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Always Here: A Jay Halstead fanfic by Ynhalstead
Always Here: A Jay Halstead fanficby Foxette William
✧✧✧✧✧✧It's always going to be us no matter what. Always.✧✧✧✧✧ ✧ ...
A Detective's Daughter (Chicago PD) by SimpilyJessxo
A Detective's Daughter (Chicago PD)by Jess
Abigail Lindsey is the daughter of Erin Lindsey, Detective for the Chicago PD, in intelligence to be exact. Abigail has grew up around the police station with her mum be...
Grace & the Windy City by poppy_rose
Grace & the Windy Cityby poppy_rose
Adam Ruzek's 16-year-old half sister Grace calls him up after a decade of radio silence, desperately in need of help once she makes a discovery involving their father. *...
A Chicago Cop (Chicago P.D.) by SimpilyJessxo
A Chicago Cop (Chicago P.D.)by Jess
Evergreen Kent was born and raised in London; England until the age of 9 when her mother and Evergreen moved to America, Chicago to be exact. Evergreen has everything sh...
Working As A Chicago Cop [K.Burgess] by SimpilyJessxo
Working As A Chicago Cop [ Jess
Aurelia Kowalski is 22 years old, growing up she was in and out of care, she lived in Poland with foster family's and care homes until she was 12. Two months after she t...
My Uncle // A One Chicago Fanfiction  by ANGELXEDITING
My Uncle // A One Chicago 🌹Linsted🌹
I crashed to my knees. Miss, are you okay? let me help you. The officer said Get off. I growled in a quite tone let me help. He spoke once more. I yanked my arms away...
Un bébé pour noël by Madame-Halstead
Un bébé pour noëlby Madame-Halstead
Ils avaient seize ans quand ils se sont rencontrés. Il travaillait comme serveur et barmaid à la pizzeria du quartier et c'est là qu'il l'a rencontré pour la première f...