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မင္းသားေလးရဲ႕ႀကင္ယာေတာ္(completed) by Ju-Nge
မင္းသားေလးရဲ႕ႀကင္ယာေတာ္(completed)by Nge❄️
zawgyi&unicode Start date-6.7.2020 End date-20.10.2020
Mafia Boss... 🖤  - COMPLETED-  by Koochiminie
Mafia Boss... 🖤 - COMPLETED- by A♡
Top Jungkook Bottom Jimin Plot... Jungkook a cold hearted Mafia boss but only sweet to a person that he saw on the alley a few days later his feelings start to develop a...
The Truth Untold  by sweetly_minjimin
The Truth Untold by jibooty x jungcock
[on going] [slow update] start: 22/11/19 end: dom- jk sub- jm "But I still want you" Ranked: #3 - domjk #4 - kookminfanfic #5 - busanboys
Why I Ship Jikook by Limyyy_Loves_Jikook
Why I Ship Jikookby Limyyy'sLimies
This is a book of the reasons why I am a Jikook supporter and a member of the pancake, firework, fried egg, man bun, same car, and gimbap nation. (Sorry if I missed any)...
Zodiac Signs ~ BTS by peachyybangtan21
Zodiac Signs ~ BTSby Ruth Moyano
*+. << In this book, your star sign/horoscope will be matched with a BTS member. For example, the title could say "which member is your best friend?" and...
Battle of the Busan Boys ; Jikook by ogayjikook
Battle of the Busan Boys ; Jikookby ogay? ogay
[FEATURING. GOT7] Jimin moves to a new town, leaving his best friend, Jinyoung; along with all his good memories. His first day at school makes him get on the bad side o...
Secret (Jikook) by Dannyboii_
Secret (Jikook)by jikookismyreligion
Jungkook tries hard hide his feelings for Jimin But he suspects Jimin is in love with Yoongi Later on, Jimin confesses his secret to Jungkook revealing his true feelings
I'm large, but he's in charge || Jikook by babie_koo
I'm large, but he's in charge || J...by Sydneyy -
"Ooh! I can't wait to see that little bump in your boyfriend's stomach!' "Uh- hehe.. Yeah..." "You gay piece of shit!!" "Noona! S-stop! I-i...
My Ghost JIMIN [kookmin] by chimparks13
My Ghost JIMIN [kookmin]by chimparks13
Jimin,when he died didn't ascend to heaven because he believed he have some unfinished business.... The reason why he still roam in the world of the living is because...
Roommate  by sweetly_minjimin
Roommate by jibooty x jungcock
[on going] start: 31/12 end: dom- jk sub- jm "Jimin, I just found out that your roommate is gay" "WHAT?!" ⚠️ smut
Incorrect BTS by charlieseagull
Incorrect BTSby Angel
A compilation of BTS being a crackhead that we all love.This joke is what army's will understand, and these are found on social media.The jokes are quite short, but it'l...
Busan Boys by Ava_fics
Busan Boysby Moonchild
What's tasty in Busan?
Unknown. by Jellibin
Unknown.by Jellibin
1 year after Kim Soo Chung commits to the deadly deed of suicide, her 18 year old daughter gets shipped off to Seoul to pursue her knowledge and dreams. But she's not th...