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love scenarios | ikon smuts by onebin
love scenarios | ikon smutsby イザベル ♡
"you and your fav doin some sexy shit." SEXUAL / MATURE CONTENT❗READ AT YOUR OWN RISK 🔞 i wrote all of these scenarios, DON'T repost or steal it. All Rights...
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b.i-we got married {COMPLETED} by byeolrangdan
b.i-we got married {COMPLETED}by ♡ℰ𝓊𝓃𝒽𝓌𝑜𝓃♡
being a member of a famous rookie girl group , she was invited to be on a show called 'we got married'. she was paired up with famous boy group , iKON's leader , B.I. i...
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Nitewood | iKON Donghyuk by hwannieyo
Nitewood | iKON Donghyukby Hwannie
Y/N was trying her best to bury the memories from the tragic accident that whisked her parents away when she moved to Nitewood with her Aunt Daina. As the new school yea...
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Winner & iKON IMAGINES by lettenicx
Winner & iKON IMAGINESby lettenicx
WINNER & iKON imagines! Some of the imagines are not mine. Credits all given to the original author ;) Enjoy this, beautiful Incles and iKONICS <3
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.:..:sʜᴇᴀ ʙᴜᴛᴛᴇʀ ʙᴀʙʏ::..:. by sadisticcjiwon
.:..:sʜᴇᴀ ʙᴜᴛᴛᴇʀ ʙᴀʙʏ::..:.by 🖤ᴶᴵᵂᴼᴺˢ ᴹᴼᴹᴹᵞ🖤
🌑🖤🌑 "I Just Wanna Know. Don't You Sugarcoat" "I'll Say It All If You Won't" 🖤🌑🖤 {kpop x AMBW reader}
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Love At First Fight (iKON Binhwan Story) by minsyadqileen
Love At First Fight (iKON Binhwan...by minsyadqileen
"ARE YOU BLIND?!" "Excuse me?! You're the one who's not looking where you're going and you call me BLIND?!" **** Kim Jinhwan is a school prince. Sma...
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Instagram📸 : YKH [COMPLETED] by jaelyv
Instagram📸 : YKH [COMPLETED]by go kys
" Let's go out tod- " " I'm busy " " I love you" " K " " You didn't come home for 2 days..." " Fuck off " &q...
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He Hates Me | iKON - B.I by HopexHopie
He Hates Me | iKON - B.Iby HopexHopie
"Was that all you had?" He said with a cocky look on his face "Yes..." I said with a small voice "Well then...." he leaned on my ear and wh...
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iKON Imagines by ChiinieBae
iKON Imaginesby ChiiHunnie
This is my very first time to make an imagine so please be kind to me. All the imagines that I am going to post are entirely from my fangirl mind. If it seems like the s...
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Winnie Pooh | Double B by emojiwon
Winnie Pooh | Double Bby ˗ˏˋ ssamthing ˎˊ˗
,,shut up! Winnie the Pooh is sleeping!" → texting story © 2016, all rights reserved by @emojiwon
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Bad Boy by rahimisaberi
Bad Boyby rahimisaberi
When the baddest boy become your math tutor, when the heartless boy become your savior, when your enemy become your .. It's start when you get the lowest mark on your...
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brutal + junhoe by anonnoying
brutal + junhoeby king
"Brutal people also fall in love, bitches." ©anonnoying 2015 #2 - junhoe [COMPLETED]
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ONE MISTAKE (Bobby// Kim Jiwon)//(Formally Love And Fall) by motionlessgyeom
ONE MISTAKE (Bobby// Kim Jiwon)//(...by motionlessgyeom
As I straightened myself up I felt myself look at Bobby's body. My cheeks turned a crimson red when I realised what I was doing. "Like what you see" He wiggled...
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Again & Again | kim jiwon by hhahaYeon
Again & Again | kim jiwonby Z
"and from this day forward, you will always be enough." - when Song Jinsoo loses her memory in a car crash, Kim Jiwon would do anything to make her fall in lov...
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be i ♤ kim hanbin by hao_oxu
be i ♤ kim hanbinby 《승완》
♤ ikon series #1 ♤ "the show has now begun, it's my time now," tamara song is that type of girl who always run away. kapag kasama niya ang mga kapwa niya train...
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Yah, Kim Jinhwan! || kjh x lisa by RoanneSiel
Yah, Kim Jinhwan! || kjh x lisaby roanne
an attraction that started with a "Yah, Kim Jinhwan!"
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Imagine. ➸ AMBW. by -97YNGNRICH-
Imagine. ➸ AMBW.by -97YNGNRICH-
a book filled with imagines.⭐️ [lowercase intended.] ©-97YNGNRICH-
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Hug Me || Kim Hanbin by FairyJinanii_94
Hug Me || Kim Hanbinby ♡KJ♡
"Just one time, for 10 seconds, let me hug you" [ ON GOING ]
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iKON Chatroom by AhgaseLoveisReal
iKON Chatroomby justforgyulie♧°
Iamnotashortie: there is no secret that can't be busted! DisneyPrinceSong: there is! Iamnotashortie: then what?! DisneyPrinceSong: i used your toothbrush when we were tr...
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toy ° lee know by jeojanglove
toy ° lee knowby jeojanglove
"I've never loved you. You're a fool why did you fell for me? " -Lee Minho "So the kisses? It was nothing? " -Kim Taerin Lee Minho, or Lee Know an in...
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