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Dreams | Bobby Mares by gabriellacarisa
Dreams | Bobby Maresby gabriellacarisa
"Hey Rose this might be a little strange, but I had a dream about you last night." "That's weird, but only because I had one of you last night too." ...
Is he the one? (Kian Lawley) by user83656628
Is he the one? (Kian Lawley)by KianLawley
you're a new youtuber that has recently moved from a small town to LA. you meet this guy named kian at your friend franny's house. what happens next is... Characters: y...
House imagines  by lexyleblanc
House imagines by Lexy LeBlanc
Bobby Mares Jc Caylen Kian Lawley Corey la Barrie Harrison Webb Anderson Webb
the only one - crawford collins by JONAHSANDCRAWFSWIFEY
the only one - crawford collinsby ~ℐႮℒⅈᗅ~
crawford is broken because of the lost of is best friend corey, but then he met sabrina... (rest in peace corey la barrie💙)
KNJ HOUSE IMAGINES by sociallyanxiouss
KNJ HOUSE IMAGINESby sociallyanxiouss
here's some kian, jc and friends imagines because i'm deprived of them. mostly because I've read every single one of them. :)
knj imagines by ohwellmack
knj imaginesby mack
hello gorgeous people! welcome to a book of (hopefully cute!) imagines featuring k&j and all of their friends! if you enjoy them please give me a vote, leave me a commen...
RIDE OR DIE | Kian Lawley by bitemedols
RIDE OR DIE | Kian Lawleyby Han
friends are therapists you can drink with kian lawley x OC
My best friends brother  by tb_fanfixs
My best friends brother by Tb_fanfixs
Tessa and Bryana have been best friends for years. Tessa has always had a crush on Bryana's older brother. What happens when your best friends brother is the one for you?
KnJ Squad Preferences by KiansSmile99
KnJ Squad Preferencesby Koley
Find out what your relationship would be like with one of the KnJ squad peeps! ~~~~~~~~~~~ Kian, Jc, Corey, Harrison, Dom, Bobby, Crawford, and Franny Rankings: #1 in Ou...
The Traphouse // c.b & b.t by laheyloml
The Traphouse // c.b & b.tby crackhead
My name is Candice Hathaway. Everyone just calls me Candy for short. And by everyone I mean my fans, I'm a YouTuber by profession and wouldn't want anything more with ho...
Collection of Imagines: Requests Closed by midnightxxmoments
Collection of Imagines: Requests midnightxxmoments
Imagines about various people (mainly Crawford Collins & Oscar Guerra) You can find me at midnightxxmoments on tumblr highest rankings: #1: Bobby Mares #2: Oscar Guerra...
I Shouldn't Feel This Way by jaydenk_
I Shouldn't Feel This Wayby JaydenK
Roni meets Aaron. Aaron meets roni. They both are experiencing the same experiences, memories, and friendship together...but who will fall for who first? Watch as true f...
Another Love | C.C by kayxo8
Another Love | C.Cby Call me K
After their brutal break up 10 months ago, Ava felt like she lost everything. She had to start from the beginning again. But after they bump into each other at a party...
Worst of You (RonRon) by ronronxswiftie
Worst of You (RonRon)by RonronxSwiftie
Aaron and Veronica may seem to have the perfect relationship to the public, but not everything is sunshine and rainbows.
Helpless // yungblud by medicxation
Helpless // yungbludby ✝ alex ✝
"I'm not sure what you mean," I said. "I mean that I'm helplessly in love with you and I need you to know that," he said softly, making his way tow...
The house imagines  by storiesbychantel
The house imagines by Chantel
Smut warning ⚠️ Images about -kian - Jc -bobby - Harrison -Anderson -Corey Comment suggestions 🥰
Kian Lawley Imagines by CringeCass
Kian Lawley Imaginesby Cass
The title says it all
Deeply in Love  by kiansfranny
Deeply in Love by Kiansfranny
Franny Arrieta lives in a house with 4 guys. Best friends with all of them. What happens when she falls in love with one of them, will it work out? Will people accept th...
 Merrell Twins Instagram  by gisellesdior
Merrell Twins Instagram by mel ♡
"Aaron has liked your post" "Kian has liked your post" "Aaron has followed you" "Kian has followed you" #ronron and #kianessa