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Red and Green equals fate? by YaoiFanFoLife
Red and Green equals fate?by BLisLife
:P plz read it's cool I know all you ppg and rrb fans out there will love you won't believe it it's so amazing so check it out XD
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The Unexpected Love  by 22Romero
The Unexpected Love by 앙엘아 로에로💚
Buttercup and the Rowdyruff boys story (Buttercup x Brick) (Blossom x Butch) (Bubbles x Boomer) I hope you guys like it. Thank you. 😊 ~slow updates~ **Please Don't Copy...
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PPGZ & RRBZ Mixed Pairings (ON HIATUS) by Bluefang22
PPGZ & RRBZ Mixed Pairings (ON DJ ABC
Color Coded People should LEAVE! My Brickercup, Butchubbles, and Blossoomer story. Currently on Hiatus.
Broken (buttercup x RRBZ) by 1478860ani
Broken (buttercup x RRBZ)by Ani
Buttercup is a foster child that has been to several different foster homes but when a incident happens that forces Buttercup to live on the street she runs into some ol...
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Brickercup by Buttersweet
Brickercupby Buttersweet
Lets just say theres good bad and slot more so if you want to read ead if not well i really dont know brickercup and on with the story
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A New Beginning ( Buttercup and the RRB ) by princessnini232
A New Beginning ( Buttercup and Sheyi McKenzie
Ever since that faithful day, everything has changed, the innocent and sweet Power Puff Girls (blossom and bubbles) have become obsessed with fame and power, well except...
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The Missing Earth Queen by 22Romero
The Missing Earth Queenby 앙엘아 로에로💚
(Basil x Blaze) (Mom & Dad of Buttercup) (Buttercup x Brick) Main characters (Blossom x Boomer) (Bubbles x Butch) This is my very first book and it's dedicated to all, w...
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The FreakShow by mystery119
The FreakShowby mystery119
I've seen and read a lot of ppgz x rrbz stories do I decided to make one of my own? This will have Brickercup in it so if you're against the mixed ship don't hate PLEASE...
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Project Blossick by Dkawesomness11
Project Blossickby Dkawesomness11
This is the story of a military we pan and another scientific creation falling in love with eachoher
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ppgz story by vutecute123123
ppgz storyby vutecute123123
im not creative when it comes to title so yeah also im my storys my characters arent amazing and arent better than the actual heros there just there also rhey are usuall...
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Roommates by demigodgirl2004
Roommatesby ٩( 'ω' )و
The powerpuff girls are chosen to live with the rowdyruff boys. Of course it's only temporary. Soon enough, the boys gain feelings for the girls. But they would never te...
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Forgive Me! by LoveagentSusan2002
Forgive Me!by The Black Rose
He: I was a really good boyfriend, even if I was perveted and a bad boy but I never cheated! She: I was a really good girlfriend, even if I sometimes make mistakes whil...
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Coming Out Of My Shadows  by 22Romero
Coming Out Of My Shadows by 앙엘아 로에로💚
HIM finds Buttercup fighting for her life. HIM tell her that he can save her, but she needs to sign a contract with him if she wants to live, in pain Buttercup agrees to...
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My New Life by duhitzkasey7
My New Lifeby kasey
On her way to her sister's graduation, ButterCup will soon help a boy named Butch from two powerful rays of chemical Z. While trying to save the boy, she turned into a P...
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I love u by LilianaGarza13
I love uby LilianaGarza/Berry
All right this is is a Butchubbles one-shot, enjoy
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It Was Only a Kiss by pxndxlvr
It Was Only a Kissby pxndxlvr
A short drabble about Butch, Brick and Buttercup, with a little twist
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Counting Stars by Nightmare_Flare
Counting Starsby Nightmare_Flare
All grown up. Married with kids. Drama and Fights. This is a story with unexpected twists and turns. What's gonna happen? ...... It's better than what it sounds. Please...
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MY BOYS  by darrella1
when blossom and bubbles ditch buttercup in favor of there boyfriends buttercup thinks she has no one that really cares much about her until some certain kind of boys de...
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Buttercup x rrb by AQUAMELANIE29
Buttercup x rrbby Melanie 💚💚
Mojo jojo turn stronger and powerful then ever and the rowdyruffboys turn into babies buttercup how to take care of them while bubbles and blossom take cares of mojo joj...
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