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I'm the boy who fuckin' lived- By- UvUxUwU by UvUxUwU
I'm the boy who fuckin' lived- 🌹Rose🌹
At the young age of one, a one-year-old harry potter is abandoned on the doorsteps of the Dursleys. The second they read the note that dumbledore left them they sneered...
🔱 Chum Buddies 🔱: Gawr Gura x Male Reader by Rubyfanguy12
🔱 Chum Buddies 🔱: Gawr Gura x 「Cool Vibrations」
This is the "Unofficial" beginnings of Gawr Gura, a cute Virtual YouTuber from Hololive EN that's both shark and human. She's over 9000 years old, though she n...
Malfunction!Error by Leafypot
Malfunction!Errorby Leafypot
I feel like I should explain my version of Error or the Error of my multiverse, through short stories. And or fluffy scenes. Also maybe a bit of bloopers. Sycamore is go...
My Tiktok Boy| 2 *COMPLETE* by yourtiktokstoryy
My Tiktok Boy| 2 *COMPLETE*by Story
My Tiktok Boy got a lot of reads so I've decided to do another one.
B L O O MING  by Kallibmatic
B L O O MING by OrphiC
flowers will bloom in shadows In hollow grounds And shallow minds
Ninjago Headcanons! by Chaoscat211
Ninjago Headcanons!by Addy
bLoOp. i Am De BeSt At DeScRiPtIoNs.
"Feathers in the wind" Hawks x Reader fan fiction (Discontinued) by Cupidcreepypasta
"Feathers in the wind" Hawks x mehhem
⚠ I'M NOT WRITING IN THE BOOK ANYMORE ⚠ i honestly don't know ive been reading a look of these :3
My Art Book!  by WolfGirlHowl
My Art Book! by WolfGirlHowl
My art book and u better not judge me I worked hard on these! So I hope u like them!
THE BLOOP by Eklavyas
THE BLOOPby Eklavya's poonye
where u are | misc. | ongoing by vcnomz
where u are | misc. | ongoingby ʙᴇk
"the only time i see you these days is in my projections" various oneshots of various people that you, yes YOU, get to request!
Ask AU Sans's and Papyrus's by Fyre_Hazaard
Ask AU Sans's and Papyrus'sby Sal Fisher
AUs: UnderTale UnderSwap UnderFell ships: honeymustard (us pap x uf sans) spaghettitacos (us sans x ut pap) kedgeup (uf pap x ut sans) ask us anything!
My Art by Chaoscat211
My Artby Addy
Just read it, please.
Dsmp oneshots by That1GayBitchInTown
Dsmp oneshotsby Liathefrenchfry
bloop Send requests y'all the cover art isn't mine
~How to be вєαυтιfυℓ~ by 0Rain_Drops0
~How to be вєαυтιfυℓ~by Rainy
In a world of ups and downs how can someone stay beautiful? Brooke is very privileged but just like every other human, life isn't perfect. She knows what she has and tak...
To Late To Say Goodbye by booppppppp
To Late To Say Goodbyeby Ablu
I don't know where this is gonna start and where this is gonna end but welcome to my life and whatever else is in here.