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Bughead story ~ roommates  by floralemi
Bughead story ~ roommates by floralemi
Betty moves into a new apartment and her new roommates, Reggie Archie and jughead become her family - slowly her and jug fall in love.
Wolfdale {Riverdale AU} {Bughead} by Sleepykitten13
Wolfdale {Riverdale AU} {Bughead}by Sleepykitten13
AU of Riverdale with werewolves, vampires and witches. Oh and lots of Bughead and Falice. Some Choni and Varchie with a side of Kangs too. Warnings: Violence. Language...
Roommates // Bughead Fanfic by buggheaddauss
Roommates // Bughead Fanficby buggheaddauss
Betty and Jughead both hate each other deeply. Will Archie and Veronica be able to fix their friendship with one trip out of town?
Gang Rivalry by mads_ash24
Gang Rivalryby Queen Mads
*ON HOLD* Betty Cooper is the Serpent Princess, and soon-to-be Queen. The Serpents are said to be a dangerous gang on the South Side of town. Her best friends are Toni T...
enigma / bughead by buggiesheart
enigma / bugheadby buggiesheart
a new mystery lurks in the shadows of the town of riverdale, and cheerleader betty cooper is on the case. when football player jughead jones joins her on the case, a ser...
Bughead Lovestory by JugsBurgrs
Bughead Lovestoryby NoneOfYoDamnBusiness
Cover credit: @bcqhead Betty cooper lived a happy life when she was a little girl but then her mother left her and her dad behind. Her dad decided to move to the southsi...
Destined  by Daniileeann19
Destined by Danii LeeAnn Riepma
The Northside perfect girl next door. The Southside Serpent King. What could go wrong? 🖤 Ranked #1 in Bug~ January 30, 2019🖤 💜 Ranked #1 in Head~ February 6, 2019💜...
Pushed  by _buggiesloves_
Pushed by _Buggiesloves_
This is my first AU story! (Bughead AU story)
shotgun lovers / bughead by buggiesheart
shotgun lovers / bugheadby buggiesheart
❛we were shotgun lovers, im a shotgun running away ❜ betty cooper gets her heart broken and can only turn to her best friend veronica lodge for a getaway. when veronica...
Hate turned into love by lenzieboo
Hate turned into loveby BLM
Betty a bad ass serpent and Jughead the best foot ball player and perfect boy next door. But that's just on the outside. Jughead ghosted Betty and now feels really bad...
Just friends~Bughead by rvdroyalty
Just friends~Bugheadby rvdroyalty
F.R.I.E.N.D.S we're just friends,right? Betty and Jughead have been best friends since forever. Everyone around suspects they are dating but they always respond with no...
\\GroupChat//《Riverdale》 by Thunder_A
\\GroupChat//《Riverdale》by Pansexual A
Riverdale GroupChat. Read through the Riverdale's teens go to college, start family's, get jobs and grow up. #4 in Bughead 9/8/20 #1 in Bughead 20/8/20
The trip to Greece by bettsxjugxbughead
The trip to Greeceby bettsxjugxbughead
Southside high and Riverdale high are joining together which means they are building a bigger school. The teachers all know that the students will not like this news and...
NOT SUCH A PERFECT LIFE by Tdlovesriverdale
NOT SUCH A PERFECT LIFEby Tdlovesriverdale
[COMPLETED]:Betty cooper, where do I start, she is seen as the perfect girl next door with everything. A mother, a father, a sister and a brother, never had money troubl...
Try A Little Harder: A bughead fanfic by m_cara_
Try A Little Harder: A bughead fan...by megan ☮︎︎
Betty Cooper, the lonely, weirdo, never had a friend, always been a nerd, shy, bullied type of girl. Jughead Jones, the popular, jock, serpent, hottest guy in school, go...
why me by 05warabella
why meby Arabella
the two teens fall in love with a painful friendship.
Just This Once by burst_your_bubble
Just This Onceby burst_your_bubble
Betty and Jughead despise each other. But what happens when they get snowed in with their friends, and become attached? WARNING: at some points there will be suicide and...
Remember  by juggiesflowers
Remember by Aybike<3
[COMPLETED] Betty Cooper's life is ruined-or is it?- when she is in a terrible car crash and loses her memory of the 8 latest years of her life. What happens when she do...
The Power Of Dogs ~Bughead by rvdroyalty
The Power Of Dogs ~Bugheadby rvdroyalty
Veterinary Buisness owner Betty cooper gets her heart broken by her now ex-boyfriend Archie Andrews so she adopts a dog to be her companion. Jughead Jones is the town's...
I Didn't Mean To Like You by SerpentBugheadsLove
I Didn't Mean To Like Youby SerpentBugheadsLove
For the longest time, The Serpent core 4 has bullied, Betty Cooper. Fangs Fogarty, Toni Topaz, Sweetpea, and Jughead Jones are the core 4. One day, Jughead Jones is puni...