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Our Sanctuary by LifesRichPageant
Our Sanctuaryby LifesRichPageant
When Carl follows Enid on a run in the middle of the night full of hormones and hunger for adventure, they meet great danger but together they can survive. But do they r...
True Love Conquers All ( Carl X Enid Love Story ) by suicidalbandkid
True Love Conquers All ( Carl X Hayden Blake
This is my alternate universe taking place after the season 7 finale!
I Need To Tell You Something - a carnid story by carnidisbestpairing
I Need To Tell You Something - a carnidisbestpairing
A small romantic story about how Carl and Enid found out their feelings for each other. This story may contradict the original plot of TWD series but I don't care. Hope...
Just Survive For You by LifesRichPageant
Just Survive For Youby LifesRichPageant
When Carl is kidnapped by Saviours, Enid must go to the Sanctuary alone to rescue him. From the impenetrable wall of walkers to Negan swinging his baseball bat, it seems...
Homebase {[ Carnid - Carl and Enid ]} by jssology
Homebase {[ Carnid - Carl and jssology
|~-How do you reach someone before they go? Simple. You climb onto their bedroom window.-~| -Homebase- -=+=- Carnid [Carl & Enid] Fanfiction -=+=- *INCLUDES SOME INAPPR...
Unbearable {[ Carnid - Carl and Enid ]} by jssology
Unbearable {[ Carnid - Carl and jssology
|~-With Carl, Enid is of course living the dream, but that doesn't change the fact that life is naturally unbearable.-~| -=+=- - Unbearable - -=+=- Carnid [Carl & Enid]...
Carl x Enid by SoongiYuga
Carl x Enidby Person Acct
Y'all already know I suck at descriptions so just read the first chapter and if you don't like it move on. Love ya'll!
Enid Survives » Katelyn Nacon || carnid fanfiction by carlsbootayy
Enid Survives » Katelyn Nacon || carlsbootayy
After the wolves brutally murdered members of Alexandria, Enid decides to leave. But can she bare it by herself? And without - carl..?
I Can't Feel My Face No Mo' by Sclera5
I Can't Feel My Face No Mo'by Sclerababe
A Walking Dead fan fic(one-shot), with a Hollywood Undead title. (inspired by Up In Smoke) CarlxEnid, category: fluff. No warnings apply, unless you don't wanna read abo...
No matter what by mvan899
No matter whatby Mel Van
Some relationships are so special that you can't put them into words. There are more than a friendship, but it's not just a love story either. Carl and Enid have this ki...
I can't love you too deep by mvan899
I can't love you too deepby Mel Van
The war is over. Negan is dead. Carl is still healing from his injuries, but he's alive. They are all working together to recover from the war. And every fight has his p...