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Procrastination Proclamation [F+Braixen TF+Sneezing] by The_EXxtra
Procrastination Proclamation [ The_EXxtra
A young woman simply wants to get some homework done, isn't much to ask, right?
Journey Of The Bonded by DarkenedLight01
Journey Of The Bondedby DarkendLight01
Ash Ketcham a pokemon trainer who ia about to go on his frist journey through the Kalos region aiming to win the Kalos League he has the support of his caring caring Fam...
[Burning Desires] Yandere! Female! Braixen x Male Trainer by MagicalJigglyNuts
[Burning Desires] Yandere! ▇Gylix▇
Years ago, when you were a child. You were given a gift from your parents. Today, that gift is now your best friend. A best pokemon. A best partner. A best... 𝘆𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗲...
The Evolution of My Heart (Ash Ketchum  x OC) by LunaSundown123
The Evolution of My Heart (Ash Luna Sun's
The girl with the pink Pokémon. That's what the nickname for her has grown to be. No one knows who she is or where she came from but nearly everyone has heard the name...
Lucario and Braixen- A Fiery Love Story by Pokemonfan472
Lucario and Braixen- A Fiery Pokemonfan472
-Cover made by BlueStrike- A young Braixen moves into a new apartment on her own, looking forward to beginning her own life at College. When she moves in, she meets a Lu...
The Fairy's Poison: FD 2 (Pokemon) by ScribbleKingdom
The Fairy's Poison: FD 2 (Pokemon)by Sylkie Khallows
Far into the future, another war may rise... Five centuries ago, the Light fairies and Dark fairies made peace with one another, and after that, times have been joyous...
Our Big Adventure by ZoruaMof
Our Big Adventureby Checkered Flag Zorua
In a world of Pokemon where humans don't exist and where Pokemon learn the use of advanced technology, two certain Pokemon meet each other and become quick best friends...
Opposites Interact (Greninja X Hawlucha) by Darkshades777
Opposites Interact (Greninja X LordLucifer
After the Frogadier had evolve into Greninja while protecting Hawlucha in the middle of the battle against Bisharp. Since that day, Hawlucha started to have feelings for...
Greninja x Braixen (Abandoned) by skyjacepkm
Greninja x Braixen (Abandoned)by skyjacepkm
A braixen is out in a forest alone, due to her parents being killed by a gengar and an ursaring. she ran for what seemed like hours, but then the gengar and ursaring fou...
human Pikachu x reader by LoveAnime4ALiving
human Pikachu x readerby LoveAnime4ALiving
This is a story for you and a Pikachu you are a Pokemon in a Pokemon high school you have powers like any other poke you is a new student with a rough past Pikachu is a...
The Curse of Espeon and Umbreon (Amourshipping G/T) ||Complete|| by ScribbleKingdom
The Curse of Espeon and Umbreon ( Sylkie Khallows
Is it really true love? After everyone left to pursue their dreams, what if everyone came back to Lumiose, to make more memories? Well, that's what happened. After the...
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The Adventures of Cinderias! - A pokemon fanfiction by LittenIsSwagg67
The Adventures of Cinderias! - A Torri
[UNDER REVISION] From sweeping the grand stairway to polishing their shoes! Brionne's got her work cut out for this one. Primarina being Brionne's mother has died from...
Pokémon XY&Z | The Visit by LukaCross99
Pokémon XY&Z | The Visitby Luka
What's there left to do when you become Champion? What happens when your dream isn't quite what you expected? Is it time to return to square one? A chance discovery of o...
Hawlucha short story or one-shot  by Reaper0008
Hawlucha short story or one-shot by Reaper0008
(Ok this is my first story so if it's trash I'm sorry) So this basically a bunch of stories based on Hawlucha. Some will be Greninja x Hawlucha. Will have mentioned bloo...
Aura and Fire: A Pokemon Love Story by Wr4th08
Aura and Fire: A Pokemon Love Storyby Aura the Lucario (Axel)
Luke, a Lucario who loves to play video games, play sports, and listen to music, makes it to high school. One day, he meets a Braixen named Brittany, who enjoys doing ba...
Beyond The Aura (Very Old) by RookieTheIce369
Beyond The Aura (Very Old)by Rookie
DISCLAIMER - This story is OLD. It was written in I think 2014 and was the first ever full blown story I have ever written. I do not write like this anymore, trust me. A...
The Fox and the Frog by UrSlowbro
The Fox and the Frogby UrSlowbro
Froakie and Fennekin have much, but after some events, the two pokemon fall in love with each other to form an incredible Pokemon relationship. After some uncovering of...
Regions Apart by hangr2003
Regions Apartby Hannah
Serena in Hoenn. Ash in Alola. Both are following their dreams in their respective regions, and meet new friends, but they feel something is missing. Each other.
Performance berries by skybluewrites
Performance berriesby Sky :)
! DISCLAIMER ! I only own Liana, Laura Belle, Cody, Emma, Ezra, Gwen, Mila, Via, Joe, Ross and August. Credit for everything else goes to the original creators of the Po...
POKEMON SHIP RATINGS (Pokemon) by Eevees_Closet
Everybody loves ships no matter how weird or 'different' they are from the canon acceptance. Now, as the number-one alpha Wattpader, I felt it necessary of myself to giv...