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Down South by MyNameIsAllegra
Down Southby Wouldn't you Like to Know
everyone knows Hetalia from Veneziano's side, but what about Romano? where was he during all of this? this is Romano's diary (that I may or may not have stolen from his...
The Woes and Wonders of the World: Hetalia Headcanon One-Shots by orangelife
The Woes and Wonders of the orangelife
This is a collection of one-shots written off of headcanons that I have found which I like for pretty much any pairing or character of APH. Lots of different topics and...
Italy x HRE - You Came Back by marshmallowfarming
Italy x HRE - You Came Backby fifi
I had to write this, I had cute dreams about Holy Rome coming back for Italy after all the years and, well yeah!
Don't Go by IceBelaaa
Don't Goby Blink
Holy Rome has to leave Italy to go to war and when he comes back, he's not the same as he was... France, no! ☆ 13 chapters is not a coincidence ☆ Lol I don't know what I...
Italy Veneziana's Story by BloodGumm
Italy Veneziana's Storyby Samantha Stilger
Feliciana Vargas, also known as North Italy, is in love with Germany. Her feelings for him will not be changing anytime soon, but what about her feelings for her so-call...
Hetalia Headcanons! by miranda0329
Hetalia Headcanons!by MirandaIsMe
These are a few little Headcanons! Enjoy! (I wish I did but I do not own Hetalia ;-;)
The Box at her Door (Chibi!Hetalia x Reader) by The_Painted_Rose
The Box at her Door (Chibi! Diantha Marie
(Name) was a young lady who lives on her own. She works at a cafe and babysits from time to time as well. But, if there's one thing certain, she simply loves anime, one...
Yours Truly by Maddened_Dreamer
Yours Trulyby Kass
This is an AU story in which Holy Roman Empire and Chibitalia never actually meet, but Holy Rome sends letters to Italy throughout the course of about a year and half or...
Hetalia theories and More! by dark_blooded_inc
Hetalia theories and More!by The Dark Blooded Inc.
Welcome to history class. I shall be your guide!
Gerita Oneshot by JAPANS_AKA
Gerita Oneshotby Bird Mom
Might be a AU. Hope you enjoy it!
The Lovely Story of Evil Chibitalia by fabfangirl33
The Lovely Story of Evil Chibitaliaby eLLA
OK SO.. Lately I've been drawing these really weird ass hetalia drawings of Chibitalia ya know...if he was evil so I decided to write this story because why not. Warnin...
hetalia one shots (Taking Requests) by Meme_Queen-2018
hetalia one shots (Taking Requests)by Mak
exactly the title hetalia one shots taking requests art is not mine hetalia is not mine I am me you belong to you
Kiku Times  by Wiskaly
Kiku Times by Wiskaly
NiChu / ChuNi FanFiction! Even through the feels the people who ship them suffer, there are some moments where everything is or was...happy. So let's go to a bright, cu...
Connecting countries ( Germany + Italy ) by sociallyawkwardsav
Connecting countries ( Germany + sociallyawkwardsav
You have been transported in to the anime HETALIA but this universe is different everyone is the same except for Italy who is a girl in this universe when she creates an...
What if Germany remembered? (Complete) by TheAwesomeBFox13
What if Germany remembered? ( Lacy Kirkland Williams
What if Germany could remember that he as been all his life with Italy?
A chibi hetalia romance >DISCONTINUED< by HappyTheDragonSlayer
A chibi hetalia romance > HappyTheDragonSlayer
This is my first fan fiction!! So basically this is a Hetalia fan fic about Holy roman empire x Chibitalia. The story shows the adventures and memories that Roman Empire...
~The King of Lions~ (Hetalia Prussia Fanfiction) by Independent_Skies
~The King of Lions~ (Hetalia Kuro Menou
Prussia doubted Holy Roman Empire's ability to conquer Europe like the great Rome did, but little did he know the power that Holy Rome had and it was all because of one...
Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire's "wedding" [On Hold] by nichenishinoya
Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire' Nichenoya
Chibitalia fell in love with Holy Roman Empire. Holy Roman Empire fell in love with Chibitalia. Holy Roman Empire had to go to war and promises to marry Chibitalia when...
THE  CEO by iuwalaka5
THE CEOby iuwalaka5
Mr Albert the current CEO of Duckman Enterprise and the father of the must wanted men in California,his lovely wife Rebecca were trouble about the lives of their sons...