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BinHwan : Delicate ¦ o m e g a v e r s e by sehubo
BinHwan : Delicate ¦ o m e g a v jo
Jinhwan has always, always been careful around his members. Being the only omega in his band (composed of only strong alphas), he always had to be cautious around them...
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Overboard (iKON JunHwan Angst) by only_iKON7
Overboard (iKON JunHwan Angst)by subin ✨
Synopsis: "It's supposed to be some give and take, I know. But you're only taking and not giving anymore. So what do I do coz I still love you. And you're the only...
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Kissing 101 - Double B by ikonisch
Kissing 101 - Double Bby bin
Hanbin didn't know just how long he had loved Jinhwan like this, but now it was all he could think about. But no matter what, he couldn't dare to make a move because he...
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Unexpected Love|| B.I x Jinhwan by hanjinss_
Unexpected Love|| B.I x Jinhwanby hanjinss_
Jinhwan was just trying to find a new job, he didn't realize he signed up for his tall handsome new boss Hanbin who is seemingly interested in him. What could go wrong? ...
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[BINHWAN] Ange et Démon by laurenxvii
[BINHWAN] Ange et Démonby de Lauren
Khi vạn vật đang đấu tranh với kiếp phận thì những thiên thần đùn đẩy nhau việc mang đi những linh hồn. Thần chết thì quá thương người. Thiên thần thì cho rằng loài ngườ...
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Vindicate by only_iKON7
Vindicateby subin ✨
Synopsis: When unfeigned feelings surface, how do you conceal it? When you're consumed by your judgment, how will you get out from it? When your friendship is on the lin...
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My Tutor, Jinhwan (Binhwan) by BinHwanIsLife
My Tutor, Jinhwan (Binhwan)by BinHwanIsLife
Hanbin, schools biggest bully, needs a new nerd to do his homework and help him prepare for exam and Jinhwan, a sweet nerd that is the best in class. What will happen wh...
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YOUNG & HUNGRY by ina_daydream
YOUNG & HUNGRYby Fallin' all in 0702
Tuổi trẻ và cơn đói =)) Series với plot từ mấy đoạn be bé (k liên quan đến nhau) trong series/phim Young & Hungry
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Jinhwan OTP by JinaniKimmie
Jinhwan OTPby ♡Jinaniii
iKON One Shot Collection Mainly "Kim Jinhwan Ships" but expect to read some other iKON ships 😀
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R A N D O M by ina_daydream
R A N D O Mby Fallin' all in 0702
Những thứ toi sẽ post lên blog nếu toi có một chiếc blog nhưng toi hong có một chiếc blog nên toi sẽ post lên đây.
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My Everything //bobhwan /binhwan by Jaebummmieeee
My Everything //bobhwan /binhwanby Monni~~
Bobby and Jinhwan have been dating for 3 years. Suddenly someone showed up out of no where. Kim Hanbin. He Only wanted one thing. that was Jinhwan love. he'll do whatev...
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ikon oneshots |ships| by _kim_jay_
ikon oneshots |ships|by jay.
get ready? showtime! just some short stories with ikon ships to feed the shipper inside you © all rights reserved to @_kim_jay_
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~ iKON IMAGINES ~ by minmungie
~ iKON IMAGINES ~by 민혁 ♡
Short imagines about iKON members • Kim Hanbin • • Kim Jinhwan • • Kim Jiwon • • Kim Donghyuk • • Song Yunhyeong • • Jung Chanwoo • • Koo Junhoe • I hope you guys will l...
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BINHWAN - The Wind Takes Me by woonim
BINHWAN - The Wind Takes Meby unim
Season selanjutnya dari Till Become Dust karya BYAABIN ⚓ HANBIN, berhasil hidup kembali. Reinkarnasi menjadikannya seorang pemilik usaha besar dengan nama, dan wajah yan...
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Eyes Here by kimfairybjb
Eyes Hereby kimfairybjb
Hello everyone! I've been really inspired to write a Triple Kim fanfic because I can't find much of that and I also want to explore a love triangle between them. I hone...
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A Question // binhwan fanfiction😉 by DoubleA050505
A Question // binhwan fanfiction😉by DoubleA050505
"can I ask you a question" . . . . . . _warning_ boy x boy smut . . . *if you uncomfortable reading this, please leave.* . . . tHaNkS fOR yOur sUpPorT! . . M...
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Pacify Him by BinhwanismyAesthetic
Pacify Himby angel to iKON
Jinhwan is Junhoe's but Hanbin wants him too. Someone told Hanbin to stay away from things that aren't his but what if he also wants Hanbin? Based on the song Pacify Her...
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[Shortfic] iKON KHÔNG CẦN CÓ CẬU! |BinHwan, YunChan| by TueTue20
[Shortfic] iKON KHÔNG CẦN CÓ CẬ Tuệ Tuệ
Là một shortfic nhỏ về sự đáng yêu của Kim Jinhwan Là một chuyện tình nhẹ hơn giọt nước của Hanbin và Jinhwan Là sự theo đuổi đơn phương đến ngu ngốc của Jinhwan Là một...
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FIRST TIME || JIWON ( × OC ) [✔] by bee_hwaney
FIRST TIME || JIWON ( × OC ) [✔]by ɑ ı r ɑ
Kim Jiwon (Bobby) of iKON AU || Book 1 of 3 - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - P/S: Before you read this, I need you to know that I wrote this...
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LITTLE THINGS。jinhwanby 莉梛
❝no matter what i'll do, you'll never see me as your hyung, since everything i am to you is the short kid of the group❞ where jinhwan thinks that his members don't think...
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