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Complicated Love by mrspanda_riri
Complicated Loveby mrspanda_riri
Kim Hanbin is in love with one of his bandmates. what will happen to him?
Sold off. {Bambam Ff} by fanficwritter7
Sold off. {Bambam Ff}by fanficwritter7
"You suck. You're no fun." I say slightly drunk. "Don't forget who you're talking to hun." He says fixing his shades as he gently throws me into t...
Pretty Boys  by gaysarising
Pretty Boys by Gays are rising
Welcome to yet another new book!! Warning is book will include- cross dressing, boyxboy, smut, etc Please do not read if you don't like anything I just mentioned Groups...
Secret Crush | Double B  by zoeeeyaaa
Secret Crush | Double B by Zoe Yaa
"I was wrong, I should have listen to you, and i love you so much, please stay with me forever" -Hanbin "Its fine to be wrong in this times and I love you...
In Love - Double B by ikonisch
In Love - Double Bby bin
"Can being in love and being in utter confusion equal each other?" In which Jiwon decides to film a music video for his song 'In Love' but he just can't work...
Eyes Here by kimfairybjb
Eyes Hereby kimfairybjb
Hello everyone! I've been really inspired to write a Triple Kim fanfic because I can't find much of that and I also want to explore a love triangle between them. I hone...
Love BY Choice ✔️ by Fried_Chocolate
Love BY Choice ✔️by Waffles
I'm double b, come on dab with me
Prince Charming | Park Jinyoung  by BeomBinnie
Prince Charming | Park Jinyoung by BeomBinnie
Park Yeri was born a peasant. Which made her neglected all her life by the nobles. One day, a prince comes to save her when she is bullied in school. "T-hank you...
iKON Ships Oneshots by ikonisch
iKON Ships Oneshotsby bin
a collection of oneshots for the ships of iKON, which are all amazing in their own way.
Title: Bảo bối đang yêu Pairing: Double B | Kim Jiwon xxx Kim Hanbin Author: JOY Summary: * Một cốt truyện không có gì mới mẻ đặc sắc, chẳng có plot twist hay bắt cóc...
We weren't supposed to meet by NightLily97
We weren't supposed to meetby NightWhite Lily
-Part 1 of Troublemakers- Jinhwan was perfectly fine with his life before he was transferred to a new school filled with rich brats, he doesn't think he can even make ne...
Signal || double b, texting fic || COMPLETED! by lgbtblackpink
Signal || double b, texting fic || 🌩
"Trying to let you know, signuel bonae, signal bonae"
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𝐀𝐋𝐈𝐄𝐍. || k.jw & k.hb [✔️] by theunfinishedpieces
𝐀𝐋𝐈𝐄𝐍. || k.jw & k.hb [✔️]by closed.
with a small smile, he took ahold of his hand; "y'know, i think you're just out of this world kim hanbin." _________________________ » #5 in doubleb / 10 - 2...
The Xanatos [BxB] [COMPLETED]  by gxxkimm
The Xanatos [BxB] [COMPLETED] by M
The Xanatos is an organization formed with the help of death angels, the story unravels secrets, love, and passion. The story of 2 couples and their family begins.
betting on you | doubleb  by wwxland
betting on you | doubleb by bea ♡s wangxian
hanbin loves to bet. he only bets on things he knows he's gonna win. so when he finds himself staring at a challenge, will he place his bet on it? #2 in doubleb #2 in ki...
kpop oneshots. by beyondthesuga
kpop :)))
"boys can kiss boys too."
[HIATUS] iKON imagines [Boy×Boy] One shot. by xxxibfth
[HIATUS] iKON imagines [Boy×Boy] xxxibfth
Heyooo! This is my first fanfiction about iKON. This fanfiction is [Boy×Boy] and it is one shot idea. Hope you enjoy it.
DADDY'S GIRL || GOT7 FF by YukiUchihaYukiChan
"You're so spoiled Mi-Sai, don't be like that to daddy.~" . . . . . ☆.。.:*Park Mi-Sai is a spoiled child. But what will happen when her single father dies, an...
Moved On [ DoubleB ] by scaryslowly
Moved On [ DoubleB ]by scaryslowly
As Hanbin's boyfriend broke up with him. He found someone that he thought they will only be friends, little did he know that he have already fallen in love with the guy...
ʙᴀʙʏ ʙᴏʏ || ɢᴏᴛ7 by wangspapillon
ʙᴀʙʏ ʙᴏʏ || ɢᴏᴛ7by 🧶👘🦊🍁
"Don't worry baby boy, I'll protect you" Jaebeom whispered into Jacksons ear. ⚠️ Bottom jackson ⚠️Subby boi Jackson ⚠️Top jaebum ⚠️Daddy Dom ⚠️ minor little sp...