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Secret of The Journals |Bill Cipher| by itssophiax
Secret of The Journals |Bill Sophia
Priya Pines is visiting Gravity Falls for the first time in the summer to see her Grunkle Stan and two amazing cousins; Dipper and Mabel. As the trio search for the auth...
Sky Pines and Gravity Falls react to ships by AlexisMoongryffindor
Sky Pines and Gravity Falls Mha Simp 101
This book includes both of my OCs from Gravity Falls, you don't know them because the first chapter has not Been published. The OCs are Sky and Destiny. Sky and the oth...
Bill x Reader Oneshots  by dellIKEA
Bill x Reader Oneshots by PotentiaCipher
Just some oneshots. Request if you have an idea. I will do OC x Bill. Just request in the comments.
Blood and Blue Flames by JessLuna634
Blood and Blue Flamesby Vincent Cipher
What happens when multiple fandoms cross? When Regina Caliveras moves to Gravity Falls, Oregon; something or rather, someONE strange greets her.
✯☽【BLACK MAGIC】☾✯ by ThefuckamI
✯☽【BLACK MAGIC】☾✯by pinkink
✯☽❝WHEN ALL IS LOST AND LOVE IS TRAGIC, CAST A SPELL IT'S CALLED BLACK MAGIC❞☾✯ When seventeen year old Ryker finally graduates from Harvard with her Folklore and Mythol...
Somewhere In The Woods by AzureHeart02
Somewhere In The Woodsby AzureHeart02
It's been 3 years since Bill Cipher was defeated by the Pines Family and life in Gravity Falls has returned to normal, that is until a group of friends finds the long-fo...
Is this curse anguish or contentment (A human Bill Cipher x oc fanfic)  by Irondragon4
Is this curse anguish or Dragon with a knife
Raven Zara, an artist who travels to draw different land marks. While visiting gravity falls, she finds a piece of paper with some strange symbols on them. Having planne...
I can be more               (Human Bill Cipher x OC) by Fandommash
I can be more ( Fandommash
I know a lot more than you think. I know how to make you have trouble hating me. I can be more than cold and heartless. I didn't have to be the bad guy, but you looked...
Nicknames (A Human! Bill Cipher x OC fanfic) by Doctorwhovian2000
Nicknames (A Human! Bill Cipher Whovian
This story takes place in Gravity Falls before Stan comes back and Ford gets sucked into the portal. Lilly was an orphan in a town without an orphanage. She steals food...
Fallen and Forgotten by XxxCanYouNotxxX
Fallen and Forgottenby XxxCanYouNotxxX
Victoria is a 17 year old girl who has finally decided to move out and move to Oregon. She has a big secret and no one has figured it out... That is until she meets the...
Time Traveler's Fox (Gravity Falls, Black Butler, SVTFOE, Adventure Time) by Hooded_Raire
Time Traveler's Fox (Gravity Raire E
Spade Jordan is a 1600 year old fox demon and she is fascinated with time. One day Spade gets her best friend Undertaker to make her a time travelling watch... 🕛🕧🕐🕜�...
finding the opposite of what you're looking  for: a bill cipherxoc by Stargamerxox
finding the opposite of what you' Star Gamer
Payton had always been stronger than her brother. When seth finds out about their younger twin siblings he sets up a way to get rid of her. Seth was supposed to be the...
My New Best Friend (Bill Cipher x Oc) by Stargamerxox
My New Best Friend (Bill Cipher Star Gamer
Jasmine was born a sad soul. She was born to a widow, and soon her mother died. Her aunt hated her and in an act of a sad child she made a deal with the infamous Bill Ci...
To Kill A Human by Lukie_Hemmings
To Kill A Humanby =Chemical Kid=
I never wanted THIS. I looked down from the tree. "Fuck." I whispered, as I threw the knife with the note by his foot. He looked up, and almost saw me. I smirk...
Cats Do Not Dream of Demons (Bill Cipher x Were cat OC) by TigerFist_Fan
Cats Do Not Dream of Demons ( TigerFist_Fan
Felicia Eco Catus is intelligent, powerful, fierce, agile, and an incredible fighter and leader. She's also a species-changing werecat, the only winged one of her kind...
The Sister Of My Enemy by Hooded_Raire
The Sister Of My Enemyby Raire E
Ever heard the saying 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend'? How about 'The sister of my enemy is my love'? Lemme explain. ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇ What if Will Cipher, B...
You Are Not Alone billcipherxoc (Gravity Falls Fanfic) by Hooded_Raire
You Are Not Alone billcipherxoc ( Raire E
Opyl Matthews is 14 years old and never knew her father. Until she meets Dipper and Mabel Pines and also meets Bill Cipher. Dipper begins to develop feelings for Opyl, a...
Is That A Deal? (Bill Cipher Fanfic) by martian_one
Is That A Deal? (Bill Cipher Fueled by Fandoms
After almost getting caught by the government, Diana runs away from her family and moves to an isolated town called Gravity Falls to secretly live with her cousin. On he...