumaya is in the acting industry and now his c...
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kyle making chunta straight by pinkk_3
kyle making chunta straightby pinkk_3
this is about how my friend a kyle made chunta from dakaichi straight. he's probably see this but idc he cant kill me until corona be over. have fun! (Btw if you havent...