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Tankie And Anarkiddy Being GAY by BitchardSupreme
Tankie And Anarkiddy Being GAYby Bitchard
Art by BourgeoisCommunist UwU Would like to clear up: Tankie in this fic is different from Jreg physically, bcus Tankie would most definitely be buff and Jreg looks lik...
AU Where Libunity Storms Centrist Centre (Jreg) by shadey_sadey
AU Where Libunity Storms Centrist...by Shadey Sadey
*This idea was completely inspired by u/i-morko on Reddit, whose art is also being used for the cover!* This is as reimagining starting from "Ancapistan" (Cent...
Our Revolution by KingdomOfNewDerpia
Our Revolutionby New Derpia
I'm terribly sorry comrades, I have no idea how to explain this. It's a fanfic of Jreg's political ideologies. also it involves ancom and tankie being weird asses. pleas...
DEGENERATE (Ancom x TolRight and Centrist OC origin story) by shadey_sadey
DEGENERATE (Ancom x TolRight and C...by Shadey Sadey
I am giving you this space to prepare yourself. This story is beautiful, poetic, and very very serious. Like all my body of work, it is complex and definitely has more m...
Communalism x Reader by shitstuck
Communalism x Readerby big bingus
i made this cuz i love them sm
Centricide oneshots by JinnIsRyu
Centricide oneshotsby harrison simp
Stuff transferred from my ao3 to here Cover art belongs to @anarkittie on tumblr
JREG Homonazi x Ancom: Ultimate Sin ;) by shadey_sadey
JREG Homonazi x Ancom: Ultimate Si...by Shadey Sadey
Reading this means you have committed yourself to one of the nine levels of Hell. Then again I'm right there with ya comrade for creating this cursed catalyst in the fir...
Centricide FF One Shots by LibLeftAnCom
Centricide FF One Shotsby Anarcho-Communist
Art by u/BitterVanillaTaste on Reddit! I will dump all my fanfictions about Jreg and the Centricide here.
(Ancap x Onceler) An-clap-dat-ass-stan by shadey_sadey
(Ancap x Onceler) An-clap-dat-ass...by Shadey Sadey
So I saw a this gorgeous drawing featured in the Jreg subreddit and decided to further curse everyone with a fanfic about it OwO While fucking around in his Thneed facto...
burn the world down - centricide by iodinequeen
burn the world down - centricideby iodinequeen
As Lil Nazbol tries to take over the world, the extremists have to unite, while dealing with their own complicated relationships. oh god what has my life come to
"Titanic Ethnostate" Jreg Nazi x Ancap (Right Unity) by shadey_sadey
"Titanic Ethnostate" Jreg Nazi x A...by Shadey Sadey
Anarchist Right has come up with a brilliant idea in order to get more commerce for Ancapistan-create a cruise ship where others from the political compass can be scanne...
some ancom x commie fic by xTheKawaiiWither666
some ancom x commie ficby Wither
To Commie, the Ancom was different to the other extremists in the house... Even though the smaller leftist was extremely idealistic and was an anarchist, he can't help b...
The Morning After - Centricide - Leftist Unity by PoliticalSquid
The Morning After - Centricide - L...by PoliticalSquid
An-Syn and Commie snuggle after their exhausting fight with Accelerationism. Just Fluff :3 Here's a link to a speedpaint I made of the cover. https://youtu.be/9lUQfcs-2HE
Tragedy by EmeraldApple
Tragedyby Emerald Apple
I ship political ideologies now, not just countries.
The Devil's Weeping (Realicide) by archieisslumped
The Devil's Weeping (Realicide)by psychedelicaa.
Taking place in the Victorian era, with our boys all in a Kingdom of which they live, strange happenings have been occurring. Murders and kidnapping have been taking pl...
My Anarkitty (Fem Commie x Fem Ancom) (Jreg) by shadey_sadey
My Anarkitty (Fem Commie x Fem Anc...by Shadey Sadey
(From Authleft's POV) After a drug outing with Ancap, Libleft finally confesses quer feelings for Tankie.
Nazi goes to church (Centricide) by Anon-Compatriot
Nazi goes to church (Centricide)by Anon Compatriot
Crossposted on AO3. Nazi goes to church for "reasons". Some weird shenanigans happen. Nazi is trying to hide it from his three extremist friends, but fails to...