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What We Once Were: A Bughead Fanfic by Lward14
What We Once Were: A Bughead Fanficby Lward14
---Completed--- Almost five years ago, Betty Cooper took off and fled the town of Riverdale. Rumors were spread and the townspeople whispered about why she might've left...
shooter | a bughead fanfiction by lazydaizy by KatjaMller9
shooter | a bughead fanfiction by...by chaxrvd
this is not my story. full credits to @lazydaizy on ao3. Betty Cooper, an avid hiker gets lost on a new trail and after wandering for three days and seriously injuring h...
♡Bughead oneshots♡ by riverdale_is_my_life
♡Bughead oneshots♡by riverdale_is_my_life
Just the bughead content we need in our lives
We had to keep them safe- Bughead by Soph24242
We had to keep them safe- Bugheadby Soph24242
Sometimes a choice can change your life and for better or worse it had changed Betty Coopers and Jughead jones and all their friend in the process When Betty finds she'...
heart in a headlock | a bughead fanfiction by SqueegeeBecksXo by KatjaMller9
heart in a headlock | a bughead fa...by chaxrvd
this is not my story. full credits to @SqueegeeBecksXo on ao3. Jughead doesn't want to be Betty's roommate and Betty sure as hell doesn't want to be Jughead's roommate...
Serial Bughead by Jasiawasia
Serial Bugheadby Jasiawasia
"Even psychopaths have emotions; then again, maybe not."
Letters From Another (Bughead) by Viviejune
Letters From Another (Bughead)by Vivian B
Betty and Jughead are happily married with a daughter, but what happens when Betty finds letters from another woman? Will they stay together? Will Betty be able to forgi...
Kidnapped by My Future Lover ~ Bughead Story ❤️ by xbxthxnyx
Kidnapped by My Future Lover ~ Bug...by Bethanyyy
Betty gets kidnapped by The South Side Serpents after they find out the Black Hood, the one who killed their last leader, is her dad.The plan to get revenge goes well un...
Don't Give Up On Me - A Bughead Story by chaoticalex
Don't Give Up On Me - A Bughead St...by chaoticalex
The daughter of two serial killers and the son of an FBI agent. Meant to be am I right? *** We all have a little darkness i...
Our Story - Sprousehart by JocelynCarisaa
Our Story - Sprousehartby Jocelyn✨
This book is about Cole and Lili's relationship. How they met, their ups and downs, and of course their love life.
amnesia | a bughead story  by liesshrc
amnesia | a bughead story by ✌🏻✌🏻
after a tragic car accident, jughead got diagnosed with amnesia. he can't remember anything or anyone, not even his own fiancé. when betty tells him that they are engage...
"Might be something you'd enjoy." by Thebeastswithin
"Might be something you'd enjoy."by the beast within
my take on what happened before the bed scene in 2x22
Bughead Imagines by lauren_luv
Bughead Imaginesby Lauren B.
Betty x Jughead Imagines from seasons 2-3 Read all the moments you wished could've happened, and satisfy yourself with imagines, fluff, and a couple other surprises... ;...
Waiting For Her by bugheadausss
Waiting For Herby Bughead.ausss
He wants to marry her but her mom will get in the way and not give him her blessing but deep down she knows he right for her so I guess this is gonna be a bumpy ride so...
Bughead || A partner in crime by antisocialteendream
Bughead || A partner in crimeby jule🦦
After a wild night which Betty can't remember anything off, she wakes up in a stranger's bed. Before he wakes up she leaves his apartment just wanting to forget about th...
The New Girl: A Bughead Fanfiction by riverdale19_
The New Girl: A Bughead Fanfictionby Betty Cooper
Jughead starts going to South Side High and Toni Topaz tries to take him under her wing.
Bughead // Don't Go by _flower_writer_
Bughead // Don't Goby _flower_writer_
Betty Cooper, used be the sweet innocent little girl in on swing set at recess. But due to family issues, she had to leave. Jughead Jones, the teen who hid behind his c...