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.:..:SHEA BUTTER BABY:..:. by sadisticcjiwon
.:..:SHEA BUTTER BABY:..:.by 🖤ᴶᴵᵂᴼᴺˢ ᴹᴼᴹᴹᵞ🖤
🌑🖤🌑 "I Just Wanna Know. Don't You Sugarcoat" "I'll Say It All If You Won't" 🖤🌑🖤 {kpop x AMBW reader}
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Instagram📸 : YKH [COMPLETED] by jaelyv
Instagram📸 : YKH [COMPLETED]by go kys
" Let's go out tod- " " I'm busy " " I love you" " K " " You didn't come home for 2 days..." " Fuck off " &q...
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Daddy Please? | Junhwan FF by sourjoonie
Daddy Please? | Junhwan FFby sourjoonie :)
#gay #junhwan #kpop #love
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instagram [kim jinhwan] by donghyuckchann
instagram [kim jinhwan]by haechan💓💓
"hey, wanna be friends?" @umjomo is typing... how kim jinhwan starts falling for someone
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iKON Imagines by ChiinieBae
iKON Imaginesby ChiiHunnie
This is my very first time to make an imagine so please be kind to me. All the imagines that I am going to post are entirely from my fangirl mind. If it seems like the s...
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Imagine. ➸ AMBW. by -97YNGNRICH-
Imagine. ➸ AMBW.by -97YNGNRICH-
a book filled with imagines.⭐️ [lowercase intended.] ©-97YNGNRICH-
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Hi, Anon! [iKON - AU] ✓ by yourkidlee
Hi, Anon! [iKON - AU] ✓by FAI LEE
Layanan curhat anonim yang bisa bikin saling jatuh cinta. Siapa sangka 'doi' yang biasa dia ceritakan ternyata adalah kamu sendiri? #slankbahasa #ss
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ONE MISTAKE (Bobby// Kim Jiwon)//(Formally Love And Fall) by motionlessgyeom
ONE MISTAKE (Bobby// Kim Jiwon)//(...by motionlessgyeom
As I straightened myself up I felt myself look at Bobby's body. My cheeks turned a crimson red when I realised what I was doing. "Like what you see" He wiggled...
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iKON Imagines by bubbletead
iKON Imaginesby belle
iKON is OT7 always, forever. Highest rank: #1 for ikonimagines Twitter: @lastarabesque Curiouscat: @lastarabesque
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apology + junhoe by anonnoying
apology + junhoeby king
"Everything happened with just a blink." ©anonnoying 2015 #11 - june [COMPLETED]
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Why? | Lisa●Hanbin●Jungkook | Lisa X iKON X BTS by jchxxmxxsxxnghyxn
Why? | Lisa●Hanbin●Jungkook | Lisa...by J Choi
"Why?" Is the only word that came out of Lisa's mouth. ◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎
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brutal + junhoe by anonnoying
brutal + junhoeby king
"Brutal people also fall in love, bitches." ©anonnoying 2015 #2 - junhoe [COMPLETED]
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loathe + junhoe by anonnoying
loathe + junhoeby king
"how the fuck did he promised me but then made me fall for him?" ©anonnoying 2019 #18 - june
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I Loved My Bully : iKON Bobby Fanfiction by urieeya
I Loved My Bully : iKON Bobby Fanf...by urieeya
A story between the bully and their victim. Will you fall for him or will he fall for you? ~ My second story and my first fanfiction BEST RANKING SO FAR: number 1 in #...
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imagines 『 ikon 』 by chogiwanese
imagines 『 ikon 』by i'm sorry
➳ i ship you with ikon ♥
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iKON Chatroom by AhgaseLoveisReal
iKON Chatroomby justforgyulie♧°
Iamnotashortie: there is no secret that can't be busted! DisneyPrinceSong: there is! Iamnotashortie: then what?! DisneyPrinceSong: i used your toothbrush when we were tr...
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YG School Universe (Blackpink x iKON) by Irina_Pearl
YG School Universe (Blackpink x iK...by Irina_Pearl
Kehidupan SMA di YG School : Geng Cewek Heitz Blackpink x Geng Cowok Top iKON Warning : Bahasa non - baku, cerita absurd
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iKON IMAGINES  by sexyyoongi
[REQUESTS OPEN] iKON x reader - i'll be putting y/n in every imagines ; )) there will be texts, imagines & scenarios in here
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BAD BOY DOWN   ll   KIM HANBIN  ✔ by jiwon_bunny
BAD BOY DOWN ll KIM HANBIN ✔by jiwonnieee
" I hate you! I swear I hate you so damn much KIM HANBIN!! " "You really don't know with who you were dealing with! " The plan to make the bad boy...
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Overboard (iKON JunHwan Angst) by only_iKON7
Overboard (iKON JunHwan Angst)by subin ✨
Synopsis: "It's supposed to be some give and take, I know. But you're only taking and not giving anymore. So what do I do coz I still love you. And you're the only...
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