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Sad Hetalia Headcanons by A_Cumberbatch
Sad Hetalia Headcanonsby A_Cumberbatch
○Completed○ (probably) The title kind of explains itself. This is a collection of my sad Hetalia headcanons. There are a few that aren't sad, but a majority are. There...
Don't Go by IceBelaaa
Don't Goby Blink
Holy Rome has to leave Italy to go to war and when he comes back, he's not the same as he was... France, no! ☆ 13 chapters is not a coincidence ☆ Lol I don't know what I...
You Never Lost Me by aphsey
You Never Lost Meby aphsey
Italy is thrown into a state of depression after having troubling dreams about Germany. Worried about the Italian, Germany begins to ask questions and discovers one too...
Hetalia secrets by igiveuponusernanes
Hetalia secretsby Kaye
There was a world meeting being held, where even the micronations where invited. They were discussing how to stop another world war but they can't seem to come to an agr...
A stormy watch (One-shot HRE x Chibitalia) by FelicianoVargasItaly
A stormy watch (One-shot HRE x Chi...by FeliVargas N.Italy
It was a stormy night, Chibitalia wanted to see the rain with Holy Rome so he dragged him and sneaked out of Mr.Austria boring house. One-shot, Chibitalia x HolyRome
Dear Diary~  by Yaoifangirl3206
Dear Diary~ by UsUkForever❣
France is sick of all the fighting in meetings and realizes none of the nations really know each other as well as they think they do. He thought maybe if the nations kno...
Short and Sweet, farewell. by ModiVi
Short and Sweet, farewell.by Vincent
Two lovers separated because of war. A wish of return never granted as he disappears out of existence leaving his love crying.
Yours Truly by Maddened_Dreamer
Yours Trulyby Kass
This is an AU story in which Holy Roman Empire and Chibitalia never actually meet, but Holy Rome sends letters to Italy throughout the course of about a year and half or...
Blank slate by axis_powers_hetalia
Blank slateby Feliciano Vargas
I do not own hetalia or any of the characters
Hetalia Rembering Holy Rome (GerIta) by fullofcrazy
Hetalia Rembering Holy Rome (GerIt...by Me
When Italy finds an old painting that reminds him of Holy Rome, old memories and a broken promise come to the surface. This is just a one shot I created hints of GerIta...
How Romano Became Friends With a German (A Hetalia Story) by Tomato-Box-Fairy
How Romano Became Friends With a G...by Tomato-Box-Fairy
All Hetalia fangirls know how much Romano hates Germans, right? This is the story of how a German became...well, less hated.
APH: Ask a Nation by Little_Miss_Maple
APH: Ask a Nationby Work Intensifies
Have a question you want answered, but have never had the courage to ask it yourself? In APH: Ask A Nation you send questions to your favourite nation, and we answer the...
He came back by kaiasarus
He came backby kaiasarus
One day Italy finds himself thinking about Holy rome and how he left... then how he might not have.
{HRE x Chibitalia One-Shot} {Songfic} Surely Someday (BoyXBoy) by geneolgia
{HRE x Chibitalia One-Shot} {Songf...by 3am halposting
A quick one-shot based off of the ending song for Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, where HRE and Chibitalia think about each other. Basically I'm sad and I want yo...
It Was A Lie by CheetahBites
It Was A Lieby CheetahBites
A story of Germany, Italy, Romano, and Prussia as they remember HRE (Possibly Spamano, PruCan, and Gerita along with background ships) (FEELS WARNING)
Waiting for that promise by Pegicorn1234
Waiting for that promiseby Nigel No-Body
Italy was waiting. He said he would come back. That was several years ago now. But he promise. He needs to come back. He needs to. He promised. Picture does not belong t...
Feeling The Love Again by WhiteandBlacky
Feeling The Love Againby Lancylancey
Italy has experienced this sort of love before.
Rhythmic Rainfall (Hetalia) by DarkestFiction
Rhythmic Rainfall (Hetalia)by A Hermit
Holy Roman Empire comforts Chibitalia as they spend time together during a storm. --- Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya. Rhythmic Rainfall cover designed and drawn by...
You're back! (Hetalia; Holy Rome x Fem!Italy one-shot) by Miki_ships_it
You're back! (Hetalia; Holy Rome x...by Miki
The title says it all. I do not own Hetalia.