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My Best Friend  by VICMAD
My Best Friend by VICMAD
Copyright © 2015 by VICMAD -All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written perm...
Babineaux Bléu by dearotis
Babineaux Bléuby H A R K L E S S
Siani Babineaux's plans were simple: finish her senior year at LSU, pursue her career as a freelance artist, and live happily ever after with her long distance boyfriend...
►Sleepin' Dogs Lie►(BWWM) by JinxedCatalyst
►Sleepin' Dogs Lie►(BWWM)by 💪😄
Peppa hits the nail head on regarding business. Causing jealousy within young Sarah Baker and a plot to ruining Peppa's nun reputation. Sarah calls on her brother Amos t...
Skinny Love  (BWWM/Interracial) by Stateofdreamingisme
Skinny Love (BWWM/Interracial)by End Credits
Skinny love: when two people love each other but are too shy to admit it but they still show it. ...
Frequent Customer by TaintedExcuse
Frequent Customerby TaintedExcuse
Meet Hester. Hester is the girl everyone loves to talk to. She is easy to get along with even though she has a strong attitude, oh and let's not forget she's black. Her...
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Nomads by _dxvmxnds
Nomadsby n n a t u
Everything that's good, doesn't last forever.
Nostalgic Carnations (Evan Peters fan-fic) by Nostalgiclovexcx
Nostalgic Carnations (Evan Nostalgiclovexcx
Hey guys I am an immense American horror story fan and an Evan Peters fan...okay maybe not a fan I am literally hoping him and Emma break up...I know I'm terrible lol bu...
Taylor's new toy (bwwm) by holla_loves_horan
Taylor's new toy (bwwm)by Holla
Kalin '' holla '' Smith is your average 17 year old high school girl. She loves one direction, panic at the disco ,Nicki Minaj ,drake. She stands at 5.5, African America...
Swirl by Rerequeenb
Swirlby Rerequeenb
Meet Naomi a 17 year old African American female. With a passion for dance and the will to take care of others. She was the most popular girl in her senior class at scho...
Dear,  Mr. Unmentionable by murresha
Dear, Mr. Unmentionableby Murresha Murrez
Amelia Moore has always had a crush on her boss, the "unmentionable" Jason Mckellen, the boss of dreams and nightmares. His presence always seem to fill the v...
Life As We Know It » jb by thatkiddari
Life As We Know It » jbby allie
Sequel to Regrets and Mistakes - In this sequel, Justin and Alli are back after 16 years. Joining them are their 3 children, Brittany, Brianna, and Nick. But what happ...
TubeLove (BWWM) by skkrawberry
TubeLove (BWWM)by Senecia + Elisa
In 2025, with constant threats of world domination and zombie apocalypses the whole world lives everyday as if its their last. Except you guessed it, Kathryn. She's a pr...
The scars you leave by foreverAfrica
The scars you leaveby Tonii
My boyfriend (Marshall) he's into wrestling like the real wrestling and he's in like the real yeah he's violent and has a very VERY short temper. sometimes he lik...
Old Flames (REWRITTEN) by suziecarmichael
Old Flames (REWRITTEN)by a.c.
Jordan has finally moved on from her dead husband and is now ready to embrace a new love in her life. But she soon realizes, his control on her is still there and it's p...
Camp Bloodshed (BWWM) by Comicfangirl
Camp Bloodshed (BWWM)by Comicfangirl
You try hard or die trying.........that's me I'm Black cat but my real name is chrys. wanna know how i got here? my dad is a smuggler he trained me how to steal and to k...